Top Advantages of Google AdSense

There are several products run by Google which are helpful for internet users in various manners. In one of those exciting products, Google adsense is the most popular product due its many advantages.

Best Google Adsense Advantages

These advantages are helpful for every internet user. Day by day, people are getting more close with this program. Webmasters, Business organizations and normal Internet users can enjoy the benefits and facilities provided in this program.


Webmasters, especially bloggers are always looking to have an active Google AdSense account. Since first day of starting a blog, blogger works according Google webmaster guidelines to achieve adsense account to take its advantages. Here are some key benefits of using Google’s AdSense product for a webmaster…

A.) Money Earning Resource:-

The biggest advantage of having an adsense account is that a person can earn money from Google without going anywhere from his house. You can generate thousands of dollars every month through this advertising program.

B.) No Headache to Find Advertiser:-

There is always a big headache for me to find single advertiser for my website initially. Then I came to know about Google’s adsense product. To be frank, after reading its all guidelines I find it best to use for my blog to earn money. It saves my time to find an advertiser.

Now all big brands are advertised on my website and I feel happy when see ads from sony, apple or other big brands. Thanks to Google for being so good with me.

C.) Easy to Access AdSense Account:-

It is easy to join adsense program and its free for every webmaster who is having good site in eyes of Google.  It is not hard to handle adsense account. At initial stage there are lots of tutorials, videos and websites available to help every webmaster to get familiar with the program.

As you sign up for adsense and your account is approved, you can easily access it and display ads on your site wherever you want. You can easily create ad unit and paste it according placement.

D.) Excellent ad formats:-

Google provides various kind of ad formats so that we can easily display ads according available place on our site. There is no need for us to create ads, Google team does it for us. All we need is to get java script and paste it at ad placement area.

Advertisements are made so attractive that people enjoy while seeing these ads. Text, image and video ads are provided. Recently Google has announced animated GIF ad formats and adobe flash player advertisements for this program. Webmaster doesn’t require to work on these kind of things. All facilities are provided by Google.

E.) Content Relevant Ads:-

Google always display ads according to the content of that particular web-page. This is a good facility in Google AdSense account that we can block certain ads to display on our site.

Google shows relevant ads to the site niche so that user experience can be good as well as for the advertising organization. So that user can know easily the brand about the content he/she is reading.

F.)  Trustful source:-

Google is a big name in itself. We can trust on it. There are ad networks which are not trusted and don’t provide money after reaching sufficient amount of money. Whereas Google never does these kind of things and provide earned money to the webmaster/payee.

Google pays money through check or ETF (Electronic Fund Transfer) to the host. We can see that how much Google provides facilities to his publishers by his home address verification method. As first 10$ generates in your adsense account, Google sends letter containing PIN number to the address of account holder to verify home address. 100 dollar is the landmark and minimum payment that Google sends.


Google’s adsense and adwords products are just both parallel to each other. No one can work efficiently without each other. Advertisers are nothing without publishers as well as publishers are nothing without advertisers. AdSense is for publishers and Adwords is for advertisers.

The advantage of adsense for business organizations is that whenever the internet users see an advertisement, they come to know about that organization and brand. It creates branding also.

Traffic also drive to the advertiser’s site and if the user likes the product or service they purchase it or take the services of it.


Adsense is helpful for internet users also, though it doesn’t give them money or make their branding. But it gives them opportunity to know more about their interest things on big websites. For example when a person is reading an article on a website and suddenly an ad is displayed which is relevant to that content, it will enhance the experience of that user.

On some websites, advertisements like generate money sitting at your home, can give them opportunity to make extra money also. Ads give them knowledge about products, offers, businesses and more things.

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  1. Nice post Aman 🙂

    Agree with the advantages of Google Adsense and am using it from quite long years.

    I earned good income with it and no way to speak about its genuiness.

    Yeah, it helps the internet surfers by showing the relevant ads the webpage they are visiting.

    Thanks for sharing it, keep doing the same forever 🙂

    • Thanks Nirmala for coming here and say something good about the article. Whether Google adsense pays me or not but when people like you, Harleena mam and others appreciate about the content, I earn more than adsense…

      Nice to see you here and hope we’ll be in contact till blogging ends on internet.. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing good information. This will help me a lot.
    Your website is also very awesome and nice to read quality content on your site.
    Great work dude….

  3. Nice post Aman,

    I especially like Google for the trust and procedure ease. Adsense can be accompanied by others like BuySellAds, etc. but as you have mentioned that there is no need actually. Great post!

    • Thanks Kaustav for appreciation.

      I am totally agree with you that we have other options of Adsense like BuySellAds as you have mentioned already, but a fact that all other programs need good amount of visitors as well as some are not trusted programs.

      So better to go with Google. 🙂

  4. Great Written Article Aman
    Adsense Is Most Trusted and Mostly Used by Bloggers. People Trust Adsense & Its Policy, Works hard to Get Adsense Application to be Approved. And Most Importantly Adsense Is the top Cpc Provider for Click based System 🙂

  5. Hi Aman,

    Nice Article. I recently applied first time for Adsense and Adsense rejected my application with this reasons.

    “Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about.”

    But i didn’t find exact places to tune in my blog.

    Please Tell me what changes i should do in my website so that my next Adsense request will get approved.

    Here is my blog address –
    My blog is 3.5 Months old.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hello Ashish,

      Glad to see your here and appreciate your query. You need to publish more articles on your blog. Try to write more quality and full informative articles on your site.

      Like the message you got rejection message from google, your website needs to have more content. Website is not content rich. So make sure at least 50 articles on your site before applying next time.

      Also read this article before applying for adsense :-

      Let me know if you have any more query..

  6. Hi Aman
    Nice article…Google adsense is the father of all adsense and every blogger try to get its adsense verified with google….!!!
    And its the best source to earn online money…!!

    • Hi Kuldeep,

      Thanks for appreciation and thanks to add some value to the article.

      Yes Google’s Adsense program is the most popular adsense program and every blogger dreams to have it. It is one of the best source of income not the top one… 🙂

  7. Hello Aman,
    It seems that you have done a lot of homework before writing this article. most of us must not be aware of these benefits of google adsense. Thanks for providing valuable information. You are doing an impressive work.

  8. Firstly would like to complement the design of your website which is really good. 🙂
    Secondly about the Adsense you have almost covered each and every point of how is it helpful. Well but one thing which is a bit tough that is to get the approval of adsense for your blog, I mean you need to follow the criterias very strictly and then you are the king.
    Thanks for this share. 🙂


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