How Can I Get Emergency Cash Fast if an Unexpected Bill Came Up?


Only 39% of consumers can handle a $1,000 unplanned expense. The rest don’t have savings or emergency funds to dip into.

If you’re the latter, you must find ways to cover a financial emergency. How can you come up with cash in a short amount of time? Keep reading to find out how and where to get emergency cash.

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Reach Out to Your Friends and Family

In an emergency, it can be a hassle to prepare the necessary documents to apply for a loan. Turn to your friends and family first since they’re usually willing to lend a hand.

However, it can be uncomfortable for both parties. Make sure you work out your repayment plan to avoid having issues. Some would lend emergency money without interest, but others might.

Get a Credit Card Cash Advance 

If you have a credit card, try taking out a cash advance. To do this, you must have an available balance on your card.

You’ll have to think about this option twice since cash advances have transaction fees. It’s a set percentage of the whole amount, and it can be costly. The interest fees are higher, as well.

It’s a great short-term solution for your immediate emergency cash needs. 

Apply for an Emergency Cash Loan

Emergency loans can come as a short-term personal loan or a payday loan. Both options can dispense your borrowed amount in as quick as under 24 hours. Some personal loans might take two or three days.

Take note of the interest rate of the emergency personal loan even if you’re in a hurry. Some offer single-digit interest rates, but others may go up to 35%. The better your credit score is, the better deal and payment terms you can get.

Payday loans are your last resort. They often have outrageous interest rates and short repayment terms. You must also do your research since some lenders run scams.

These can have interest rates of over 600%. If you’re sure you can pay off the loan in 14 days, this option might serve your purpose.

Look For Other Sources of Income

You don’t want to take out a loan? You might have to sell some belongings to get quick cash. This option is not as fast as the others, but it won’t leave you in debt. 

You can also look for other ways to earn money. The Money Well app, for example, offers additional income for playing games. 

Get Emergency Cash Now

The unfortunate reality is many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. As such, they’ll have to borrow money to cover emergency expenses. Fortunately, the methods above can give instant emergency cash.

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