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Terms And Conditions

  • As Moneygos is a blog related to Blogging, Money Making Ideas, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, So you only have to write articles related to these topics.

  • Articles that you write on moneygos.com should have a minimum length of 500 words.

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  • Although 100% Authorship is given to you for your Article on Moneygos, Yet We can make changes in the post to maintain our Quality (like adding Internal Links).


How to Submit Guest Posts on Moneygos.com?

1) Send a mail that includes the title of your Post and Subject as- “Guest Post for Moneygos” to info@moneygos.com.

2) After examining the title, we then revert a mail back to you and ask you to send the complete article in word format.

3) After analyzing it with all the major factors we have mentioned above, we will provide you a WordPress username and password.

2) You have to Complete your WordPress Profile specially the Author Bio Section.

3) Submit your Unique article with proper SEO and formatting.

4) Save it in Drafts and wait for 1-2 days so that we can review it.

5) You can use any external relevant links in the article. You only have to use one do follow link  of your Website in the Author bio.

6) Promote your Published article on Social media.(It’s mandatory as we’ve stated above).

Note: Although paid guest posting is not offered by many Quality Blogs, yet We are about to start Paid Guest Posting on our Blog in the money niche. Writers that have published articles on Moneygos before we implement paid Guest post are included in our Gold Bloggers list and so they Earn maximum money for Guest Posting we provide as compared to others.

For more queries, use our Contact-US page or mail directly to us at info@moneygos.com and We will make sure that all your Queries solved at the earliest possible time.

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