Where to Sell Luxury Items Online & Make Money from it?


If you look around your house, you might actually be surprised at how much money some things are worth! Rare, vintage, and luxury goods can be sold for some serious cash. Perhaps it’s an old leather handbag once owned by your grandmother, or an old Rolex passed down from generation to generation, or maybe even an old car that’s been sitting in a garage for years. There are many things that can earn you a nice profit if you’re willing to part ways with them.

So, after you’ve done some research on how much some vintage or luxury items are worth, if you think you’re ready to sell then be sure to take a look at these websites! It’s not just through online competitions where you can make money. Put an advert online to sell a luxury item and you could be rolling in cash soon enough.


sell luxury items onlineRolex and Omega aren’t the only big watch brands; there are so many sought-after brands that can earn you a pretty penny if you sell. If you have a vintage watch simply sitting in a drawer which has been manufactured by a company like Breitling, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, or Cartier, then you might want to think about dusting it off and see how much you can get for it online! As you can see here on Chrono24, brands like Tissot have watches going for close to $3,000, so if you put up your watch on the site, then you have the potential to earn just as much if your watch is exclusive or very fancy.


sell luxury items onlineOf course, a car is something that is harder to lose track of than jewelry or clothing. But likewise, many people don’t quite know the value of older cars. Even if they appear a bit worse for wear, many buyers are open to restoring the vehicle to its former glory and will still pay a lot for a car. That said, luxury cars from Audi to Ferrari to Mercedes-Benz will likely be worth a great deal, so if you have one in good condition, then try to sell it on Global Autosports and see what you can get. Ford Mustangs, for example, are incredibly popular and sell for anything from $17,000 to nearly $200,000.

Everything else!

Those two sites are great for watches and cars respectively because they have their own dedicated fans who prefer to only buy from them. Plus, some buyers simply like to stick to websites they’ve been before and are familiar with. However, there is one marketplace where it’s possible to sell luxury goods to anyone in the entire world, and that’s eBay. You might have a luxury item that isn’t specific like a watch or car, but instead a random items such as handbags, bracelets, shoes, or leather jackets. If that’s the case, you might find that it’s better to sell everything online at once on eBay. Exact prices are hard to state, but if it’s possible, see what other items similar to yours are selling for and try to set it around the same.

Top Tips

Here is some quick advice about selling items when putting up an advert:

  • Be as descriptive as possible. If there is a scratch or blemish, then be honest. It won’t do you any good to hide facts.
  • Take a lot of high-quality pictures in good lighting. No one will want your item if they can barely see it!
  • Put a fair price that’s on-par with the current market. We all want to make a profit, but be realistic about how much you’re selling the luxury item for.

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