How to Sell your Art Online – Infographic


The annual report of the art insurance company Hiscox suggests that despite a decrease in global art auction sales in 2015, the online art market grew an estimated 24% in that year. In fact, online art sales are at their peak.

This growth of online art market is fuelled by the expansion of a number of online platforms. The internet makes it possible for buyers to efficiently connect with marketplaces and auctions all over the world by breaking down geographical barriers. The abundance of unique  art, in addition to the ease of research and acquisition, makes online platforms an obvious choice for collectors eager to pursue their discovery and purchasing journeys in the most efficient way possible.

Although the online art market is attractive to many, there are still challenges to consider. The biggest challenge is not being able to inspect the physical work.


Making money with art on the internet is not easy. Some people seem to be very good at it while other artists idly sit by and wonder how do they do it.  But, those who commit to starting today regularly promoting art in the right places, and building their online presence, have a better chance eventually finding success.


The following infographic will provide a sneak peek into the ways to succeed in online art sales:

sell your art online make money


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