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Best Google AdSense Alternatives: I am looking to make money from my blog through Google’s program.

Google is a big name, and it will give me maximum money for my site. I believe that I can make passive income through Google Ads. I think google AdSense will give me more money. I have got High CPC paying keyword for my site niche. I have done all possible ways to boost my Adsense revenue.

Once upon a time, I had all this kind of feeling regarding Google’s Adsense product to make money. But as I get to know about other  income generating sources through website, I just get shocked and say my heart that why I am wasting my time with Google advertisements when there are fabulous AdSense alternatives available to earn.

Google adsense alternatives like buysellads

I don’t say that you can’t make money with google adsense, but I say you can make more money via other Google AdSense alternatives. And to be very frank, these other options of adsense are more effective and beneficial to work on. I am saying this thing just because of many other people’s experience with adsense and its alternate programs.

First of all we need to know why we should not focus on Google AdSense ..

  1. Adsense approval isn’t easy.
  2. Account get banned just because of few fake clicks.
  3. Other people’s fault you have to pay (Invalid activities).
  4. Low CPC values.
  5. No corporation or support from Google team.
  6. Not a fix mechanism by which they approve/disapprove account.

Learn :- How to avoid AdSense Invalid Activity

These are some key factors which lead me to avoid Adsense program of Google. I am glad to have other programs like AdSense by which I can make money.  Some Google AdSense alternatives like provides support to publisher in any manner through mail which I think is very good.


This is one of the best Google AdSense alternative. Just imagine, you have published an adsense banner code unit and you are making around 20-30 dollar per month from it. Now you have got an direct ad publisher client who want this space for 100$ per month. Then you will surely remove your ad unit and publish that client’s ad there and make hundred dollars per month from that space. It is a great choice, but what if you don’t have any publisher for this purpose.

BuySellAds is there for you to find good advertisers for your niche and place the ads. If you have one space slot on your site to place ad, you can go to buySellAds and apply there. If they find any interested party to place their ad on your site they will inform you about it. This mediator detects only 25 percent of your ad revenue. To get your account on BuySellAds, your website must have good visitors and page views monthly. They don’t provide services for low traffic sites. Minimum payout is 50 dollar and payment are transferred through PayPal, Credit Card and Wire Transfer.


This advertising program is a little bit different from other programs. If we break Infolinks name, it suggests that info (information/informative) and links (hyperlinks). It means informative links are inserted in your web pages. Your website pages are indexed first in the database of infolinks, so that according right keyword  they insert relevant ad links. You can earn big money from this advertisement program if your site traffic is driving from USA or Canada like countries. It pays the minimum amount of 50$ and payment is transferred through PayPal. Highest PPC of infolinks is 0.30$ . (yahoo/bing)

Most growing advertising alternate of Google is Yahoo/Bing Network’s program. It provides various size of ad units like adsensebut it all ads are contextual. It doesn’t provide image or video ads to publish. Moneybies also using this program and making good money through . In just only one month with this platform, we have earned 60 dollars. Minimum payout is 100$, and payment is issued via PayPal or bank transfer. It is also a good google adsense alternative. You can publish advertisements along with adsense ads.


Chitika’s title line “Turning page views into profits”, suits to their brand image. This program is very similar like Google’s adsense and provides customization on Ads like Google provides. Contextual ads are provided for publishers to display on their sites. Like, chitika ads can be displayed along with google ads on a same domain. There are two modes of payment for Chitika publishers that are by check or PayPal. To get payment from a check minimum amount of payment is 50$ and via PayPal you can get 10 dollar as the minimum amount. Mobile ads are also available for Chitika publishers.


If you are frustrated from getting banned again and again from Google ads, then don’t worry Clicksor is there for you to make decent money. If you have a fresh blog and you want to generate some cents, clicksor is best for you. You may like to know :- How to get adsense easily It provides contextual, pop up ads. Clicksor shares 60% revenue which depends on the ad types. Payment modes for clicksor publishers are via Check and PayPal. Minimum payment you can take from this program is 50 dollars.


This advertising program is very similar to infolinks and provide text ads in your web-pages content. A website having good traffic can generate a passive money from Kontera. Like chitika you can run both Google adsense and Kontera ads on your site if you wish. Its starting amount to givepublisher is 50 dollarand you can get money through check or PayPal. Blogs at the initial level can also apply for this program so that more sites can get into your network.


It gives opportunity to make huge money through banner ads, skyscrapers and inline ads. Least amount of payment from bidvertiser is 10$, and it transfers money through PayPal. It is a Pay Per Click program in which your earning depends on the bid which is given by the advertiser.


To get approval easily from iSocket, a website needs 10 Lakhs unique visitors per month at least. This adsense alternative is very similar to BuySellAds. It provides direct ad sales services. You can read more here about it.


This is the latest advertising network which is good enough to be the Adsense alternative. It provides full page banner ads and also pop ups. To make passive money with it, your website must have traffic from Western countries like United States. Both Google and adversal ads can be displayed on a same website. You can show up to 5 adversal ads on a single page of your site.


