Here’s How you can Make Money from Smartphone Photos?


It’s a known fact that a picture speaks a thousand words. If you are a smartphone user(which you might be) then you must be having  an impressive collection of pictures such as scenic beauty, road trips with friends, family or loved ones. Today’s smartphone cameras have become more powerful and as competitive as that of an SLR, that you can really take some impressive pictures, portraits, unique selfies and panorama shots directly from your smartphone device. So it makes a sense that these days millions of photographers walk this world with the ability to click high-quality picture.

make money from smartphone photos

How it works?

Images from your smartphone camera can make big bucks by reaching the desired buyer. All you need is to upload pictures that show modern workplaces, healthy lifestyles and scenes from everyday life including meals or brushing teeth. Not just rear camera pics, you can also make fast cash from Applications such as PayYourSelfie by which you can make money by selling selfies of yourself with your friends, family or pets. You can make from $1 to $5 using smartphone applications. The modern smartphone apps provide you instant money and also time to develop a network of users by approaching the potential buyers. You can also make money by posting your pictures on social media.

Are you feeling curious that how to sell photos with smartphone pictures? Check out these some of the below smartphone apps and know some of the easy ways to make money from smartphone photos.

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The application allows you to upload as many pictures you like while you sit back and let the tool finish the upload process. You can shop of the gallery of pictures and upload the kind of pictures you wish to sell. Foap can pay for approximately $10for each image. You can upload high quality photos into the portfolio and mix up the type of pictures that you take. Use the tab such as Latest Sold in order to find out what kind of pictures are more in demand and rising popularity. Foap is also updated with different Missions posted by different business brands for selecting specific type of picture. You can snap a mission and earn exciting prices up to $100 by getting your picture selected.

Download Foap Application from: Google Play Store or the App Store

Source: MakeMoneyInLife
Source: MakeMoneyInLife


Another popular photo shooter application that provides different challenges to earn money by getting your picture selected. A snapwire challenge is a request posted by buyers to the photo shooters to take out their best shots and click a unique picture. The challenge is quite brief and has certain associated guidelines as per requirement of clients. The shots that satisfy the guidelines and requirement get nominated and finally selected. If you are looking for being nominated as a favorite by the buyer and also trying to level up then you need to start posting best pictures in snapwire marketplace. Some clients directly purchase best pictures from the marketplace and don’t require much expense. You can share best and high-quality pictures using snapwire.

Download Snapwire from: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps



In order to monetize from your pictures, you can simply start uploading pictures on Clashot app and make commission from each photo that sells through app. Clashot is a large stock image company and keeps a photo deposit (Photobank) of all the photos that you click from your smartphone. So this way your pictures have better potential to be seen by millions of buyers online. You can make money from $0.5 to $80 for a picture and picture seller gets about 44% of selling price. In order to make money from smartphone photos on Clashot, you can check out the popular authors and see what kind of pictures they sell. The website also sends Offer request to select photos depending on their subject or theme and authors can get up to 50% more price comparatively higher than normal uploads.

Start downloading the Clashot App on: App Store or Google Play Store.


Join the brigade of mobile photographers by becoming a member of SnapCape. With the help of this application, you can choose what type of images you wish to upload for sale. You can place the sale amount from $1 to $5 and participate in tasks and daily contests posted by SnapeCape and buyers who request for pictures. Another feature of SnapCape is that you can also sell your phone videos and make money by selling it online. Payments get deposited directly to your bank account.

Try SnapCape from: Google Play  and soon available on the App Store.


Smartphone pictures can be an amazing source of extra income source. Even though the new smartphone apps provide you handsome money and few extra bucks from your daily pictures, it also trades the privacy. You will never be able to know where your pictures will land up to. Being a seller, you must be assertive about where you want to post your pictures and what kind of images would be possible to be sold. Also never sell pictures of anyone else’s private life or the pictures that may involve other people whose consent you have not taken. This will get you into deep trouble.


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