Learn 13 Google Adsense Approval Points Before Applying for it


Finally I am here with this adsense approval guide for you guys. After getting bulks of E-mail that why I don’t publish tips to approve Google adsense easily. Many from my fans on blog have questioned me that you have written good stuff on how to enhance CPC value and adsense protection guide, then why don’t you provide easy methods to get adsense approval for beginners.

Points to remember before applying to Google Adsense

Hence, I decide not to break my audience heart and get them joy with the earnings from Google.

I know, its not easy to work with adsense program now a days. Google is very strict these days before approving any domain to publish ads. Google considers small small things to disapprove the publisher’s request. Even your account is not secure after adsense approval.

Many times it is found that good quality websites are not able to achieve this excellent money earning product from Google. The web-masters of these domains are failed to know why they are not getting adsense. I hope these tips will help to these kind of web masters and also to the admins who are looking to work with this program.

1. Site design :-

Your website design is the most factor to get adsense approval easily. Site design doesn’t mean about color, layout of your domain. It stands for some points like you shouldn’t use popups at the navigation. Give relevant internal links in your blog posts and make sure that when you are providing other site link in your article, the site should be trust worthy.

  • Don’t send your users to untrusted sites.
  • User preference shouldn’t be changed.

2. Content :-

Content is the life of a website. Google focuses more on the content of a site. Its program policies doesn’t allow adult/p0rn, illegal and provoking human rights content. Drug stuff is also not under the conditions and terms of Adsense program.

  • Short length article can keep you away to be the publisher at Google.
  • Copied content from other sites can’t lead you to have earnings from Google.
  • Your content shouldn’t be in a non English language.
  • There is no thumb rule but your blog at least have 50 posts before the apply for adsense program.

Top Tip : Write lengthy unique content for your blog in English.

3. Essential Pages on site :-

About us :-

The most essential page of a website after home page is its about us page. It describes about the website and owner of the site. It creates trust to the audience and readers about the site. Hence, Google also considers this page as a vital page when it comes to adsense. It can reject your application immediately if Google couldn’t find this page on your site.

So publish this page before adsense apply.

Contact us :-

If you care about your audience and readers, Google also care about you and your domain. Contact us page is like a bridge between you & your audience. Your site audience can communicate with you through this page and tell you about your blog’s stuff. It really creates a good impact to the users when they find that if they have any query regarding any page of your site, you are there to talk with them through this contact page.

It also puts faith to viewers about you. And Google also considers it.

Privacy policy :-

Don’t you like privacy in your life…?

If, Yes..!! 🙂

Then why don’ t your website need a privacy page. Here privacy means, what the audience and users will get from you and your website. What your website is going to publish for them. So, your site must have this page.

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4. Avoid bad back-linking :-

This is a major point where many from us, don’t care about it. When you apply for this program the algorithm that decides the approval, ensures whether your domain’s link is present on sites which are violating program’s policies.

Don’t create backlinks on adult content sites, gambling sites. Check backlinks of your site before applying to the program with available online tools, if you find these kind of data then remove them from there. One more factor in this field where Google can consider in future is that websites having no relevancy with your site’s niche and you have created good amount of number links there, you may not get adsense approval. So, don’t create bad back links.

5. Age :-

This is something very interesting.

Why it is so?

Your age must be 18+ for adsense program

It is understandable that Google rejects adsense application when site’s age is less than six months. But publisher’s age not to be less than 18, isn’t acceptable. As my friend apply for the program to his beloved younger brother (age of 16 years), Google disapproves the request. Hence after 18+ age you can be a part of this program. In simple for getting adsense approval…

“You have to be an adult but your site shouldn’t be adult.”

6. Traffic from Search Engines :-

Traffic is the oxygen of a site. If you are not having traffic on your blog, then it is recommended that you shouldn’t go for adsense. If you are getting 1000 visitors per day, you should create your adsense account and earn money because without visitors you can’t earn money through this program.

Traffic quality matters a lot. It is not a thumb rule that exactly your search traffic has to be 50-60%. But it is recommended that your site should have 30-40% audience from search engines daily. If you are getting this kind of stats, you can easily get adsense in your pocket.

7. Paid traffic :-

As I said traffic quality is important. Buying visitors on site, is not a good sign with adsense program. If you think that you can get visitors on your site by sending unwanted emails and using paid to click services, you are wrong. Google doesn’t allow this kind of traffic sites to run ads.

8. Remove other ads from site :-

If you are running ads from media.net, yahoo, Chitika, Clicksor, Infolinks or any other, then please remove them before applying to adsense. Though Google doesn’t forbid to run other ads along with Google ads, but it is better to remove other ads from site to get into adsense program.

