How to Use YouTube for Business to Make Money Online

How to Use YouTube for Business to Make Money Online
Youtube for business

We all go on daily for watching many types of videos according to our taste & lifestyle but,
Have you ever thought to use YouTube for business to do Online Marketing?

Have you ever thought about exploring your business through YouTube??

Surely, not thought about this move or afraid from taking this move in the Internet World.

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It has become the nasty thing that a business person, who don’t know so much about Internet World, missing out this wonderful opportunity to generate leads and sales for his/her business.

Example: If I talk about myself, my father is a business person but afraid from trying business moves in the Internet World. Generally, he knows about Internet World very well but, don’t focus on YouTube because the lack of proper knowledge about this wonderful world’s no.2 search engine.

Wow! No.2 search engine after Google…Imagine man…!!Also, YouTube has become the service of Google.

So, As a Business Person, How can you miss out this chance to become online king on YouTube??

You should not leave this golden scope. Whatever you business is, doesn’t matter, your executions will matter here only!

A must shareable thought about Nation Growth:

Technology Provides Functionality in the Nation.


Business Provides Stability in the Nation. 🙂

Similar kind of a thing with YouTube Business. In the Past month of April, when YouTube parent company announced to close it in the comic mood, then many of those business persons got worried, who all only depend on YouTube for their business online marketing.

Ahhh!..Such a horrible thought about closing of YouTube. Without YouTube, Internet World may become handicapped also. No doubt at all!!

What Others Say about YouTube?

Business Guru & Analyst, from all over the world are continuously doing expansion of YouTube Power time to time. As examples: If we talk about Kolaveri Di and Gangnam Style…this thing hasn’t hidden with anybody. These type of videos has been already rocked on Youtube like a wildfire.

It’s explaining that one Quality and Content Proof video can rock you on YouTube and make you YouTube online star.

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How to take Business Move on YouTube:

Time to take some action!! There are some Important Points & Tips, which will surely help you to move your business on YouTube.

  • (1) Make Good YouTube Video Quality

Usually we only watch videos, which have good picture quality. Although, we watch normal quality videos also (depends on your internet connection). You should take care about this thing and should also use of good camera, while making the videos.

Make Good YouTube Video Quality
Youtube for business

Except this, you should also focus on light and sound effects also. You can also take help from any part time professional guy to understand more about these effects. Don’t take it as the waste of money. It’s a kind of Investment, which will surely give you a good return in the future.

You must focus on these points to attract other people from you videos.

  • (2) Tag Video on YouTube / Tagging YouTube Videos

If you are a business person and want to do maximum utilization of YouTube for business then, make sure that your results should be shown on SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).  Google has already started this service to show video results in SERPs.

Tagging YouTube Videos
Youtube for business

The meaning is that “If you want to search on Google by the name company then, Google will also show the videos related to that company”. For this purpose, YouTube Video Tagging & YouTube Video SEO is necessary.

  • (3) Interesting YouTube for Business Channel

If you are creating your YouTube Business Channel then make it simple & interesting. You can put all related information in the channel, which you are going to provide in your video sections. Here, all keywords & tags should also be necessary to come.

Interesting YouTube Business Channel
Youtube for business

If you want to make your channel more interesting then, you should put your own business brand logo on your YouTube channel and also make sure that Title of YouTube video should be unique and similar to your video content.

The main keyword, which you are using in the title, also should be used in the first line of your description. You can apply this small trick to attract more people to your videos.

  • (4) How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

This is the most valuable question of this whole content“How can I promote my YouTube channel?”

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel
Youtube for business

Answer is that you can work on other social networking sites. There, you can share your links with an amazing & attracting description. Also, you can do commenting on other YouTube videos, which is relevant to your niche of Business.

In this way, people will know about your new products and offers. As the result they will subscribe your channel. You can also set subscribers chat option for more engagement with your subscribers.

Note: Don’t irritate other people by doing spamming and one link promotion only. You can choose the latest pattern updates & make money with your channel.

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  • (5) Use of YouTube Analytics / YouTube Channel Analytics

Google YouTube Analytics plays an important role in YouTube. It shows you the number of visitors, their location, their browser IPs & etc info for you channel. You can easily find out per month views or number of visitors by the help of YouTube Channel Analytics.

YouTube Channel Analytics
Youtube for business

By the help of this info, you can find out people choices & their interests about your company website. According to this, you can do the necessary changes in your YouTube Channel Pattern. In this way, it helps you to provide data about your developing business on YouTube.

