How to Make Money with eBooks on Internet:10 Tips


When money comes to your mind with E-Books then you are in the right direction. Now You can easily make money with ebooks on the internet. You can also build your business as well. For this purpose,you need to take the time to invest in your E-Book project. You can earn rapid money by focusing on some points in this business. The post which I had made includes all the major requirements from Publishing an eBook to get some dollars from it. It’s bit a lengthy one as I had described each and every single point in such a simpler language as anyone can understand.

How to Make Money with eBooks on Internet

What are Ebooks & How They Use :-

Let’s start with the basics that what exactly are E-Books?  E-Book is a written material which you read on a computer screen. In other words, E-Book is a type of written book available on the internet, which can be in any topic and things. Just you need to increase your thinking about the topic.

E-Book can change your life very quickly. It shows the ability of an individual. The procedure for writing an E-Book is so simple, just you need to become a good skillful person. You simply write your material,edit it, design it in a proper format and send a copy to the United Copyright office. You can also upload a copy to your website and also begin a selling of your E-Book. There are many examples of big personalities who believe in writing E-Books. They also make money with E-Books constantly and equally.

Earn Money through E-books on Internet


E-Books services which are generally used nowadays :-

At present money could well be earned through selling of kindle e-books. Kindle E-books are the advancement by Ebooks that is available on different sites. This promotion enables a case-by-case to earn a lot of revenue online through selling Ebooks.

People started out this online business by earning a bit amount of money. After a couple of months their earning doubled up. A few people could believe that these books is identical drawn-out. But actually these books hold no longer than 18000 to 21000 words.

There are many things which should be checked while publishing an eBooks:

*Effective Research


*Popular Sites

*Reviewing the E-Book


Simple the Kindle E-Books is the best way of publishing E-Books. It is the service of which is also known as Kindle Direct Publishing. With the help of this, you can easily publish your own book on the electronic book store. You can also get royalty by selling these e-books.

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Royalty has got 2 plans:-

In the first plan, you will get 35% royalty. Here the book can be sold worldwide in any country.

In the second one, you get 70% of the royalty. Here the book will only be sold in specific countries.

You will get your final payout in any currency you desire. There are other options also –

You can also publish E-books on the Nook (the Barnes and Noble platform and reader due in the UK soonish); Kobo (the reader is on sale in WHSmith in the UK) and Apple’s iBooks author.

But Amazon is the one that shifts the product, and that’s down to the Kindle. This is one of the most Popular way of making money with e-books.


Earn Money through E-books on Internet easily

10 Modern Tips to Make Money with Ebooks on Internet :-


1. First consider your E-Book for Business :-

It is one of the most difficult part. An E-Book author must be realizing that Book must be a profitable success. Plans should be cleared for developing an E-Book. Goals, Audience, Money & Solid Ideas also must be decided for earning money through E-Books. Advertisement is also a necessary part in it.

2. Purchase a unique domain name :-

This is also a good tip for developing your own E-Book. If you plan to write several books on various topics then purchase a domain name.It will be appreciable step surely. It resembles a publishing house such as or The general cost for purchasing a domain is about $9.95 per year.

On Other side, if you plan to write a single or individual book along the same niche then purchase a domain name. Domain Name should give the ideas about your book clearly. From that way visitors mind can know clearly about your E-Book.

3. Pay for a Web hosting Space for your Content or Ideas :-

Many new beginners think that Why to pay for web hosting space, when it is available for free. But the truth is that a free website costs them money. The basic problems with a free website :

*You don’t take your business seriously.

*You become bore quickly with a writing process.

*You can’t able to give your positive to your free website.

*Very hard to remember website address

*Finally you lost your visitors due to different site errors and thinks that it is a tedious job.

But if you purchase a web hosting space then it makes easier to make money with eBooks. You can learn a lot things from different sources. That makes your book popular in many senses.

4. Design a Professional Website with unique Ideas:-

If you are thinking that you have to spend thousands of dollars for making Professional then I want to prove you wrong this time. You don’t need to spend so much at all. You need a website that is consistent through out. There are some general tips given for generating money through E-books from your website :-

  • Every web page of your site should have the same color scheme. Your web page should not contain more than five colors. Colors quality matters a lot in this case to really make an impression. This attracts your visitors and maintains it constantly.
  • Your Company logo or Individual business logo or even for a professional E-Book logo should appear at the top of each web-page. Your logo should say a lot about you and what you want to enhance through your ideas. It creates a sound touch & defines your website.
  • You will surely listen about this-Contact Page ! A contact page is must for every website. This is a page which letting your visitors to know about yourself. It defines about your reality,live business or individual blogs. If you are worried about mentioning your contact number than you can mention your email or contacted via e-mail.
  • Last but very important. Learn Search Engine Optimization(Seo). It is the  heart of your business to grow up on the web. The fundamental is so clear about SEO. This makes your website popular easily by showing it on the first page on Search Engines as Google,Yahoo etc. Depending  on the quality of your content SEO optimizes your professional Pages from the last page to first page.

