Give Chance to Your Art-Work to Make Money with 3D Printing Designs

  • Are you really a true 3D Art Lover?
  • Have you ever tried to make money with 3d printing designs through art-work online?
  • Do you know any legal platform for serving this money purpose?

In my opinion, generally you don’t know so much about this specific money making topic! But I always say that here at MoneyBies, you can find each and every information about the earning online income with famous fields & networks. Earning Money with 3D design is like to sell you creativity online, which is very famous now days.

Give Chance to Your Art-Work to Make Money with 3D Printing Designs

What is 3D Art or 3D art Designs?

3D Art Printing design for sell3D Art is also known as Digital art. Generally it is represented as artistic work & practices, which is used in digital technology for creativity. Source: Wikipedia

In more define way, 3 dimensional art is something like clay art, sculpture, metal works pottery that can be handled, touched or perceived to be 3 dimensional. As an example- The Mona Lisa is 2-D while the statue of David is 3-D. Source: Wiki.answers 

If I talk about 3D printing designs then it can also be said as Additive manufacturing, where three dimensional solid projects are made from any shape of a digital model. This 3d technology is used everywhere whether it is related to the industrial field or any other specific field. So if you don’t like 3d printing art in this tech world, your future may be in danger.

Now if you are serious to earn money with your 3D art work then these platforms will help you here to find your way:


4 Fantastic Websites for 3-Dimensional Printing Designs

(1) Deviant ART

Many of you already heard about It is a fabulous & one of the largest art websites on the web. There are over 81 million submissions already available. If I talk about the rankings of this site, it’s phenomenal. The world Alexa rank is near 136 with marvellous Google Page rank 7.

DeviantArt_com for Making Money with 3D Printing Designs

Here, you have to become a member by signing up for a free account. Once you become a member, you get eligible to sell your art or 3d designs through the site’s store. You can easily sell printing designs of mugs, mousepads, magnets, puzzles, print designs or any other type of art items. There are many varieties of sizes available in prints with many of different frame designs & types. You can choose any one according to your preferences and make your designs to sell them by the help available stores here. It’s such a tremendous platform to make money by 3d art work.

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(2) Shapeways is another sensational website or network for making, buying & selling products with 3D printing. The world Alexa rank of Shapeways is near about 16,621 with Google Page Rank 6, which makes this as an outstanding site in the world. Here also, first you have to do a free sign up for doing all selling & making efforts.

Shapeways_com for Making Money with 3D Printing Designs

Here, you can upload your 3D designs for turning them into real products by using 3D printing technology. After that you can easily sell your products and arts by a custom storefront, which is available in Shapeways. There are already many categories defined of your favourite choices like Gadgets, Games, Jewellery, Art, Fashion etc. You can choose any one of them to sell your products. It’s also an interesting thing that, some people are using this site for rapid prototyping products. One of the great art work site in 3 dimensional printing niche.

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(3) Imagekind is the greatest example of “Fine Art and Photography of Every Wall”. Over 10 of thousands independent artists are doing work at this platform. The world Alexa rank is also very good near about 50,956 with high class Google Page rank 6. The quality of this website is neat and clean with fine art work.

Imagekind_com for Making Money with 3D Printing Designs

This website is categorized in an amazing way by giving name as Popular Subjects, Art Styles, Spaces to Decorate & Atmospheric region. Here also, you can easily sale your prints of your art work style. This site is owned by Cafepress, which also works in designing field. Imagekind is specialized in prints & cards with the variety of material, size and framing options. If you are a lover of Flickr for photography, then you can easily import your work to Imagekind and offer it for sell with custom framing. You can also sell your Creative Photos on the web. It’s really one of the valuable platform to earn money with 3D printing designs.

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(4) Ponoko is another very famous and unique platform for selling the art work creativity. The world Alexa rank of this website is 108,037 with marvellous Google Page Rank 6. You can make your own stuff here by just doing free signing up. It’s also known as world’s easiest making system website for art work products.

Ponoko_com for Making Money with 3D Printing Designs

Here, you can create your own laser cut designs. Approx. 80 materials are available are available to do this. Approx. 18 materials are available here for creating own 3D printing designs to sell & make money. Actually it creates your 3D designs into actual products by using the printing technology 3D machine. All products you can sell them in your own storefront. It is another wonderful website for giving chance to your creativity.

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3D Art Printing Designs


Art Work or 3D printing designs is very famous field to make money. In this way, if you will do this through online, it’ll surely an appreciable job. You can’t even think about the earnings of this field. You can make thousands of dollars per month easily by just selling your creativity. And also, you all know about the opportunities of that field. It’s awesome man. So try to utilize these given platforms to earn a decent income at home without doing any investment. It’s all for free of cost.

I again say, if you are a true art work lover, you must not miss these opportunities to make easy online income. You can give a chance to your fabulous art work & Enjoy happy earnings here.

Thanks for taking your time to read this artistic post! Share your views about selling creativity with art work of 3D designs below in comment field!!

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