This is a good opportunity for those website owners whose site is getting traffic form USA, UK and Canada. The advertisements from ad side appears very similar to google adsense, hence we can say that this is a good AdSense alternative. Difference in the appearance of google and adside ads is that in the advertisements of adside, logo of a company is used as thumbnail in Ads. All kind of advertisements like image, video, text and mobile ads also provided by brand. Least payout money is 50$, and it is sent by check to payee.

Technorati Media

Technorati media provides banner ads, Video pre-roll ads, Insertitial ads. It gives  a minimum amount of 50$ via check or PayPal. Highest PPC is 2$ set by the advertising team of Technorati.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the biggest online trust worthy brand. It doesn’t provide any ad program for website publishers, but it can give you a huge amount of money. It gives you commission for every sell that is linked by you. There is a simple procedure to work with amazon associate program.

Tips :- 7 easy ways to make money with Amazon For example if you have a website of mobile phones, and you are displaying amazon links on your site and if any product of Samsung is sold through your link, you will get a commission for. Your earning can be varied from 1$ to 100$ or more. It depends on the product that is sold from your referral.

Advantages of AdSense alternatives :

  • Provide support team for publishers.
  • You can get Adsense approval easily.
  • Doesn’t disable account for small mistakes.
  • Pay decent money.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives Best Google AdSense Alternatives Best Google AdSense Alternatives Best Google AdSense Alternatives Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  1. Avatar of bharat
    bharat says

    Hey dude awesome post buddy actually i had also lost my google account so insearch of it…thanks a lot.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hi Bharat,

      Its feeling great to know that I have represented what people are looking for. I hope you will work on these other ad networks to generate passive income.

      Stay tuned with us for getting more money making ideas.

  2. Avatar of Swapnil
    Swapnil says

    Hello Aman,
    Very good article,
    But google Adsense is the first choice of everyone.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hi Swapnil,

      You are correct, Google AdSense is the first choice to make money from blog. It will be great if we people can focus on other resources rather than google adsense. You never know what small mistake from you can lead you to loss your account… 🙂

      Keep in touch to get more money making ideas.

  3. Avatar of Supriyo
    Supriyo says

    Aman, just to add, buysellads and tribal fusion do not accept publishers, who get less than 100000 pv a month. The chief reason Google Adsense is so popular is their acceptance of small and mid size blogs. I agree to rest of your points; getting adsense approval is immensely difficult and your account can get disabled at any time without any fault of your own. It’s really unfair. People, who make a living from adsense, are seriously affected due to Google’s whimsical decision to ban an active adsense account.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      HI Supriyo,

      You are correct. Buysellads and tribal fusion are good ad networks and they only allow sites that are flooding with traffic.
      Unique visitors are in high number.

  4. Avatar of ebimablog
    ebimablog says

    Great alternatives.I have an approved clicksor,bidvertiser,and infolinks account,i must say they are all craps,adsense still remain the best

  5. Avatar of Emmanuel
    Emmanuel says is what I now rely upon! is also another wonderful alternative as well!

  6. Avatar of Gautams
    Gautams says

    Nice shairng going to bookmark your page.

  7. Avatar of manshu
    manshu says

    i am new to blogging and need some tips from you guys.
    can someone please review my site

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hi Manshu,

      you can learn new things from us by reading our blog regularly and to know more about blogging, you can read my personal blog

  8. Avatar of gkduniya
    gkduniya says

    I also used….easy to get approval.

  9. Avatar of Naeem Malik
    Naeem Malik says

    Dear Aman,

    Just saw your guest post on BinaryNote. It says we should avoid too much of internal linking while you have 10 internal links on this post.

    Any update on that article of yours?

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Relevant articles linking can be beneficial for users and google also to read your site. I was trying to say don’t do over linking, people love to put unnecessary links in their articles.. So i Mentioned.

  10. Avatar of Joly George
    Joly George says

    Your article cleared the doubts I had before in this field….. I was in search of information related with your post… So thumps Up!!! Make Money , Blogging Tips, Widgets, Free Tools, Tricks

  11. Avatar of Neha D
    Neha D says

    I am using Media.Net ad network for my microniche blog ! and with my imaginations i daily gets $0.50+ CPM that’s good enough for me.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Off course neha it’s good, but is not trusted as they don’t let you know how they are paying.. I mean you will get sometime 3$ for 2000 impressions and at the same time you earn 0.00$ for 2000 impressions.. Their policies just suck so I never advice to go with them..

  12. Avatar of Simona
    Simona says

    Hi Aman,

    You provide some really great facts and some choice alternatives, but where is Qadabra? Have you ever tried this platform? What are your thoughts on it?

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hello Simona,

      Thanks for appreciating but I never used it as I am happy with Google AdSense and then I like to earn from Affiliate and review posts..
      thanks for sharing your views.. 🙂

  13. Avatar of Rajashekar
    Rajashekar says

    I used Chitika, infolinks, and Adsense. Chitika approval is very easy. Infolinks moderate. Adsense approval required some standards. I never tried other platforms because some of them required 80% of US traffic.
    Thanks for the article. I learned something new here.

  14. Avatar of Sam
    Sam says

    Thanks a lot for this awesome article.
    I recently got approval from adcash adnetwork. Is adcash a great ad network to work with. Are their CPM rates good enough? What’s your thought on this

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      Adcash Network is good. The rates are also decent

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