How to Make Money by Selling Books Online with Products & Creativity


Have you ever thought about making money from selling books Online?
Is there any way from which you can sell your creativity products like old books, photos online to earn money?
Can you believe that you can become famous author & photographer in one night by just publishing creativity products?

Make Money by Selling Books Online from Computer easilyYou are obviously thinking that I am kidding here, but I would like to tell you that these all statements are very much true and legal also. Yes! You can easily make money by selling your favourite books & textbooks online. You don’t need to spend money here for making & selling books.

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Books are the important part of the life. Everything is well written in the books, whether I talk in social way or religious way or any other way. There are lots of information provided from which a normal man acquire classy and honourable knowledge, which is surely helpful in each mode of the life.

Now if I more talk about “money by selling books or e-books online”, then it creates a question. Surely it is interesting to know that “how a normal man can make money by selling any type of books by making it online?” I want to also tell you that selling books online is the simplest method to generate a good income with the passive cash and bonus. There are many fabulous platforms available which server this online money purpose to make gentle income. Some are here:

3 Fantastic Websites to Earn Money by Making & Selling Books Online

(1) Lulu is a wonderful website to publish and sell books online since 2002. Near 1,503,899 has been already published here. Main slogans of this website are “Build your book to life” and “Build your credibility by sharing your experience”. If I talk about the world Alexa ranking of the website, which is near about 7,661 with Google page Rank 7, surely it’s fabulous.

Make Money by Selling Books Online by Lulu_com

Basically provides 3 publishing designs format for their publishers or authors-

  • Your Book on Any Format – You can easily publish high quality paperback, hardcover or eBooks
  • Print Only What You Need – You can print according to your choices. No inventory. Simply no risk with volume discounts which start at 15 copies
  • Freedom and Control – You are the owner of your content and also you can set the prices for your books.

Lulu offers amazing service for authors and photographers to publish a printed book, CDs, DVDs etc. One of the excellent things about lulu is that it can help you to get your products listed for sale on Amazon, Barnes, Noble and in Bookstores. You can also promote your books by social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. Surely it is an amazing for all authors.

(2) Blurb is another mind blowing network for publishing-selling books online. It is the community which basically believe in books reading, books making, books sharing and books selling passionately. The world Alexa ranking of a website is near about 13,058 with Google Page Rank 6, which defines its quality.

Make Money by Selling Books Online by Blurb_com

Here also 3 publishing design formats, which makes your work more beautiful-

  • Start your Book with Professional Tools – You can start your any book or e-book here with the help of an excellent book making tool of theirs.
  • More Creative More Value – You can add your creative photos, artwork, text, designs etc and sell them to get profit online.
  • Lower Prices with High Quality – You can also purchase or order any one book or more in less prices. Price starts at just $3.99.

It is a creative publishing service to make an author in simple and smart manner like- Blogger, Cook, Photographer, Parent, Traveller, Poet, Pet Owner, Marketer and Everyone. Blurb also makes your work easy to automatically create books with your content from Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, and TypePad.  It is an another great platform for making money by selling books online.

(3) TasteBook is also very good platform, which works on your taste. Basically, it’s a cookbook website. The world Alexa rank of this website is near about 70,468 with valuable Google Page Rank 5. TasteBooks are stunning hardcover with 100+ recipes.

Make Money by Selling Books Online by TasteBook_com

You can create your personalized CookBook here-

  • New Collection for your recipes
  • Add recipes to your TasteBook
  • Design your cover, dedication page and order!

Here, you can upload & choose your own recipes from a large number of third part providers which includes Food Network, Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Recipezaar & more. If you are a taste lover & knows the taste very well then you can try your luck here to earn a decent income by showing your creativity of taste.

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Other Famous Websites to Make Money by Selling Books Purpose

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Make Money by Selling Books from Computer

Some Useful Steps for Making Money by Selling Books Online:

Selling books and used books online is not a difficult task, but making money from those transactions take some strategy. You have to think some points before going to sell out the books like books offer time, books season, valuable customers, profitable revenue etc. But here is the exact procedure for doing this business-

(1) Choose the Pattern of a Book

This is the first step in this business of selling books to make it successful. It is the primary need that, you have to collect any books that you are interested in selling online. If the books are well managed and fully optimized with pattern then it makes an impact on the other persons. BasicallyHardcover and rare books make most of the money. You can also choose the fiction novels of 1960s, which give you the highest sales price in this way of selling books. Thus choosing the pattern of the book is so much important.


(2) Make Inventory of the Books and Research for sell them

This is the second valuable step to earn money by selling books. You must make an inventory of each book, which you intend to sell online. This is also important to mention ISBN (International Standard Book Number) with book title and author, while selling it online. ISBNs is the easiest way to differentiate b/w other similar editions.

On the other way, research is the next step to sell books online. You can search multiple bookstores for determining the location of selling. You have to also consider about the prices of similar kind of books, which are available on other websites. You have to think that “Can I able to beat all the prices?” that’s the main strategy for selling books online.

(3) Make Positive Strategy for Selling Books

This is again a good step to determine your strategy for selling books. If you sell your books on a single platform, then it makes a reputation and accrues the seller feedback. You can also develop your individual website for making this business more effective. It depends on your thinking that “how you predict this selling business?” in a positive way for full time or normal way as for part time. So this is again a nice step, which you can follow to make money by selling.

(4) Take your Chance in Promotional Season

It is necessary to take a step, when the season is going on. It can increase your selling positively. It is also necessary to look for seller assistance that a particular online bookstores offer. In this way, you should consider all the options and weight the different benefits & expenses according to you. So that can surely increase the earning of your selling business.

(5) Review & Check the Shipping Facilities before Selling Books

“You wrote a fabulous book and want to sell out by shipping, but not sure about shipping facilities”. Or other way, you already sent it by not trusted shipping facility. Thus as a result, your all hard work can spoil or waste. Preventing from this situation, you must review and check the shipping addresses before finalizing orders.

Shipping mistakes can also derail your reputation as a book seller. In this way, future transactions may not be safe for you. So you must check all the details before shipping your books online & Enjoy Earnings.

Make Money by Selling Books Online

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This way of earning money by making & selling books online is not much difficult for authors. This is a way to earn extra cash and at the same selling used books online, makes you the winner. This process is simple, and only takes seconds to list your book. You just have to enter ISBN numbers for making it easier. Textbooks, non-friction and some popular friction are in the trends at this time. So try this magnificent way to make some decent income by selling books online.

Share your valuable thoughts about making money by selling books online! Are you really this kind of a creative person??

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