How to recover the loss like a pro trader


Losing trades is very common in the Forex market. You might be the most skilled trader in the world, but you still can’t avoid losing trades. All the successful traders in Singapore are making millions of dollars profit whilst losing money on a regular basis. They never expect to win all the trades. On the … Read more

Foreign currency risk and the cost of payments abroad

foreign currency risk

Online marketplaces are, by their very nature, international. Sure, you could try to only sell to Americans on But, even on their American-facing market, you’ll get inquiries from buyers the world over. Selection on smaller Amazon sub-sites, like .ca and, leaves a LOT to be desired. Despite the added cost via import and … Read more

Factors affecting the Performance of a Trader


Before you start working hard in any industry, you must know to educate yourself properly. Getting into a new profession doesn’t mean you will start making money without giving the effort. Think about the successful engineers, business owners in our society. All of them have worked hard only to secure a steady source of income. … Read more

Spend more time to find quality signals in Forex

forex signals

The traders will have to play like that in the game of Forex trading because good signals are very much important for the most proper performance in the business, all of the traders will have to come with the most rightful setting in the business. From there, the most legitimate thinking about the right kind … Read more

Advantages of day trading and money making strategies

day trading at home

When it comes to stock trading, there are a lot of investors usually involved in this type of business. With many different trading strategies available, different investors will also prefer using different approaches when trading. Currently, there are two commonly preferred trading styles, day trading and long term or positional trading which usually involves holding … Read more

Learn the Advanced Art of Trade Management

trade management art

You may have heard or read about the money involved in the Forex trading business. There are a lot of articles written on the internet with information about this business. Most of them are written with information about the money involved in the trades. Then people also get suggestions from different pro traders about joining … Read more