Why Network Marketing is the best way to Make Big Money?


There are many ways you will find on this Blog to make big money. But today I will share about Why Network Marketing is one of the best way to Make Big Money, in life?

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing simply is a system where companies don’t spend their money on promotion & advertising of their products & services. Rather they distribute the money among the people who are actual reason for the sale of their product / service. As it’s a common known fact that most of the sales in this world, of any product or service happens due to customer to customer recommendation. That mean before buying anything people consult with people whom they KNOW & they TRUST.

Advertisement or promotion is just a medium to create awareness. It’s not at all the actual reason of the sale of the product or service. Harvard University stat confirms that, it says 85% of sales of any product or service globally happens due to word of mouth recommendation.

Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing

Now this is a Million dollar question. Why Network Marketing? Or why network marketing is the best way to Make Big Money?

My Dear friend there are different ways a person can make money for his bread & butter. Some people do Job, i.e., working for someone else, some get involved in a Self employed business, some become Professionals, like – Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, etc, some get involved in Big Business, like Tata, Ambanis, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc.

Now we all know that people like Tata, Ambanis, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. make big money. But have you ever tried to figure it out WHY? The reason is very simple – because they are having 1000’s of people working for them.

Here the question comes –

(Q) Will any one work free of cost for You?

(A) NO!!

Another question –

(Q) Can you invest millions to have a big set up like them?

(A) Probably not!!

Then how you can expect to make big money? There is no other solution for a common man to make big money in life apart from network marketing. That is why network marketing is so very much important for a common person to make big money. This is not what I am saying. This is being said by one of the top economist & financial advisor in the world – Mr.Robert Kiyosaki. An author of top-selling book at New York Time, book name – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. If you never heard about “Robert Kiyosaki” Google it!!

To me it’s something very simply, or it’s common sense, so I understand & accept that if an individual wants to make big money in life he/she need into network marketing business. Because a common individual cannot invest millions & start a big business.

Here’s the list to Top 100 earners in network marketing, and after seeing this I guess you will be able to understand Why Network Marketing is the best way to Make Big Money in life 😉

How / Why you can Make Big Money with Network Marketing?

Make Big Money

Let’s come straight to the point by taking an example:

If there are 1000 people working in Reliance (for example), the reason Ambani makes big money is – he’s getting the benefit of TIME, EFFORT & SKILL of 1000 people. But obviously, Mukesh Ambani is paying salary to those 1000 people & collectively he is able to compound TIME, EFFORT & SKILL of other people.

Whereas those 1000 people are not able to get any benefit from efforts of other people working within the same organization. Rather those 1000 people get paid on the basis of the Income Equation:

Income = Rate x Time

Rate for an individual is limited. Because he / she cannot gain skills of doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc

Time for an individual is also limited. Because he / she cannot work more than 24 hours in a day.

Hence Income is also Limited, because Limited factor (Rate) x Limited factor (Time) gives Limited results (Limited Income)!!!!

To Conclude

I hope the above information helps you in understanding Why Marketing is the best way to Make Big Money. I can suggest you to get into a good network marketing business with a good company & take it as a 3 – 5 years commitment. Because let me be very clear, by no means I say that you will make big money overnight. It’s not at all get rich quick scheme. Initially it will take some time & effort from your end. But Yes, after few months things become easy & if you work in the right way, you can definitely make big money. I would it’s MASSIVE money, it’s totally unbelievable.

If you have any query regarding the topic or want to share something, Comment Below ….

Wishing You a very $ucce$$ful life ahead 🙂

To Your UnStoppable Success


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  1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
    Aman Bansal says

    Welcome Vineet Gupta to our blog. 🙂

    To be frank your experience as an entrepreneur you have shown here and a perfect guide you have mention in the article for our readers to get more information on money earning. Maximum people on internet think to make money from google, especially bloggers.You can add me too in this category who want to earn big from Google adsense……. 😛

    I hope you come again with some exciting ideas of network marketing to make money.

    1. Avatar of Vineet Gupta
      Vineet Gupta says

      You are welcome Aman for such nice words. And of-course many people look out for different ways to make money, I believe Network marketing is 1 such platform where an individual can make CRAZY & BIG money after initial hard work!

      Thanks to Moneybies Team for allowing me for Guest posting here 🙂

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    work from home says

    I know this web page presents quality dependent articles and other data, is there any other web
    site which presents these kinds of stuff in quality?

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      There are many more websites, which represent the similar data…But they all from different niche.
      No one is stable for only particular one like Online Money Making only. Then after If the website is available, then it has got no rank and not a well define rank.
      I want to know, If you have any more query..!!

      1. Avatar of Vineet Gupta
        Vineet Gupta says

        Rightly said by Vivek!

  3. Avatar of Kiran
    Kiran says

    Why Mukesh Ambani doesn’t start network marketing company to promote and sell his FMCG or other products instead of investing and maintaining huge resources in terms of people, infrastructure, logistic etc??

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      He might have invested.

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