Earn Online Money with 25 Types of Blog Posts on Internet


Writing is a talent, which can’t be destroyed from any way! But, It can be transformed from one mankind to another mankind! Can say, one medium to another medium Or,

More clearly writing is something similar to give the second thought to your thinking, which is appreciated by everyone, whether he/she is your well wisher or not! Doesn’t matter at all!!

Writing gives you Money, but Money doesn’t give you thoughts of Writing!!

These all are not only words, but these are the capitalization of human thoughts!

Well! Again welcome to all on this beautiful content of writing quality blog posts, this can make you millionaire in less time for sure. Just you need to brush up your mentality with some iconic thoughts.

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  • Many of us know about Internet World.
  • Many of us know about Blog posts, Blogs and their uses!
  • Many of us also know that “How to write updates on Internet?”(Like status update on Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Many of us also know about Adsense, and it’s earnings! (If you don’t about Adsense, then you must require to know full information on Adsense- Adsense Guide)


  • What are we missing, Qualitative Opportunities in blog marketing field..!!

If you are a normal person, who don’t know about blog so much, then also you can interfere in this content with your virtual mind. In fact, you have got many more chances to become successive here in this field because of your so called learning attitude.

  • Other way,

If you are a Blogger or Internet Marketer and finding difficulties to create contents of your niche, then this information is very useful for you. These 25 types of post can surely save your day, when you are out of ideas. There are numerous types of content available in the market, which can easily make you brand in the Online World with a reputable source of income.

Now Let us start to talk about earn easy money online chances from blog posts-

Earn Online Money with 25 Types of Blog Posts

25 Types of Blog Posts can Earn Money Online for you


  • (1) List Post

List Post can earn money online for youIn this era of a blogosphere, List content works as a promising content to earn money on internet. List content is always great for bloggers as well as readers also. There are some reasons, which make list posts more effective:

I. List Posts are search engine friendly content like Google and Yahoo for generating effective revenue.

II. List Posts surely give important information to the visitors as in the promising manner.

III. List post is scannable as well as attracts the human brain mysteries.

IV. List Posts are Social Media friendly content as well as indicate high values.

These all reasons make list post valuable in earning money through internet via Adsense, Affiliate Programs and more ways.

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  • (2) Links Post

LiLinks Post to Make Online Moneynks post is defined as the content, in which internal and external links are used to divert traffic from one to another way. Moreover, Links field are very useful for your blog in many senses:

I. If you are frequently updating your content on a site.

II. If you want to give links to the authority sites like Wikipedia, Britannica etc.

III. Links post will increase your page visits per visitor, if you use it systematically.

IV. You can also give the links to your advertisers and get money from there.

Internal linking is considered as a best blog marketing tactics in today’s blogging period for boosting page’s credibility. So you can create a post where only links are considered and get money from there.


  • (3) How to Post

How to Post types Blogposts to make money on the internetThis is known as the subset of List and Links Posts. “How-to Post” type content is usually favoured by the bloggers and users. It’s one of the popular patterns for writing content as well as valuable and helpful also.

A general research says that “how-to style posts generate an average of 55% more views than all other types of posts on our blog”, such an incredible style to get money through internet.

Examples of How to Post are-

How to make money with a blog??

How to earn money from internet??

Etc types of many others!!


  • (4) News post

Create News Post to make online moneyNews Post is a type of content which contains news about any recent activity. It can be of any time or related to any time. Simply, it leverage the power of media as well as social/popular activities and helps you to make money from the internet.

News Posts are very effective for blogs as well as bloggers. Specially, those who have no idea “What to write??” Many bloggers are using this technique to earn online money. You can also give it a try once.

Examples of News Post are –

All type of news portal like BBC news, Aaj Tak, India Today etc!!


  • (5) Definition Post

Definition Type Blog Post to Make Money OnlineWikipedia style post is known as definition posts. You can make a blog, which contains definitions only to the relevant niche and give links to the authority sites. This pattern of content is a successful blog making idea.

And, if you are thinking as the money aspects then you will surely be a luckiest person, if you will work on this type of blog pattern, Also you can integrate a category in your site to make this type of blog posts.