  • (6) Attract People with your Work & Tricks

Only Uploading the Videos on YouTube, doesn’t make a good sense! Your work is not completed yet here. You have to do work hard continuously for attracting people.

Attract People with your Work & Tricks
Youtube for business

For this purpose, you have to visit on other videos similar to your niche then, you have to do creative commenting here for attracting more visitors. You can also share your video links here. You can find other video platforms also for commenting.

Or, you can try your “Best out of Waste” creativity here. As you will show your best creativity, as you will get the best benefits.

  • (7) YouTube Google Adsense™

YouTube provides an amazing facility to their users for earning with their videos also. Uploaders of Youtube can upload their videos as well as can promote their videos & can earn handsome income from the same videos.

YouTube Google Adsense™
Youtube for business

Google Provides Adsense program for the YouTube accounts to make income online. Users or Uploaders can earn money with the video advertisements.

For this precious money earning purpose, you have to create an account on Adsense and will give power to the Google to put Advertisements in your videos.

Note: The nature of an advertisement will fully depend on your content of video & uploader of the video. So, focus on your video content to generate good revenue here.

Google Adsense Program for YouTube
Youtube for business

You can also try direct Ad sales programs as well as Affiliate marketing on your videos to make money with it.

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  • (8) Creativity in Youtube Videos

Many Companies available in the market, who have creative videos & people like to watch those videos again and again. If you are using YouTube as your positive self-promotion then don’t forget to put creativity in your video.

Creativity in Youtube Videos
Youtube for business

It doesn’t mean that you upload your videos frequently. You can upload your videos by giving gap b/w them like 2 weeks, 10 days etc. Videos describes about your quality. So always think about something new & interesting.


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If your Video Quality and Content are good & your video is interesting to see, then you upload it on YouTube and take help into brand building process.

You can choose your targeted audience and their taste to make better quality according to their choices or views. Thus, you can enjoy the services of YouTube for Business.

In India, many business brands not use this superb online business community, but here you are!

If you an Indian,

A chance is waiting for you on YouTube to prove yourself with your business community. 🙂

Youtube for business

  1. Avatar of Sahil Garg
    Sahil Garg says

    Hello Vivek
    Great article Bro, i never tried YouTube to Make Money or any Other Business Promoting Purpose, i think You Clarify Every thing here, Thanks For Sharing the Info Buddy 🙂

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hello Sahil,
      Surely! you should try YouTube for exploring your web blog.
      It will help you a lot and will give you result as an increment in visitors.
      Thanks for commenting here again..:)

  2. Avatar of K.K
    K.K says

    This is really something very incredible I found on your blog Vivek, this complete guidance is really able to get a salute from my side, Yea, Youtube is an incredible source of generating great income and you have explained everything what is needed to earn through YouTube…. Nice work…. Great effort. Thanks.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Thanks K.K sir for your appreciation towards this post!
      I tried to provide considerable points about YouTube for spreading business in Online World in a simple & sophisticated way.
      It’s my great luck & pleasure that you liked my this update!
      keep in touch with for various, unique and online profitable types of updates!
      Thanks Again 🙂

  3. Avatar of Free Money Online
    Free Money Online says

    Hi Vivek,
    I completely agree with you that YouTube is a great way to expand the business because action speaks more than words. Videos add a wow factor to your thoughts.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi 247allinone,
      I totally agree with your line that “Action Speaks more Than Words”!
      Really, YouTube is a wonderful platform for everybody, who all want to earn real online profitable income.
      You can easily generate lots of leads & sales here for your business, blog or anything related to your niche.
      Just you have to divert your mind in this direction & you are done here.
      Anyways, Thanks for commenting here!
      Stay Tuned with us for more wonderful updates from this MoneyBies web portal. 🙂

  4. Avatar of Karan Singh
    Karan Singh says

    thanks for shearing such a wonderful article, i really don’t know that with the help of we can also make money i think it is the best alternative of blogging.

  5. Avatar of Pooja kumari
    Pooja kumari says

    These tips for youtube account are new for me. I did not know about how to earn money from youtube.
    I have created a channel but still i am not able to increase views on it.
    So please tell me how can i increase views on it. And also tell me what should be the length of description of a video ?

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      You need to market the youtube on social media or with SEO. THE VIDEO must add some value to the users. That’s the best piece of advice. The description, in my opinion must be of 200-300 words with your keywords in it.

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