After approval mail from Google team, you can place ads again and enjoy earnings from them too.

9. Use best class domain :-

Select top class domain (.com) for adsense approval quickly

It was a time when people enjoy with adsense for sub-domains like (aman-bansal.blogspot.com, amanbansal.wordpress.com). It was easy for people to get adsense approval for these kind of blogs. But, now a days Google doesn’t give adsense easily on these kind of domains and if it gives the CPC value is very low for the ads. To get quick approval and enhance revenue from this program, you need to work on best class domain which custom and it is recommended that you should go with (.com) extension domain. So that your site can easily be displayed around the globe.

10. Domain age :-

Website age is one of the most important factor these days for the disapproval of adsense. Many newbies get inspiration from successful bloggers and develop a good site according program’s conditions. They work hard and apply for adsense after just 1 week or 1 month. Google rejects their request and they get de-motivation.

If you are from India and China, you shouldn’t apply for the program till your domain gets 6 month age. Google has taken this step to maintain the quality of advertisement network as well as brand protects the interest of publishers and advertisers.

11. Site ownership/Authority :-

Website’s authority is a vital factor for adsense approval or not. Maximum time new applicants forget to take the ownership of their site and apply for the program. Google denies their application. L

Google verifies the domain owner name and other required details about it.

Top tip :- Before applying to the program, make sure you are the authority of your domain. Check in WHOIS section on any web-hosting site for your domain.

12. Unsupported language :-

Currently Google Ads are supported to 36 languages. It means your website language should follow these languages and it is made in one of them. You can also have multiple language site but it should be in the list of 36 for adsense approval.

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13. Signup successfully with accurate information :-

While you are doing signup for the program, make sure that all required areas in the sign up form are to be filled with correct details. Don’t provide wrong information about you and especially at the payee name. 😀

If you provide wrong details there, your check might go to somewhere and you won’t get money for your work.

Understanding these 13 words approve Adsense quickly


“Sufficient unique content with vital pages in English of an authorized old domain.”

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      Thanks anisha.. 🙂

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      Yes, I like to write on adsense and know more things about. I try to deliver more and more to my blogger buddies so that they can also earn money from Google. I hope you’ll also follow these tips. 🙂

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      Hi Eric,

      I am happy to see that my little effort give you dollars information. I hope these adsense tips will definitely help you and give you adsense approval as early as possible. 🙂

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    Thumbs up for you first!

    Many newbie are so eager about making money with AdSense and AdSense team are very desperate in disapproving their app.

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      HI adesanmi,

      First of all thanks to come here and posting a comment. Yes, you are making the right point, newbies are always deperate to make with adsense even they don’t know about the program.

      I try to resolve their problem.
      Keep in touch.. 🙂

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    wow this article are for those who are longing to have an adsense account accepted

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      Yes you are right. This article for those who want to work with adsense for long time period and are desperate to amke money from google….. 🙂

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    i have a website and also adesense account… but bcoz of my bad hosting… 2-3 times my website remain down in a month… is it bad for adsense???

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
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      Yah, Adsense score definitely goes low whenever google bot can’t crawl your Website. So i suggest you must shift your Website to Quality hosting ASAP

  8. Avatar of Neha Dobriyal
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    Hello Aman I’m currently building a forum, I want to monetize it through Google Adsense, do they approve forums???

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
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      Hi Neha,

      Yes Google adsense program for forums also.. You can apply..

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    Nice Tips Brother… But I have heard that having a good alexa rank also plays a part in adsense approval?

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
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      Hi sumeet,

      Thanks for appreciating and leaving your query.
      You must have heard wrong. There is no criteria for alexa in approval or disapproval of adsense…

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    Thanks again from Sri lanka

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    grammar of written content is important too.
    it should included in the article in “content”

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    my website is disapprove from google adsense 3 times so i am in depression but i read your article it gives me a motivation because all points are listed in your article are now matching for my website it give a joy for me for next time apply for google adsense…..thanks a lot nice article sir help me a lot….

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    i got Google adds on my website, also opend google account due to policy violation my adsense account and adds closed from website,,,,now i want to know can i apply again for google adsense acount again after this please advise me for this i hav worked hard now i am in depression,,,,www.competexam.com -this is my web..i hav alos page on facebook and group also this…plz suggest a positive reply to me,,,, sir

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    How do site scripts affect its ranking?

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    Thanks a lot for sharing. However, it seems to be that google adsense is looking for the best of the best

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