Unique Ways on How you can Sell your Art Online


To create a work of art, you need talent, but to make money out of art, you might just need a smooth internet connection. Lots of people are earning from it. Are you?

Natasha Wescoat is a young artist who produces colourful and powerful pieces of work. Along with that, she is also a tech-savvy young lady. She is one of those rare artists who jumps online regularly, only to make more than $50,000, only by selling her art online.

sell art online and make money

Like Natasha, there are millions of artists who make a decent amount only by selling their artworks online. Having resources to different sites and social media websites, each of these artists not only has charted a career out of what they love, but has actually been quite successful in making some big bucks. If you too are an artist and want to make money with your forte, check out below how to sell art online and make big money out of it.

AmazonBeing currently the largest directory with respect to online stores, Amazon has also turned itself into one of the most popular and the largest retailers. By creating a massive platform, Amazon has made it a lot easier for literally anyone, to make money out of selling anything. In this large e-commerce site, to sell your art, and to ensure maximum bid, apart from putting your works online, you need to stay connected with the other present artists in your respective industry. Amazon is also available in most of the countries; which makes your art visible and open for sale on a global platform.

eBay Next to Amazon is eBay, yet another huge online platform that can help you to sell your art online. Being the largest auction site, eBay has a separate art section wherein you can sell your art absolutely easily. From folk art primitives to textile art, eBay includes almost every possible genre to ensure a thriving art online business.

ArtPal– Being completely free along with no membership fees, ArtPal is yet another hit-point that you definitely must check out if you are looking for ways to sell your art online. It is a fast growing gallery that encourages buying and selling of art pieces. You can receive around 95% to 100% of your sale price. What’s more? You can even sell your originals and can also use their Print on Demand service which is absolutely free of cost.

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Artsy– Artsy is a massive online gallery that seeks to make art reachable to almost anyone. Selling uncountable works of art from thousands of artists, scattered in every part of the globe, Artsy makes the idea to sell your art online perfectly possible. Featuring 350,000 images, including historical, modern as well as contemporary genres, Artsy ensures that any good piece of art gets its deserved price.

Artist Rising-Offering both free as well as premium account, Artist Rising is an online platform that brings forth thousands of artists under its head. With more than 70,000 registered artists, offering over 400,000 artwork, Art Rising includes multiple genres like architecture, beach, fashion and places, thereby letting almost every kind of artist to make some real online business.

Art Fire– If you are an artist who excels in crafts and other kinds of handicraft items, Art Fire has to be your destination. From handmade jewelry to shoe bags, anything that’s homemade can be easily sold in Art Fire. Setting the most reasonable rates, you can also ensure a bigger global online market that deals with more than just one kind of art.

ArtPlodeIf you want to know how to sell your art online with no commission lagging behind, Artplode should be your thing. Under Artplode galleries, you can easily find multiple dealers, collectors and artists listing their multiple pieces of art. From Russian art to pop art and from surrealism to digital, ArtPlode lets you sell your art online with prices ranging from $50 to even a whopping $4000.

So, this was the ultimate list of sites with the help of which you can easily sell your art online. Check out each of them and tell us below which one would you personally prefer.

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    Maureen McCarthy says

    Great post!
    Thanks for including Artplode http://www.artplode.com where artists galleries dealers and collectors can sell art with no commission charged.
    Just want to correct something regarding prices of artworks for sale on Artplode. Artworks must be priced at US$1000 + on Artplode. Currently we have nearly US$10m in artworks for sale including pieces priced at US$250,000 +.

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