But the condition is, your definition will be unique and easy to understandable for everyone!!


  • (6) Case Study Post

Case Study post to get money onlineCase Study Post is also known as a problem solving post, which is totally based on the real life examples. These are the systematic posts, which is written step by step in the detailed way.

Final results are necessary to describe in these type of posts which is known as climax of the storyline. This type of content is very successful in making real money online.

Examples are: Crime Branch Cases, Social Activity related Cases etc!!


  • (7) Comparison Post

ComparComparison post to make online moneyison post can be used in any field where you need to compare between two or more things. Comparison post is also known as problem handling post, where you handle the problem with two or more solutions of that term.

Most of the websites use this type of post to attract the visitors and generate cash online. Users also like to read this type of comparison posts. Because they want to see the results of a better one. Everybody wants better one instantly.

Examples of comparison post : Comparison b/w products, Comparison b/w two famous people, Comparison b/w websites etc!!


  • (8) Controversial Post

Controversial Type Blog PostPeople love to read controversial post, because it’s a human nature. It doesn’t satisfy with an individual thought only or not agree with the author mentality.

The simplest way to make a controversial post is- Pick a sharp point, Write your original thoughts on that point and publicize it by social media. You will see that people will give lots of opinions through comments. And, hence it will be best for your website also as in the increment of your earnings.

As Example:  You can write a post which connects social media or real life and share your knowledge as well.


  • (9) Story Telling Post

Story Telling Post make you millionaireThere is nothing better than a story. In our childhood, we had heard a lot of stories related to fake and original both world. It’s also something similar to this but different from that stories.

Here, you can write stories related to activities, which has happened in the past, will happen in the present or presently happening. These type of posts has got the good power to attract the visitors.

You can also create a story and share this as your experience on your website. It may also be viral everywhere, if you topic is solid and to the point. All results will be come in the form of the name, fame and money.


  • (10) Profile Post

Profile post type blogpostsProfile post is defined as the life of an individual person, living or dead both. Profile post are called energetic posts, where the specific type of visitors come to your blog and increase your popularity.

There are numerous ways to write a profile post to earn online money. You can write about past famous personalities. You can also write about an individual person ability and his working.

So try to make effective post with different person’s profile and make money on the internet.


  • (11) Check List Post

Check List post to make money onlineCheck list posts are typed of posts which take specific steps to complete a task. You can create these type of posts by checking or by putting checking right symbol in the content.

Once you completed your checking or check list. Share this post with your friends, which is described about post and how to use it format. It can also be a viral post on the internet and give you good income online.


  • (12) Review Post

TherReview Post to make money onlinee are tons of blogs which are only focused on reviews of products or any other thing. They all are making effective income in their ways. You can also become one of them by applying review post tactics.

You can add your affiliate links or advertiser links also in your reviews and earn online money from here. This is a very effective and trending way to make a popular blog now a days.


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  • (13) Interview Post

Interview post to make money onlineInterview posts are very popular to attach with all experts, professionals, celebrities and many more people. Many pro bloggers are using this pattern to earn money with their blog.

You can take the interview of any professional blogger, company, success stories and celebrities. Publish it in your blog and wait for the response of other people. You will find that other bloggers and people will attract with this interview. hence it will increase your revenue also.


  • (14) Survey/Poll Post

Srvey post to earn online moneyIt’s another a most effective way to connect with your targeted audience. In this type of Survey/Poll post, you ask the number of questions from your audience in the post. In the answers they choose the different options. It all happen in poll posts.

Survey posts are depended on surveys, which based on different topics and trends like essay questions, fill in the blanks questions. You can apply this pattern with the appropriate plugin in your WordPress directory and make real money online with survey posts.

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  • (15) Info-graphic Post

Infographic Post to make online moneyInfo-graphic posts are very popular in today’s internet world. These are engaging post. Information which is reflected in the info graphics, in the graphical manner or format. These infographics are easy to digest and provide a lot of value to the users.

You can also make infographics yourself from visual.ly. It’s free for you all, if you are a beginner here. Other way, if you have time and resources, then you can get very good results from these infographics posts. These posts will help you to earn online money easily from blog.


