Transcription Jobs for Beginners : Everything you want to know

transcription jobs

Home-based transcription jobs allow people to make money without any experience or training. It takes time and practice to get a real job, however, the pay and flexibility of a transcription job can be equally rewarding for you. Transcription jobs for beginners is generally an audio typing activity in which recording of conversations is documented.  You don’t have to be a skilled typist in order to get a transcription job. All you need to do is listen to an audio and transform it into words. Many companies have requirement of transcription job, especially for beginners. So if you can listen properly and type accurately, then you can surely get a good transcription job.

What kinds of transcription job are available?

Demand for transcriptions jobs is growing due to more audio content available online. Various audio and video sessions are recorded at different events, meeting or conferences and require necessary skills of a transcriber in order to transform them into words. There are various types of transcription jobs available like below mentioned.

  1. Transcribing journalist interviews of actors and musicians.

  2. Interviews of elderly parents

  3. Academics and student interviews

  4. Phone counseling sessions

  5. International conference presentations and speaker notes

  6. Questions presented in conferences and meetings

  7. Discussion panels of research marketing companies

  8. Podcasts of speakers, presenters, and group discussions can be provided to listeners

  9. Role plays learning transcriptions that could be presented for academics

  10. Teleseminars discussions and questions

transcription jobs for beginners

Am I suited for transcription work?

If you are a beginner and looking for transcription job then you don’t have to worry about anything. Transcription job requires can be a good start as a home-based work. In essence, it is about having the skills like how fast you type? How careful are you while listening? How good you are with using Word features such as autocorrect? All these necessary skills will help you get good transcription jobs for beginners.

transcription jobs for beginners

Can I make money doing a transcription?

If you are looking to make some extra money online then transcription jobs for beginners are worth trying for. You don’t have to be a typing master and you will be paid to transcribe audio files into words. Yes. This kind of work exists and gives you freedom to work like a freelancer, decide your working hours and work as much as you want every day. Like any other freelance job, transcription jobs offers can be a necessary kick start then you need to become a transcription professional. So if you are a beginner with limited skills and in search to make money online then choose a general transcription job.

transcription jobs

How do I get transcription jobs Online?

There are various sources available online from where you can get good transcription jobs for beginners. Some of the online sources are mentioned below.

  1. Get Transcribed – the company offers work from home opportunity for reviewers and transcribers. You can make average money around $0.12 per audio minute as a reviewer and $0.23 per audio minute. The money can be transferred to a PayPal account. Once you have minimum $100 in your account, you can request for funds.
  2. AccuTran Global – the company offers a good part time opportunity for beginners. You need to have a PayPal account and good understanding of English language.
  3. Casting Words – it is yet another online opportunity for starters. For a good quality audio, you can get $0.6 and $1.20 for bad quality audio transcription.
  4. Transcribe Me – the website offers a range of opportunities for beginners with no experience. It can be a great work for those people who have a good hold on the English language. You can get paid via PayPal at around $20 per hour.
  5. Transcribe Team –You can login to transcribe team and start working remotely from home. You can get paid at around $0.45 per audio minute.
  6. Appenscribe –You need to pass two tests in order to start working as Appenscribe. The website is open to international candidates and one can earn at around $0.005 per word.
  7. Daily Transcription – You can get a range of jobs at daily transcription such as legal, corporate and entertainment related transcription files.
  8. Scribie – You can transcribe new projects and earn quick money using Scribie. New projects are regularly updated and open for international candidates.


Transcription jobs are one of the most popular part-time jobs. Most companies don’t hire full-time transcription agents and instead look for freelancers who can use their audio-typing skills to create transcription documentations. If you are looking to learn more work from home related opportunities and earn money online then visit our more web pages.

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