What are the Best Tactics for Republishing your Blog Content and Earn more Revenue?


If you have been trying your hand on the blogging for a while, then we are sure, there will be few blogs, which will be close to your heart and thus, you would want to update them & republish them. Just like the “Old wine in the new bottle”.  Contentmart has always been encouraging the writers and bloggers and hence, we are here again to give you some tips, which may be helpful for you to republish your old blogs.

republishing blog content

Identify your trending blogs:-

Well, well, this is quite simple, isn’t it? In order to identify your most popular or trending blogs, just keep a watch on the traffic on the particular blog. Take last two or three months as a time frame to identify as far as your popular blog is concerned. When you make the editing in such a trending article, it gets easier to attract the viewers of that blog.  You can even identify the famous blog by the number of shares the blog has generated on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Once, you identify such post; use the same URL for the post even after updating the same. If you publish the additional article on the same blog, then search engines can identify the same as a duplicated version. Hence, it is always better to keep the same URL.

Focus on content relevancy and keywords:-

While editing or doing the changes in the article, you need to ensure that content and the flow of the content is maintained in the appropriate manner. At the same time, try to maintain the same keywords in the blog. If you want to change the title, or content to a certain extent, do not change it drastically. Maintain the relevance of the same. Also, put the similar keywords that help to find your blog in an easier manner.

Focus on content accuracy:-

There may be a time, when the older content may not be relevant, delete such contents. Replace the old statistics with the updated one. Remove the out-dated copy (if any). If any new practices have immerged, replace the same with older one.

Blog’s Meta description:-

Is your blog’s Meta description appropriate? Or it needs the rework?  Make the Meta description of your blog as catchy as possible.  It should be the reflection of the content of your post. The Meta Description affects to a greater extent when the viewer derives from search results.

Hit the republish button:-

Once, your blog is updated, it is then time to republish the same. There are some blogging soft-wares that automatically notify to the subscriber of the old post. Even, you can set a date and time in such a manner that notifies the exact time for your post to go live. Once, the post is republished, you can keep a close eye on the before-after performance of it to improvise.

  1. Avatar of Joshua oswell
    Joshua oswell says

    Republishing your blog post is important because most readers would pick the most recent blog post from search engine result. So if your top ranking blog post has a date of several years ago, most readers would skip over it and choose another search result.

  2. Avatar of Chandra
    Chandra says

    Thanks Vipul for this tip.. Can we also change the slug of the article if its is needed.

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      Sure, you can do that

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