Unique Tips for Deciding your New Product Strategic Pricing


Generally, when a new product launches in the market, there is a lot of discussion occur for deciding the strategic pricing of that product by the company. They simply use the pricing analysis approach of simple customer for making their product effective in pricing terms.

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Basically following factors are considered for deciding pricing a new product-

  • Competitive Pricing of Products
  • Advantages of Other Pricing Products
  • Image of your Company in the Market in Pricing Solutions
  • Capacity of your Targeted Audience / Pricing Management
  • Production Cost of that Product compare to Pricing a new product

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The similar Concept belongs to a customer. He also takes information of any product collectively before buying it. Some customers do this thing for some reasons, and some don’t. Hence it also becomes saving money option for a customer. Here, I have discussed following factors & Steps for serving this pricing purpose. You can decide your product best price with the help of these levels and also you can represent your product in the market effectively.

How to decide your New Product Strategic Pricing Effectively

Effective Levels for Deciding Smart Strategic Pricing of New Product

(1) Use of Pricing Method & Tactics for a Product:

If you are selling something to the customer, then aware customer will surely ask you a question “What is the use of this product?” ,“Where he can utilize this product in his lifestyle?” Now if the product will have full filled the needs of that customer, then customer will surely prefer your brand product except of other brand products.

Also, he will try to know the difference b/w the similar products of 2 or many different brands. Last, if the customer satisfies then he will use this product. So need and awareness of the market is the basic need here for deciding pricing of any product relevant to customer range.


(2) Facility of a Product with Pricing Optimziation and Services:

If there are two companies in the market, which are similar to each other in their products then it becomes like a confusion situation for a customer. Whether he can go to 1st one or the other one. Maximum Customers prefer pricing analysis here with excellent product services.

In this condition, your product should be fully optimized for servicing. Your outlet and service center play the important role here. So you should decide these pricing tactics before pricing your product.

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(3) Competitive Trusted Pricing & Decide who is more Trustful:

If tow companies are serving or offering similar products of one kind then generally customers prefer more trusted company for products. Don’t forget to market your product with trustful customers while setting the pricing of a product!

You have to do work hard for making your value in the market as a trusted authority. After that you can decide smart Strategic Pricing effectively.


(4) Value Based Pricing matters a lot:

When the authority, servicing and all the factors are equal of two common companies then customer decide to purchase the product on the basis of the value based pricing factors. Wherever he founds the low product rate, grabs that product from there. So you should also think upon the point of pricing management.

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Hence, the deciding of a new product pricing is not the up hill task, but you should aware from many factors here like Competive Companies Products, Value of Company in the Market, Pricing Range of the Products & Authority Companies & Products etc. If you seriously follow these all smart pricing strategies then you can easily become an authority in the market. It won’t take the long time for achieving those positions.

So Decide your New Product Strategic Pricing Effectively & describe how your product is different from others??

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