The gist list of all Household Products that can be rented for Money


Who probably doesn’t love earning some extra bucks! Of course, launching a brand new business can sound quite lucrative but it also calls for ample patience and most importantly quite a good deal of time. So what’s the catch? Earning extra money with the help of general household stuff!

There are practically loads of household products that you can easily hoard for rent. Of course, there are certain legalities associated with some of them, but there are also certain easy-to-find items under your refuge that can be easily put up for rent.

With that being said, without much delay, let’s check out some of these money-yielding household stuff.

  • clothes to run to make moneyClothing

Okay, so your wardrobe is already packed with your special yet unused wedding gown, that’s been lying “unused” since ages? Or with clothes that have now turned loose or short because of your current diet or simply because your angel has grown all big? What if you can rent them out instead of getting totally rid of them by selling!

With websites like Date My Wardrobe, Style Lend and Rentez Vous renting clothing is now starkly becoming an industry in itself. Borrowers of your clothes are completely responsible for cleaning as well as returning the rented item. And if they don’t, the respective site includes a typical reimbursement policy. Prices for each site may, however, vary from around $25 to around $45 per week, based on the clothes that you want to rent out.

  • Real Estate

Factors Aspects trends and Prospects related to Investment in real estateRenting out any kind of real estate property is probably one of the most common easy money making ideas. With sites like Airbnb, Homestay, Venue Lust and Glamping, you can rent out more than just your apartment. As for example, Venue Lust lets you rent out your home or any kind of property for weddings and parties. On the other hand, Glamping lets you rent out your land especially for camping purposes.

People who don’t like staying in motels like budget travelers and backpackers, often check out for this option, which can eventually become a win-win situation for both the parties. You can either rent out a part of your apartment or whole of it. However, your earning completely depends on several factors like your location and the kind of property you’re renting out. So. don’t get surprised if your mileage varies.

  • Camera Equipment

camera for rentingGoes without saying how cameras and their equipment can dig a deep hole in your pockets. However, borrowing them on rent can be a feasible option for camera freaks. If you got any unused or spare camera equipment, considering them to haul for some extra cash can be a wise option.

Sites like Kit Splits help you avail this feature by offering a complete peer-to-peer community for both photographers and videographers. You need to post the gear online and can earn up to $22,464 in just a year. Of course, the earning may vary depending on the kind of equipment and its demand that it has in your city.

Worrying if your gear comes back hampered? Stay relaxed! One of the best parts of these sites is that they also provide insurance in case your equipment is damaged or gets stolen. As for example, Kit Splits reports the authorities regarding any kind of theft. Not just that, it also completely replaces your respective gear. In fact, to prevent any such mishap, they conduct a pre-screening of their respective renters.

  • Transportation

  • Cars

All thanks to companies like Uber and Ola that has made communication so easy and so fast. But did you know that you can also earn some extra income with their help? Yes, it’s possible! All you need to have is a car (in good working condition) and some amount of time for certain legal formalities.

Apart from these companies, you also have other online services like RelayRides, Drivy, Social Car and GetAround. They basically let you rent out your spare car to those who need it. According to the respective company policy, you get to take back 75% or 60% of the car’s rental prices, extra mileage prices and can enjoy insurance policies. Click here to know more about how Car Renting can help you make money? 

rent out your car

  • Bikes/Bicycles

No, it’s not just cars! You can also rent out your unused bikes as well. Some of the online services that help you rent out your bicycles include Spinlister, and Spokefly . All you require is to list your bike on these sites along with certain details like photos. You shall soon receive a list of renters. Approve an ideal one. After confirming and paying you, the renter picks up the bike. When the ride is complete, you are paid. Simple!

Sites like Spinlister and Spokefly also provide you protection against mishaps like stolen or damaged bikes. However, while some of these sites let you fix the price, others like Spokefly set the respective prices all by themselves.

Based on your location and of course, your ride, the prices are bound to vary. However, approximately, bikes can be rented out from $3 an hr to even a chunky $100 per day. Indeed a nice money to earn from stuff that has been staying idle back in your garage!

  • Parking Spots

Got an idle parking space? Make some bucks with it by listing it out on Just Park. Choose your schedule including details like date, week or month and earn easy bucks, after a certain percentage is cut off by the respective site as commission. Depending on your location, you can easily earn from around few extra bucks to even $50 per day.

  • Handbag

“I own just one handbag!” Never said any woman. So what can be done with those extras? Simply rent them out! With sites like Arm Gem, you can easily share your spare bags for some extra cash. You may, however, have to fill up a certain membership form, but doing so lets you rent out or borrow a beautiful handbag. So, why miss it!

  • Jewellery

Weddings are especially known for its entire extravaganza, wherein gorgeous jewellery plays a vital role. Bridal or occasional wear jewellery is something that mostly our wardrobes enjoy instead of its owners. So why not rent them out!

  • General Goodies

Halloween costumes, power tools, drilling machines, sound system or folding table! Sites like Loanables and Rent Not Buy practically lets you rent out almost everything on the shelf. Create an account, post your required item on board and earn effortless money.

money saving and earning

Some of these sites may require you to charge a deposit, though; a step taken mainly as a form of backup. So, in case any item is damaged or just lost, you are allowed to keep the money that the renter has paid as upfront.

However, before choosing any particular site for any kind of product or item, make sure to know everything about the liabilities, fees thus required and most importantly make a thorough analysis of the fine print. Once you are done with it, you are all set to go ahead with your belongings and your creativity.

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