Cash for Images: Know how to Make Money with Shutterstock


“The good, the best and the arsenal of images, is on Shutterstock”

For all the photo geeks, photographers, paparazzo or the camera maniacs, Shutterstock seems to be the slang, where every hustle that revolves around ‘images’, happens. The tech world where nowadays talk is about the outer space, Artifical Intelligence and robots, there exists a requirement, a necessity for all kind of collaterals that’s needed in the digital sphere.

images to make money with shutterstock

Source Credit: National Geographic

The b2b image marketplace as we all know provides a reliable platform for both the buyers and sellers to transact. The customer account will pay for the required images and contributors section, is where the process of making money with Shutterstock starts.

earn money with shutterstockWhat Kind of Content can be contributed to Shutterstock?

Footage: HD  video content, including location-based, driving shots, green screen

Images: Local, authentic images that include cityscapes, families, landmarks

Vectors: Icons, textured backgrounds or illustrations.

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The awe-inspiring content that sells are

  • Images that show “authenticity.”
  • Images that show local culture
  • Images with distinct variations for the same shoot
  • Images that can’t be found anywhere else.

As a newbie, how much you will earn?

Your earning will depend on the lifetime income bracket in which you are a contributor on Shutterstock. For every image that is downloaded by the member, you will get $0.25 for the uploaded picture. Below is the breakup of the complete payment Structure-


Monthly Subscriber Image(most popular) $0.25
On Demand Image (Sml/Med) $0.81
On Demand Image (Any Size) $1.88
Individual Image / Enhanced License Image 20%
Footage Clip 30%

make money with shutterstock*As your lifetime earnings increase, the amount you earn per download increases, too.

Payment Cycle and Preferred payment method

As discussed above, Shutterstock can be an awesome source to make money by selling photos. You can get paid either by Paypal, Skrill or Bank Check. The minimum payout for the electronic payment is $75 while for check it is $300. Payments are calculated on the 1st of every month and are paid after 2 weeks.

“Shutterstock serves customers from 150+ countries and has paid over $350 million to our contributors.”

The tricks to earn, a little more

  • Use 25 to 45 accurate keywords, and customize them for every image as much as possible.
  • Make your titles and descriptions unique.
  • Your image must have quality lighting, focus and composition to avoid rejection.
  • Think about concepts and feelings or more like an image buyer while uploading

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Well, I hope I have initiated the spark to showcase your creativity and the gist of how to make money with Shutterstock is clearly defined. Do let us know if you are facing any challenges or success stories you have in the comments section below.

Contributing is fun. And turning your creativity into cash, well, it just makes sense. Why wait? Join Now

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