Millennial Money Blogs Will Make You Financially Responsible


Millennial is the term often loosely used to signify the generation of people born between the ’80s and late 90s.

So, a millennial is one who probably remembers the early ages of Family Guy and tuned into Nickelodeon on weeknights for a daily dose of Hey Arnold! He or she was already around when the Spice Girls dominated billboards and before the Kardashians got famous. If you are a millennial, that means you grew up with some form of media throughout your life. 

Exposure to media likely resulted in a childhood that hardly got boring. However, it also means that you have consumed more advertisements than your parents. Most likely, those ads were not necessarily good for you nor your wallet. The more you saw products promoted by celebrities, the more easily enticed you became.

milennials earn money Millennial Money Blogs Will Make You Financially Responsible

As a result, you ended up with too many unnecessary purchases. 

Take a look at your finances today. Do you have a savings account with a fair balance and a good credit score? Can you afford to live self-sufficiently? If the answer is no, then perhaps it is a good idea for you to check out a Millennial Money Blog. Here are some reasons why. 

Financial Literacy Marks the Era of Adulthood 

As a millennial, you should at least be in your early 20’s by now. That means you are a full-fledged adult in every sense of the word. You can legally drive, drink alcohol, and gamble at casinos. You have crossed the great divide between your teenage years and early adulthood, which now comes with a new set of responsibilities. 

If you have never learned how to manage money early on in life, then the sudden fiscal freedom of adulthood may throw you off. With a job, you have the financial ability to purchase higher-end things, travel, and afford upscale enjoyments.

However, if you are not careful about how you spend money, then you can find yourself just as broke as you were in college. Except your parents are less likely to help you this time. 

That is why being financially-literate is beneficial at this stage of your life. Your early adulthood marks a time where you have the least fiscal obligations despite earning money, so it is wise to save as much as possible. 

That does not mean to say that you should completely cut yourself off of the joys of young adulthood. It only means that a sense of responsibility towards money will allow you to enjoy luxuries without overindulging, and save for the future at the same time. 

Millennial Blogs Understand You the Most 

Reading financial literacy blogs can be a chore because they do not cater to you and your demographic cohort. Each generation comes with preferences, conveniences, lifestyles, and trends that can only be understood by contributors born in the same era.

So, if you are looking for engaging and relatable content that may directly critique your spending habits, read a Millennial Money Blog. 

For instance, articles about saving money on food may include quick recipes, which are perfect for fast-paced and always on-the-go millennials. Self-employment and freelancing are also famous job descriptions of your generation.

Financial Responsibility is a Habit 

Finally, know that no matter how much you read, your finances will remain a black hole until you have established the will to be responsible. You can be financially-literate but broke at the same time, so understand that making smart money choices is done through habit. Take what you have read from millennial money blogs and apply them to your situation. 

You can start by doing little things, like thinking twice before making a purchase or cutting down on food spending. Eventually, you will spend money meaningfully and learn how to invest and grow your wealth.

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