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Update: Google Helpout has been shut down. It’s no longer available

If you are an Adsense publisher and want to make your earnings double then, make money with Google Helpouts. It will help you to earn more income online. Google always comes with new ideas and the new patterns to make their services better to best. It’s again a new step which is taken by Google in this revolution of Internet World. This new program can solve out money problems of so many Internet Marketers and provide them a new way to establish their reputation in the Online world with financial freedom.

It’s a guide by Enstine Muki- An African Top Blogger. He says that “If you are an expert in something and you have some free time, then you can involve yourself in this Google Helpouts program and make money effectively”. So nice to hear from you sir!

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What is Google HelpOuts?

Helpouts is a program by Google, which is announced in November, 2013. The basic motto of this program is to help people help each other, and Similar thing is told by Enstine Muki! He also says that “Google wants to use the efficiency and convenience of the Internet to connect with everyone”.

Helpouts is something, which can change a person’s mentality about earnings of an online world. Enstine Muki says “It’s a new landscape of Internet Marketing to connect with people, who find difficulties and need help instantly”

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How to Make Money with Google Helpouts??

There are uncountable ways to use Google Helpouts and Make Money Online. You can teach someone “how to cook, how to change the PC wallpaper, how to design the admirable paintings, how to learn english, how to loose weight in 7 days etc, how to install applications on your Smart Phone etc many types of asking question!”

Enstine Muki again says that “There is no limit of people questions. They want help each and every moment and ready to pay for it also.” He has given the example of “Install WordPress on website” This example is so good for understanding the Helpouts working.

I have done something different here. This example is for all of the people who don’t know about WordPress so much. Hence I put here my question as “Want to Learn English”

How to Make Money with Google Helpouts

There are two types of categories- one belongs to Askers group and another related to Helpers group.

If You Are an Asker : If you put your question in Helpouts then many results come in front of us, you can choose one of them and take help from here. You have to pay according to the rate decided, after completing the service.

If You Are a Helper : If you want to earn money and got the ability to help people in their trouble situation. Then Here you are! Service is only made for you. You have to decide your rate according to your service. You can also give the services for free to help the people.

Google Helpouts Categories

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Why Enstine Muki recommends Google HelpOuts Courses?

  • 1. Not for taking Affiliate Commission from here but, He is also taking this course online as in the video format.
  • 2. As we all know “To err is Human, and Correct is Human too” but, he doesn’t want to make mistakes in producing his skills.
  • 3. He wants to give us more ways to make money from the Internet.
  • 4. There are only authentic Internet Marketers available, who all have solid profiles in their workstream.
  • 5. This is surely going to be next big thing by Google.

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Why I recommend Google HelpOuts?

  • 1. It’s new and revolutionary way to use the Online Services.
  • 2. Google always provides good services in the Internet world, it is also one of them.
  • 3. It will give a new vision to people and aware them about online money making ideas.
  • 4. People can ask their favorite questions and can find their answers in a short time. In fact, you can also take help for free (free term specially for Indians). :p
  • 5. Google Heloputs, a good move by Google at the right time, when the online market is increasing heavily.

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Google is doing so right by providing Helpouts service to the people. It will definitely increase the crowd in the online world. No doubt! earnings of people will also increase. But, people need to understand the versatility of this online world. They can do their good, better & best in all 3 formats by putting their efforts online and live their life happily.

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    If the people will be benefitted and get employed then can be better than this.

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    Good Post Vivek! Undoubtedly, Google helpouts is opening new doors for online business.

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    Great research indeed. I wonder from where do you get these awesome ideas. 😉
    You have shared a very unique way to make money blogging. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day. 🙂

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      Thanks for sharing your wonderful opinions.
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    After reading your post, I searched for google helpout. I got to find out that google is closing it. Is it true.

    1. Avatar of Angelina Jain
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      You are absolutely true. We will update the content soon

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    I have read your article carefully and I agree with you very much. This has provided a great help for my thesis writing, and I will seriously improve it. However, I don’t know much about a certain place. Can you help me?

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