How to Earn Money by Surfing Websites-Get Paid to Surf Internet

What if I tell that whenever you browse Internet to surf different Websites and at the same time some money is added to your account, without doing anything then I believe you will definitely think that I’m Insane. At first, t seems to be a crazy thing (at-least to me), but indeed it is a good way to earn. Get Paid to Surf Program is what I will actually detail out in this article.You can do it all day long and you never get bored as you are doing nothing. Just have to regularly surf the Internet!

earn money by surfing websites get paid to surf internet

As I assume, you definitely had tried many methods so that you can earn money just by sitting at your home. Make Money Online is one of the viral Keywords now-a-days. Many people are trying different things online. Some are making a website to Earn(like me) while others choose Uploading Videos on YouTube to Generate Money. Both of these tasks requires some extra Knowledge, patience and driving traffic to these is a much complex task. Some end up earning nothing while other make a passive income Online. With the evolution of Paid to surf Programs in 2000’s, millions of people had opted this because of its simplicity and reliability. And a large group of people get paid to Surf the Internet just by sitting at their home. So now I think you definitely want to know more about this Online Money Making Idea.

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How you can Get Paid to Surf  Internet

Get paid to Surf works on a small Business Model known as “Pay to Surf (PTS)Program”. First You have to sign up for an PTS Company/Website. Then they will provide a small software(also known as a Viewbar) which is to be installed on your Computer.Then the ads that are displayed on the Websites are replaced by the Advertiser Company ads. “Viewbar” is used so that you can only see Banner ads that are related to your searches. And now you earn money by Surfing Websites easily. Simple as it seems

In addition to this, these company’s also provides a referral system with which you can earn fast. Different Websites have different Referral Network criteria.

Best Paid to Surf Websites:

Topline is great Website which pays you maximum among all other Site. You first need to register then you are given a plugin that you have to Download and login with that. The minimum cashout is 10$ . You will approximately earn .75$ for every 1000 points.


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  1. IS there any legit WEBSITES. this one has LOADS of links to PAY NOW for membership based sites. LET break it down you make money for me coming here (THIS SITE) then i pay you again for going to these so called MONEY making sites.. but ALL of them require you to PAY something to get Access. if this Ads surveys etc money what am i paying for free stuff?? try to find something legit and stick with THE pyramid schemes that i wouldnt mind doing if i got some money from these sites…

    totally the web become infected with BS sites

  2. I wish to make some money onine.Already working on clixsense.
    I want to know which all legit sites are giving money for viewing ads while surfing…..Could you mail me??? Thanks a bunch .


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