7 Affiliate Marketing tips & Strategies to Sell more


tips for Affiliate marketing program and best strategies for beginnersAffiliate Marketing: The Cornerstone for any Business and can be a Quality earning source for anyone. If you have earned any money online or regularly surf Internet than I think you the exact answer of “What the heck is Affiliate Marketing?” But just to revise I will explain this to you in a single line

An affiliate program basically means you get paid when a customer that you refer completes an action. It’s typically CPA advertising — which means that you only get paid per action

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Affiliate Marketing has emerged as one of the most revenue generating method for both the Advertisers and Publishers. This trend is much popular in US and UK and is exponentially growing in developing countries like India. The graph below depicts the actual growth of Affiliate Marketing sector in US.

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affiliate marketing tips for beginners


Many of you might be earning with strategy of Affiliate Marketing or just waiting for the right date to start (like I have done). And in this guide I have taken care for all the online enthusiasts as it covers all basic and advanced tips you need and helps you to become an online entrepreneur as an Affiliate.  Keep reading as these mind blowing tactics you will never found anywhere on the Internet

 7 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips


#1 Affiliate Marketing works for everyone but Best for Bloggers 

If you have a quality Blog, than you are just a way ahead to succeed in Affiliate Industry. You have readers that trust what you write and therefore trust what you sell them. But if you don’t have a blog or a Website than what to do? Scared!!!, But not to worry there are free Article Websites and Forums where you can post an offer with your affiliate link. Just google for it. Must Read- 5 best Free Affiliate Networks for Blogs

#2 Niche- The key Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Your Site niche is very important in promoting products. You can’t sell an insurance package if you have a site on health & Fitness. Sell those products which you may have used lately so that you explain all the pros and cons in a better way. You can also add a snapshot of it. People Frequently ask for any Suggestions if you have an expertise in any field. Solve their queries to gain their trust and helps you to sell.

#3 Hiding the Affiliate Links

When you sign up for any Affiliate Program , you will get a tracking id/link with which you have to promote any product listed on their network and you will get commissions according to the no. of people that have come through this link. But this is not good for user readability as it clearly indicates that you are helping them because you are getting paid for it. And this is what you don’t want. I will show you this with an example. affiliate marketing tips and strategies-hiding links   Both the links will redirect you to the same landing page. This is one of the most important in all the Affiliate Marketing tips especially for Bloggers and site owners. 7 Best Methods to Make Huge Money from a Blog

#4 Relationships Matter

You must respond to any queries someone asks you about the affiliate products. Presell- “the art of selling a product with trust without knowing people that you are actually advertising it” is the key concept behind Affiliate Marketing. You should also be in touch with your Affiliate Marketing Manager (most of the companies provide a personal AM manager for Affiliates) and ask for suggestions that work best for you.  

#5 Where to look for Affiliate Products

There are tons of Websites that provides Affiliate Marketing for Products you want to sell. The most trusted and commonly used are Amazon and Commission Junction. From these, You can choose the type of Products you are interested in and than promote them.  You can also google “affiliate programs in yournichename” and than choose the one which pays a higher commission. Additional Guide:  Complete tutorial on How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program  

#6 Where to Promote your affiliate Links?

As I have mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing works like a charm for Bloggers. You can write a review post of product you are promoting or you can write a target Post for your products. Examples of both types of Posts

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 You can write an article related to your product including your affiliate link and submit it to Blogs and article directories like Ezine Articles. Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Tumblr can help to spread your product to Wider Audience. You can also research for online forums in your niche that accepts Affiliate links.  

#7 Offer Coupons and Discounts-

The most common Marketing Strategy to gain more leads and sales for any product is to offer Coupon codes and Discounts. People always love offer products that can save money. To make instant money with Affiliate Marketing you should spread your product online with a Coupon code and an attractive offer to give them a valid discount.  

Hope you have enjoyed reading the Article. Feel free to ask any Queries or Problems you are facing related to Affiliate Marketing. To get the other Important updates regarding the Best Practices and networks for Affiliate Marketing, Subscribe to our Newsletter.

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    Some nice tips mentioned here by you. Offering coupons and discount is the thing that is working well for me. Will stress on other things too. Thanks for sharing.

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    hello vipul i dont have a blog at this time i want to create one can you please tell me how to make a blog and earn with affiliate marketing.

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
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      First choose the theme on which you wan to write articles about. This is the most imp part so think about it twice

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    I love the coupon tip, I can see why that would work

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