5. Write your Sales Page for making an Impact :-

Writing a sales page is a very tricky part. Sales page should reflect your writing style. You can easily pay thousands of dollars to a copywriter. Who can make your sales letter in one voice. But that way your visitors flow become uneasy. You should make it write another voice also. Sales pages play a very important role in making money with eBooks.

Surely you will consider two sales pages after reading above statements. One sales page flows with the rest of your website by linking throughout of website. Another one stands for advertising purpose though various pay-per-click-advertising programs.

The various things which should necessary to include in your sales page:-

a. The name of your E-Book

b. The brief description of your E-Book

c. Chapter Titles or Focus points about key material in your E-Book

d. A few testimonials

e. Your Price and a Buy Link

6.  Clarify return Policy of your E-Book :-

You should clarify your return policy. In this policy you should be mentioned about the returning process of book, if the buyer is not satisfied with your content or book. You should mention the approx. days for a refund as 30days, 90 days or a year. You should also clarify about a partial credit or full credit of refund.

7. Offer Secure Payment Options is a key thing :-

You all know,internet world is a true and fraud both. No one want to purchase a product from an insecure website. You should authorize your website for making impression such as You should always use an easy & obstacle free service. Such as, a third-party credit card process like

You should also mention the options of sending money by Check, Money Order or Cashier. It always comfortable to use credit card for visitors. So you should clarify all focus points of secure payment options.

8. Include Automatic Downloads will be beneficial :-

In the beginning, when your business not on a peak, you send your E-Books orders via e-mail attachments & get money by credit card processes. But as time goes, sitting by your computer and waiting for orders of E-Books can become a bit of an obstacle. It creates a lot of stress on your mind.

The simple solution of this solution is including automatic downloads. This can make your way more easy to make money with ebooks. You can also hire a service as for this purpose.

9. Answers customer concerns within 24 hours :-

Your goal should be to reply the each mail concern of your customers. You should  reply within 24 hour period to your customer.

The basic reason is that a customer always wants to know about you. Or always need to know that there is a real, live person behind the business. If your reply the question regarding your book within a time then it can save your one sale. You all know that “Many a Little makes a Mickel”. Similar thing applies in this case.

10. Promotion of Your E-Book on Internet :-

The most difficult part about selling E-Books is the promotion. It is said to be the  key thing to earn money through internet. Promotion of your book is the essential thing which surely decides success of your book. If you have no time for promotion, then your hard work will waste like all in vain.No one will purchase your book even. There are many ways of promoting an E-Book for this key purpose. Some are as –

  • Become a speaker and sell your E-Books.
  • Host online Chats and including link of your order page.
  • Social Networking is the very successful way of promoting anything as Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube.
  • Include your E-Books sales pages in your by lines and signature lines

The most difficult part about selling your e-book is probably in the promotion. Promoting your book is essential to the success of your book. If you don’t take the time to let the world know your book exists, no one is going to buy it. There are several ways to promote an eBook, many of which follow the same principles of promoting a print book.

Certain types of E-Books sell better than others :-

The winners at the moment in E-Books are Sci-Fi, women’s fiction, crime and erotica-serial fiction. These books are in huge demand and pays you well.

Antony Topping: “Because journalists (like you people here in the room) are used to churning out the copy fast this could be an opportunity for you – if you can turn your hand to fiction successfully.” (I wonder if the other category that sells well is How to write e-books and how to earn money through e-books ’?)

Philip had a counter point which I agree with: “It takes time to create a great book – this new model doesn’t allow for that. To rush something out to the market can be a big mistake.”

These are the 10 most significant ways to make money with ebooks on Internet.

Conclusion :-

There is a broad market available for E-Books.A various types of opportunities always ready to welcoming you in this E-Books World. E-Books don’t have geographical boundaries the way traditional publishers and printed books do. Once you publish online anyone who speaks the same language can buy your book easily.

A final word from Catherine ,who had some really smart stuff today – “Self publishing probably won’t make you a fortune – it’s something to consider more as a sideline.” So try this unique and significant way to make money with E-books on Internet.You can read more stuff about E-Books here.

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