$100 Daily From DropServicing Without Skills (Full Guide)


This is one of the smartest businesses to do and anyone can do this business and make more money than $100 a day. DropServicing is not so popular because lots of business owners and agencies don’t want you to know this business, But I reveal all the steps and give you a guide for starting this business.

You just need to stay here and read all, If you are not an action taker then don’t read my story because I don’t want an audience that does not take action and just consumes content and goes to the next page without reading the whole article.

You Need to take action and I will give you all possible ways to do Dropservicing so Don’t worry and read and implement this process step by step.

Pick a Niche (Dropservicing)

Picking a niche is very important in any business because working on random projects can lead to distraction and lack of success. Therefore, it is essential to choose a niche for your business.

When selecting a niche, it’s recommended to choose a trending and high-paying niche because if you want to make a good income, you need to attract high-paying clients for high-paying services

High paying service means you can choose like webdevlopment, app development, SEO, video editing, and software services.

If you have good knowledge in some specific sector then go with it because it helps in getting clients easily.

So, Pick a niche and go to the next step to start dropservicing-

Make a Website for the Service

After picking what you want to sell then think about the name for the website it can be your name or your agency’s name, just choose a name and make logo, banner, and posters.

If you want to attract bigger clients, it’s better to establish yourself as an agency rather than as an individual. Agencies tend to receive higher pay compared to individual freelancers

For starting a website you need to get hosting and for hosting you can choose BLUEHOST because it is cheap and has multiple features. In Bluehost, you can get a free domain for 1 year and an SSL certificate. so go and get hosting for it and claim a free domain.

After getting web hosting you need to set up and make a website for your business. The website should be 2 pages because you need to get clients not make content or other stuff.

Just install WordPress in web hosting and select the basic theme template and edit using elementor plugin, elementor is free and I will give you a video using this video you can edit the website and make it yours.

Using this video you can make your landing page in 30 minutes. when it is done you can go the next step.

If you don’t want to invest in Hosting then you can try systeme.io to make a free landing page for getting client details.

It’s so simple to use and you can easily make a landing page for your business and add a contact form using systeme.io

Make Social Media Pages (for your dropservicing business)

The second step is to become active on all social media platforms. You can create accounts on Instagram, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and update your bio with your website link so that clients can find you more easily and trust you.

In any business people need to trust and if you are trustworthy then make a good connection with clients and serve them the best work.

After creating social media accounts, you need to start posting content and connect with people around you by following them. Having followers and connections can help establish trust with potential clients

After setting up all your social media accounts, the next step is to start collecting freelancers that you want to work with. Start by asking for their portfolios and past work, and once you have a bunch of portfolios, you can evaluate and choose the best freelancers to work with Getting Clients

Now that you have a portfolio, landing page, or social media network, you need to find clients for your agency. To get clients, you need to understand and utilize different methods.

There are many methods to find clients, such as cold emailing, Facebook DMs, ads, group hangouts, LinkedIn outreach, Twitter outreach, Instagram cold DMs, and more.

Now that we have discussed all the platforms for sending cold direct messages, you can choose one of them to find customers. To find customers, you can start by researching your competitors and seeing where they get their customers from.

To find customers on Instagram, you can use the search function and find pages related to your niche. Then, you can follow people who follow those pages. For example, if you are in the video editing niche, you can easily find customers on Instagram by sending cold direct messages (DMs). Many people need someone to edit their reels, so you can reach out to those reel creators

for web development, you can find customers on Facebook. on FB you can find groups about web development or business groups where people hang out and want to a service related to web development.

Don’t directly send DMs because they can block you or not trust you so for getting trust you need to post valuable information about web development or any niche then people can contact you directly.

You need to get more clients on outreach from facebook or Instagram then send them to your website for getting trust and book a meeting with them if it is a big project.

Cold emailing is also a great way to find clients. You can find potential clients on Facebook or any website, and send them emails about your services. However, make sure to write genuine emails instead of spammy ones. If you’re unsure about how to write a good email, you can use Chat-GPT to generate an email template


Now if you get a client just make sure you know what is rate going on with this service and you are charging higher because you are an agency not a freelancer.

So, ask the freelancer what they charge for their services. For example, if they charge $400 for a website, you can charge around $700 to $1000 per website with your client. However, make sure the work is as good as a $1000 service. I know that many people have talent and can provide great service at a lower price. If you are getting clients from the US and outsourcing the work to freelancers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Nigeria, it can be a significant opportunity for those freelancers.

Additionally, outsourcing work to freelancers in different categories can help you attract higher-paying clients. Some freelancers may be experts in their services, but they may not know how to find clients or sell their services effectively. Providing them with work and paying them a fair price, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

To not getting fraud you can ask for half payment and then half after work is done with this you can be safe and then deliver work to your client and give feedback from him and use this feedback on your website or social media pages.

Reviews are most important and connection is also more important if you make a good connection with your client and freelancer then in the long run you can get more clients from your existing client.

If you give them the best service then it will give reference to other people and you can make more money.

You can repeat this process and in the long run, you can hire freelancers to do work for you and make your agency more bigger and better.

“In some cases, you can also earn money by suggesting products. For example, if you are in the web development niche, you can provide an affiliate link to your client and earn a commission from it. This is also a great option for making extra money

Thanks for reading this article this time I tried to deliver more in-depth and more value if you like this then follow for more such types of content.

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