How to Make Money with Online Competitions?


You might have heard of people winning money and prizes by entering online competitions. Have you ever thought how it works?

More than anything, you need a tad bit of luck to get prizes in online competitions. But luck isn’t everything. You have to cleverly distinguish between fake and real competitions to make your time worth spending for.

In this article, you are going to know how to make money with online competition. So, Let’s get started!

make money with online competitions

Make Money with Online Competitions

You may be looking for the best online competitions here. Yeah, we do have a list below. But above all, I want you to know some basic things before you enroll in any competitions.

What do You Need?

You should arrange a few things before you jump into any competition pages. They are listed below.

  • First, you have to create a new email address, preferably on a provider you don’t use so that you can avoid logging in and out multiple times. The competition conductors are going to send you many promotional emails. I know you don’t want to make your primary email inbox clumsier.
  • If you want to make some significant amount of money, you should set some target, not for the amount of money you earn, but for the number of contests you take part (let’s say, 30 per week).
  • And, I recommend you spend specific hours every day. If you set it as 4 hours a day, you must ensure that you spend the entire time to taking part in competitions. Not more, not less

How to Distinguish between Coal and Gold?

As stated earlier, there are both genuine and fake online competitions. Apparently, a genuine one doesn’t make you feel the time spent isn’t worthy enough. On the contrary, fake ones make you wander around aimlessly.

The primary point to ponder in online competitions is never go for a brand you doesn’t know. You don’t have to hesitate for enrolling into the contests of companies you trust or at least heard of.

In case you see a competition asking for a registration fee, it is a sign for you to leave the scene straight away. You shouldn’t pay for registering to online competitions. If you do, you will most probably regret it.

What are Some Genuine Online Competitions?

online competitions to earn moneyI know you were waiting for this. In this section, you are going to read some online competitions where you can cash in on your leisure time from.

GoodtoKnow Competitions: – GoodtoKnow is an online magazine that simultaneously runs multiple online competitions. You need to select an answer for a fairly easy question and provide them with a mode communication (email is preferred).

Free Postcode Lottery: – As the name indicates, you get paid based on your postcode. Every noon, they will publicize an eligible postcode. If you are from a location having the same code, you can achieve 700 Euros.

ThePrizeFinder:- ThePrizeFinder is a platform of online contests. Tons of competitions are going live every day on their site. The requirements of contests differ from each other. Being a dedicated site for contests, TPF helps you track the ones you joined and provides you with necessary guidelines as well.

NeilsenNetRatings:- NeilsenNetRatings doesn’t want you to anything in particular. You have to sign up for it and install their software on your computer. You will get enrolled into the contest with prizes valuing over 30000 Euros this year. The longer you keep the software on your computer, the better chances are there for you to win.

CompersNews:- Do you think you have got a pinch of creativity that you can concisely explain ideas in a rhythmic fashion? Then, you can try joining CompersNews’s online slogan creation competition. They give away cash and other prizes for the winning slogans.

Loquax:- Loquax is another online competition portal you can sign up for free. The website contains different ways for you to make money and earn prizes. You may have to check their community forum to get the details about the new competitions.

A Few Tips to Win

  • In order to save your time, you should save a word document on your computer containing all your information, contact methods, etc.
  • You can create an excel file with the details and URLs of all the contests you enter. It will help you track the results without wandering around.
  • If the competition allows, you must enter multiple times. Make sure it is allowed because in some contests multiple entries go invalid.
  • Difficult contests have fewer entrants. So, you have the best chance to win as you enter.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for?

You have got some tips, methods, and online competition sources to begin with. Go ahead and try your luck. Stick to your schedule. All the best.

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