How to make money from Direct Ad Sales Easily


direct ad sales to make money from blog or websiteDirect Ad Sales or Private Ad Sales seems to be a major source for  money making from Blog. I have previously discussed a lot about how you can generate your Online Income with your Blog or a Website. What now I will tell you is the complete detailed Analysis regarding the Direct Ad Sales and how it can be beneficial to make money from blog you had designed. Direct Ad Sales are often known as Sponsorship or Direct Advertising.

Direct Ad Sales is much different from the usual Make Easy Money Online method that is Google Adsense. You can directly sell your website/Blog ad space to Advertisers. There is no third-party in this scheme means you will exactly get that sum of money what company has decided to pay for Online Marketing. You are just cutting out the Middle man and there  is no such thing like commission that deduces your Online Income.

Top Companies That  Provides Direct Ad Sales to Blogs



OpenX Ad Marketplace

It’s best source to make money from Blog, that is purely dedicated to a particular niche or Category. The most important thing you should keep in mind about Direct Ad sale is that instead of implementing guidelines of Advertisers on your blog you should set your own rules for advertising and payments. You rent some blog space to  advertisers and they will pay you according to 3 different models.These are

  • Pay per Time
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Impression

Pay per Time: Most of the time it’s pay per time that Advertisers offers to you. You Deal with your advertiser on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly time basis for which you want to display their ad on your Blog Space. Traffic doesn’t matter and nor does your CPC or CTR. You will exactly get that money with what you had earlier deal with.

Pay Per Click:click here for Complete  Guide on Pay Per Click Advertising Model like Google Adsense

Pay Per Impression: click here for Complete Guide on Pay Per Impression Advertising Model

private direct ad sales make money from blog sponsorshipMake Money From Blog With Direct Ad Sales at first seems to be the topmost choice for blog to earn some good dollars. But there is always some bad things with a good  Thing.I just don’t want you to remain in your Dollars dreams, “that this source will make easy money from my blog..”. Earning Genuine Money is never easy and never it will be.As a Blog Owner you should also keep these things in your mind while going out for Private or Direct Ad Sales.

Also make money from paid reviews on your blog

Where Direct Ad Sales Fails:

1) Finding Advertisers

The biggest reason why most of the bloggers doesn’t implement it is the lack of availability and failure of finding the potential Advertisers for their Blog niche.

2) Much More Time Required

Setting up a Payment Plan, client relationship management,the hunt for Advertisers, managing ad placements all seems to be much time-consuming.

3) Relationship Management and Responsibility

As a blog Owner it’s your sole responsibility,if any failure occurs in the payments or any visitor has grabbed in a scam with the advertisers link.Both the way your brand gets hurt.

4) Traffic Requirement

Make Money From Blog With Direct Ad Sales is best suitable for that websites that has some very decent traffic landing on their pages.A Blog with less than 1000 visitors per day appears to find very hard to earn money with direct ad sales.

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