Promotional Banners: Key Elements for an Effective Design


As always, promotional banners are integral elements in every advertising campaign especially if you have an online business. Your design must be able to grab the attention of the readers and make them click your banners to learn more about your products and services. Online businesses these days are actively engaged in a fierce battle to catch customer’s attention. For this reason, you need to come up with banner designs that are not only highly noticeable, but also powerful and striking that will eventually convert clicks into tangible earnings. To help you get started in creating an effective banner design, here are some useful suggestions for powerful promotional banners.

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Make Sure Your Designs Are Appealing

effective strategies for Designing Promotional Banners in Online Marketing.

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There are various elements you can integrate in your promotional banners. For instance, you can incorporate beautiful animations, relevant videos, and catchy music. The only caveat that you need to remember is not to overdo it or your adverts will not be clicked at all. Banners are your advertising tool so you need to learn how to use them correctly. These tools can effectively help you jazz up your marketing and advertising campaigns. Every element in your banner should be studied carefully to make sure that each of the elements will get your desired results.

Avoid False Information

Customers do not want to be deceived, and if you intend to mislead them with false promises and wrong information, your promotional banners will become totally useless. That is why you need to come up with adverts that clearly reflect your company, especially your products and services. Capitalize on what makes your business more unique from other competitors and use this to your advantage. Honesty is still the best policy when it comes to promoting your business. You want to gain the confidence and trust of your potential customers. It is understandable that you want to generate more earnings from your banners but putting false information is surely not an option.


Design with the Reader in Mind

How do you make sure that your customers can clearly get the message in your marketing materials? You can do this by making your adverts understandable. In other words, you should use colours and fonts properly. While it is good to experiment with different colours and font sizes or styles, you also must consider the impact of the elements to your target audience. Your banners should always be clear and readable.


Always Include Call to Action

Call to action is proven effective for online advertising. Your ads should not only attract viewers, but also convince them to do something about your message. A call to action works hand in hand with your images and videos. A time tested strategy is to present an image that would stir up strong emotional response and psychological associations with a particular theme. Then, integrate a convincing call to action. The idea here is to engage your target readers in some sort of dialogue using your promotional banners.


effective mmethods for designing Promotional Banners in Online Marketing

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Fast is a Rule, Not an Option

As with any types of online campaigns, your promotional banners should not take more than one minute to download. Otherwise, you will lose many opportunities for customer engagement.  Do not make your customers wait for a long time just to see your adverts online. This also applies to other platforms like banner stands, display boards, and even outdoor advertising. Make sure that all your promotional tools are immediately visible and readable.


Competition and Satisfaction

To sum up, your efforts in creating promotional banners should always be anchored on two things – competition and customer satisfaction. If you want to be better, take these suggestions seriously and implement them when you design your promotion banners. It is a sure fire way to end up being in the business for a long time.

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  1. Avatar of Mark
    Mark says

    Promotional banner is a great help to promote your business. It is also important to gain your customer’s trust and satisfaction. But when using promotional banner, customers usually look for entertainment that would have big impact in their lives. This is a good post and you got helpful guides.

  2. Avatar of Vivek Jain
    Vivek Jain says

    Hi Mark,
    Surely it’s a fantastic way for promoting any business.
    I totally agree with you here, talking about customer trust and satisfaction.
    More important thing is “Entertainment”.
    Here in India “Entertainment is a key thing for promoting anything”. Audience only wants to see “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment, nothing more than that”
    Well! Thanks for giving your thoughts about promotional banner.
    I wish that you will come back soon at our blog by bringing more twisty comments. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Jenny Williams
    Jenny Williams says

    I perfectly agree on what you have written here, Daniel. Being artistic yet simple, don’t mislead make it understandable and the best, call to action, just remember the Nike ad and it was proven effective as well.

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