  • (16) Twitter Post

Make Twitter Post to earn online moneyTwitter is a very popular social networking site. And, if you create Twitter type posts, then can’t be better than this. For creating twitter posts, you just need to go one twitter. Here you have to find trending topics.

You can search keywords and hashtags for finding better searching results. Once you have got a set of 20+ tweets, you can publish it in a post design by telling different people opinions. It’s sounds easy and goodand you can earn rapid money from this way of post.


  • (17) Contest/Draw Post

Contest/Draw Post to Earn Money OnlineContests are the old and very great way to connect with your favorite audience. Different types of audience for different types of contests. The contest post is made for giving the most important element known as prize.

Contest entries can be submitted through e-mails and prize can be distributed through the shipping way. Here the winner is chosen by the contest.

Draws is also something similar to the Contest but here winner is chosen by draws randomly. and all procedure is similar to the contest.


  • (18) Presentation Post

Presentation Post to Make Money from the WebIf you have ever given a presentation in your school/college/any other place, then it is a wonderful chance for you to earn online money from making presentation post on your blog.

You can upload your presentation on Slide Share and then embed into your post. You can embed more than one presentation easily on your post and earn effective income in this way by providing important points in the presentations. Many people are using this technique to make money from the web.


  • (19) Brand Focused Post

Brand Focused PostThis is a type of post, which is based on the brand. Telling about the brand and also telling about the brand working and features, all these topics covered in a Brand Focused post.

Like Coca cola is a brand, and you are writing about Coca cola company and it’s products. Similarly, you can write about any popular and famous brand and earn online money.

  • (20) Product Focused Post

Product Focused PostThis is a type of post, which is based on the products, and it’s manufacturing. Telling about products designing, concept and manufacturing all points are covered in Product Focused post.

Like Samsung is a product company, and you are writing about Samsung company and it’s products & concepts. Similarly, you can write about any popular and famous product and earn online money.


  • (21) Personal Experience Post

Personal Experinece PostAs far as the name concerned, personal experience post is mainly focused on your personally experienced things. Like you have visited some place, and you want to make a post on your travel experience.

How was your travelling?

Was it worthy or not?

What places have you visited??

Describe some places with their pictures??

These type of all questions come in the personal experience post, which can make you online star with the unlimited income online.


  • (22) Photo/Image Post

Photo Image PostPhoto/Image post is focused on the photos and images in your post. Generally, many websites use this type of posting pattern to increase their traffic, and it’s pretty useful too. Example: Interior design websites, Amazing Places websites etc

Photos can create your post alive. Hence, result will come in the dollars at your home. You can make a website which is only based on Images like Pinterest.

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  • (23) Event Post

Event PostsIf you are an event manager or you are organizing an event then this event post will worthy for you. You can put all related information to the event in the event post.

This will also helpful in money earning senses. Many event companies want to advertise their business. If you site full fill their requirements then they pay you the amount for taking a small place in your site as a banner advertisements.


  • (24) Invite Guest Blogger Post

Invite Guest Bloggers PostIt’s a most favorable and unique pattern to make your website reputable. You can invite other bloggers to make content on your site in you niche. And, you can also write in their websites.

Hence, your traffic will increase by sharing each other links and connectivity will also be strong in terms of blogger friendship. Finally, revenue will also good, and the good thing is, you don’t need to share your profit with invited bloggers.

Such a friendly way to increase website visitors as well as earnings also!!

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  • (25) Cluster Post

Cluster Post to improve the traffic of websiteCluster Post is a type of post, which is the combination of all old post or can say summarization of that all old posts. For making the cluster post,

first, you need to select your trending topics or posts of websites, which all are related to each other. Now re-think about new idea which relate all posts in a single overview. It should one be done in the style with wonderful title and description.

This is another unique way to increase the traffic with the result in increasing revenue.


Hence, there are lots of ways to determine and publicize your creativity with making money through internet. Just you need to look upon the factors of your choices and build your position in Online World. You don’t need to run behind the money here, money will automatically come in your hand. Just brush up and improve your working pattern and make online money.

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