How to Earn First Amount from Google AdSense Easily


Every new blogger’s first dream is to see his/her site on first page of Google and second dream is to get first check from Google as early as possible. When I had started my blogging carrier last year, I dreamt also the same.

First dream come true in a short period of time but earning first check from Google completed just before few days back. To be truly, lots of problems I have faced during this journey of getting 1st income from Google.

Every new blogger will face those problems when start with AdSense program. I have waited almost 10 months for this first Google check. Yes 10 months, I get AdSense approval in the starting of January this year.

Earn Google's first check easily by increasing visitors on site, offering more pages to readers

This is a big time period that should not be done but it happened just because of few mistakes that keep me away from first check. My main aim to write this article is to make aware new bloggers and AdSense earners, so that they can generate 1st revenue easily from Google.

Tips keep in mind for earning first income easily from Google

Less visitors on site, say no to AdSense program

Newbies are desperate with the program and they just want to earn money from Google as early as possible. Hence they apply for program with less number of visitors on their blog.

Maximum bloggers apply for AdSense when their website is having only 100 visitors daily or may be 200 or so. If they are having these kinds of stats, Google may approve their AdSense application and they get AdSense successfully, but it can be harmful for them. Their account may get disable anytime.

I am also included in these kinds of bloggers as I had also applied for AdSense when my blog was having only 150 visitors daily. I just lost my account because of sudden increase in CTR. Later on I got my account again which I think I was lucky, but not every time.

This thing is not good as a blogger. AdSense can be disabled in just few days because of sudden increase in CTR ratio. So don’t apply for AdSense program before 1000 page views daily on your blog. This will help you to maintain CTR.

Less number of visitors will not give you income as well. I just earned 5-6 dollars in starting months because of less number of visitors on site. As my blog’s traffic move to 1000 page views daily, you won’t believe that month my AdSense revenue reaches to 110$.

Hence my first check is generated as Google dispatches first income when it is crossed to 100 dollars. So don’t do hurry and apply for AdSense after getting good number of visitors on site.

Have patience

If you want to earn money from Google, you must have patience. Without calmness and patience you can’t get first check easily from Google. If you want things quickly, you may loss chance of earning opportunity.

This is as same as the story of “Golden Hen” that we have read in childhood. Don’t be greedy to get golden eggs quickly. Don’t try to do such activities that lead to disable your account. Never ask your friends to click on ads.

Here patience means not to run for earning 10 dollars in a day initially. Just let the things to be happened naturally. Maximum bloggers are eager to earn more in a day, hence they do social sharing a lot and also tell their friends to click on ads which leads to increase the chances of invalid activity.

Increase AdSense revenue

To earn first Google income quickly, you should work on to boost AdSense earnings. You can enhance revenue by using recommended ad formats at proper places.

Boosting adsense earnings can lead you to generate first income quickly from google

Monetize your blog and keep doing changes. Keep changing the positions of ads on your blog and also integrate your AdSense account with Google analytics so that you can have proper analysis.

This kind of integration helps me a lot when I did it for my blog. It gives me proper analysis for content where the users are clicking and where I am lacking to get clicks. So use these AdSense revenue boosting tips.

Offer more pages to users

Maximum web-pages of your site, you offer to user you’ll get more revenue. When number of page views increase, you will generate good amount of money.

For example, one user views only 2 webpages on your blog whereas other viewer visits 5 pages. The user who has visited 5 page views, can generate good money for you as well as maintain CTR too.

It increases the probability of clicking on ads. When you get more clicks, you will earn more money which leads you to generate first check easily.

You can use call to action statements, READ next fly box plugin (for wordpress blogs), related posts section to increase number of page views.

Lucky that you have got AdSense approval

If your AdSense application is approved, you must be lucky nowadays. It is getting difficult day by day to get approve AdSense account. So don’t do any kind of activity that Google bans your account.

Once your AdSense gets blocked, it is very difficult to get it once again. Your account can be disabled when you are at the landmark of 100$. Maximum bloggers have got AdSense disapproved when they were just about to get first check from Google.

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So work safely and enjoy earnings with Google AdSense.

By following above ways you can easily get first check from Google. Now it is your turn to share your views regarding how you can generate easily first income from Google. Feel free to share with us because sharing is caring always…

  1. Avatar of priyanka verma
    priyanka verma says

    Hello Aman
    I totally agree with your all points but the most important of all is “Patience”.And you are the best example of it.Most of the bloggers quit blogging after 3-4 month because they only end up earning around 20-30$ but if we talk about problogger they also agree that first six month of blogging one should not think about earning even a single penny.
    Thanxx for sharing this useful article…it will surely give reason to newbies to think about their first adsense cheque.

  2. Avatar of Emmanuel
    Emmanuel says

    Hi Aman,
    I just came here to congratulate you you when I saw this on Facebook. I wish you the best bro!

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Thanks Emmanuel for your wishes.. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Rupak
    Rupak says

    Very comprehensive post Aman. You’ve just nailed it. It is a coincidence that I’m also using the same theme that you’re using . I can see a lot of improvements in my blog after having seen yours. I feel very motivated to continue my work. Thanks

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Thanks Rupak for appreciating,

      It feels great to listen that you are motivated after reading this. Never quit and keep working untill you don’t achieve your goals.. 🙂

  4. Avatar of naveen
    naveen says

    Thanks for valuable article. Recentely i have started my blog. So as you said i will wait for some days and will apply for adsense.Thanks.

  5. Avatar of arun
    arun says

    sir..clear my doubt from the same ip address if we apply for google adsense from two different accounts then the two applications will be approved or not?????

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hello Arun,

      It depend on your site content and blog urls. If Google believes that your sites are trusted enough to approve your application then you can get it otherwise not…

      All depends on Google. According me, it won’t accept. You can do experiment regarding this.. 🙂

  6. Avatar of Lokesh
    Lokesh says

    Hello Aman,

    If you don’t mind could you please explain me what is Adsense and what they are doing, and how can i get benefit in to the Adsense. Because i am also hearing so many words and can i also earn some amount in google adsense? please help me.
    Waiting for your valuable reply sir.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hello Lokesh,

      Google Adsense is a program which helps webmasters/bloggers to earn money online. AdSense is a product from Google by which you can publish ads on your site and make money when user clicks on the ads.

      Advertisers pay google to display their ads and google shares some revenue by publishing their ads on your blog. You can take advantage of google adsense bu making a good blog and get adsense for your website.

      More details you can see in our Google adsense category here :-

      If you need anymore help, you can ask..

      Have a great day ahead.

  7. Avatar of Anika Sharma
    Anika Sharma says

    Not a long time ago when i was like surfing the net.. i found this article saying earn upto 25000 dollars with google adsense and clickbank.. i know it was a scam but it was rank 1 on a google page.. so can it be true??

  8. Avatar of Nithin Upendran
    Nithin Upendran says

    Thanks bro for the article I come under the bloggers with low traffic stats. I think if the growth of your blog is steady there is no need to worry about the ctr rates. Problem arises only if the ctr rates increases suddenly. If its not increased suddenly then there is nothing to worry about. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I am very much happy if i get my adsense earnings as soon as possible. Hope it will happen soon.

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