8 Best Reasons that Decrease AdSense Revenue upto 70%


Maximum AdSense publishers and bloggers frequently ask me why their AdSense earnings are decreasing daily, why they are getting low CPC value, why they are not making decent money with AdSense. I always smile when these kinds of queries I get as why people don’t understand Google AdSense program policies before getting start with AdSense.

Top ways like website design, ads format and size, smart pricing, ads placement decreases google adsense revenue.

In one of my previous articles I have shared how to increase AdSense earnings and it will help them to boost revenue from their blog. Today I am going to disclose some key factors that decrease AdSense income because it’s not possible for me to response everyone the same answer every time. I hope this article help them and won’t decreases their earnings.

1. More ads displayed

Maximum bloggers have believed that displaying more ads help them to generate good CPC (Cost per click) value and lead them to earn more. But this believed is totally wrong and in fact placing more ad units on a web page decreases AdSense revenue.

The reason of this is Google loves those pages which provide more and more information to the user. AdSense bots are very smart and if they find that you are displaying more Ads than providing information to user, they lower down CPC values. Providing maximum relevant information and content can boost your cost per click revenue and it will help you to boost rankings in SERPs as well.

So my suggestion is don’t display too much ads on a web page, I will recommend you to display 3 Ads on single web page and max to max you can show 4 Google Advertisements.

2. Website layout

You will be amazed to know that your adsense income decrement is increasing day by day just because of website design. Your blog’s design layout just sucks which leads you not to make good money from AdSense. Everyone likes to have a wonderful blog design and layout with lots of colour combinations and effects. But this leads to decrease revenue.

Website design can reduce google adsense income.

When you use a plain layout, especially with white back ground you will be able to find better cpc price in AdSense a/c. Try to use minimum plugins and java scripts in your website, it will reduce page load time that will help to boost income.

3. You don’t use text and images ads

This is one of the common reasons that your adsense revenue is decreasing. Many bloggers like to display images ads because they have strong belief that showing image rich ads will attract end users and they will click on it whereas some bloggers think that displaying only text Ads can lead them to get more clicks on ads. No doubt you may get good number of clicks but what about CPC cost? It will be low always.

The fact that Google likes both text and image rich formats and it recommends publishers to use both text and image rich advertisements on their websites. I also use image and text ads on my blogs which is the reason that I get good CPC values.

So friends display image/text ad formats on your blog and I am confident that it will not decrease your AdSense earnings, trust me…

4. Smart pricing Issue

Smart pricing issue is very common and it is one of the major reasons that your AdSense earnings get lower down day by day. Maximum publishers aren’t aware about this issue but from today they will be able to remove this issue and increase their earnings from Google’s advertisement program.

As bloggers create new blogs and publish 10-15 articles they start to monetise that blog, even some smart bloggers start to display ads on fresh blog having only 4,5 posts. This money earning greed decreases AdSense income. Not only from new blog but also it leads Google bots to reduce cost per click value on old website as well.

Google loves content rich web pages to display advertisements and give high CPC because advertisers invest big money for good keywords and Google displays good quality articles in SERPs, so it doesn’t like when you start to display ads on low quality content web pages.

I will recommend you not to display ads on a fresh blog until it is having at least 40 quality posts. When you follow this, your adsense revenue will not be decreased.

5. Don’t write catchy titles

All professional bloggers and online marketers even I also suggest people to write catchy articles for blog posts. An article’s catchy title always hooks end user to click on that article whether it is displayed in search results or shared on social networking sites. But do you know that writing attractive title can lead to decrease Google ads revenue?

Well if you don’t know then you must be lacking to enhance your adsense earnings. The reason behind this methodology that when you write catchy title you couldn’t place keyword in title in a proper manner for which the advertiser pays big amount to Google. When a user lands on your page, bots check from which keyword they are landing on your web-page according that keyword CPC value is decided.

So if you want not to decrease your adsense income try to use high cpc value keywords in your titles and try to make it catchy title with the use of proper keyword.

6. Low paying niche

Your website’s niche can be one of the reasons that you are experiencing low AdSense earnings. Blog’s category matters a lot in the increment and decrement of Advertisements income. When you are working on a niche like Blogging, SEO you will not see much high CPC values. It’s reason is simple that bloggers and online marketers will be the audience on your blog and they will not click on ads as they are aware of about advertisements.

So if you want to make money with AdSense program, one must go with website niches like Automobiles, Luxury, home décor etc. Advertisers give handsome money to Google to advertise their business hence Google also pays good revenue for this category sites.

7. Ads placement and size

The placement of ads and advertisement’s size matters a lot in AdSense earnings. Placing ads below fold decreases cpc value but it is not a thumb rule that always placing ads below fold give low income from ads. Majority of bloggers and publishers have shared their experience about it that placing ads above the fold give good revenue from Google ads.

The size of ads also the key point. Google Also recommends 4 ads formats to use on your blog if you want to maximize revenue. If you use any ad unit except 728*90, 336*280, 300*250, 160*600 the earnings will be lower.

So one should display recommended ads on blog and place them properly.

8. Smart placement of first ad unit

Placing ads above always give good CPC cost, but do you know that placing it properly can enhance your AdSense earnings more. All you need is to just do experimenting. One should use recommended ad units at different locations of web page and monitor CPC and CTR in your AdSense account.

For best CPC value, use that ad unit and increase your ads revenue.

Final words:

Choose perfect niche for your blog and use recommended ads format to get most of out from Google’s AdSense program. These are the top reasons that can reduce your AdSense earnings. I hope you will keep in mind these things and increase your ads revenue.

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    Rajkumar says

    Hi Aman,
    I agree with your tips, last year one of my blog has dropped it’s adsense revenue step by step. At the time i have take some ideas (which is listed above ) to increase the revenue, so that ideas helps me lot.

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    I have got 70% of my answer from your post, really you helped me a lot brother. Keep up nice work…

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    I read this article fully on the topic of the comparison of newest and
    previous technologies, it’s awesome article.

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    The main reason is that there are a lot of sites made for MFA, the revenue is decreased just because of demand and supply matter: more MFA sites, less advertisers.

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    Wow! Great article with full of good Tips.I highly appreciate it. I will try and let you know the result.

    Thanks for this article.. keep up the good work.. cheers..:)

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    Rahim Riyal says

    I got a click of $0.67 and then later I find that click to be $0.16. I was happy with $0.67 and then later it was $0.16. I don’t know why adsense do this?.

    my site is thespnz.com

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    I love adsense

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    Does the entertainment news blog pay much? I want my blog to be like TMZ or perez Hilton.

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      It depends on the country audience on your blog

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