Basic Tips To Make Money With Auction Sites


This post would assist you to make money with auction sites.

Now a days, people are mindful in converting their talents into cash through internet. Yes, internet offers innumerable ways to make money from home at convenient time. If you are a regular reader of Moneybies, then you might be aware that the founders of this blog are working enthusiastically to show the honest money-making opportunities for the people. I would like to add my post here to help their readers to make money with auction sites.

Most of the people are using the internet, and they show much interest in buying the products online as it is a great place to find a variety of products at reasonable price with some deals. Are you interested in selling the products online? Then, you could make use of the auction sites to earn money at home. Even though the selling of products in auction sites needs some efforts in the initial stage, you could generate a decent income later.

Make money with auction sites

If am saying “online auctions”, then eBay hits my mind as it is one of the popular online auction site. Not only eBay, there are many websites available which would let you to earn money by selling products. Now, let’s get into the discussion deeply on “How to make money with auction sites” with some imperative stuffs.


1. Choose the auction website
Choosing the website where you want to work is the first step of make money with auction sites. Look for some specialized auction websites like eBay, Flippa, triple clicks etc. which has a variety of products to choose and sell. Do check the quantities and bid lists of some items in which you’re interested to make a bid on them to buy and sell.

2. Select the products wisely
Selecting the products to sell is an imperative step in earning money with online auctions. Computer hardware, books, toys, tickets, beauty products, cloths are some of the best-selling products online. Whether you’re going to sell the unique product or products in quantity, do check its demand and decide your profit margin. You should be clear with these perceptions while selecting the products in auction sites. Choosing the popular item would let you to sell without much effort, or if you choose a unique item to sell, you could reach the high profit margin.

3. Decide the selling option from list
Auction sites give variety of listing option to sell your chosen items and you could select the best suitable option. In regular and featured listing, you need to pick the category to list your items and some auctions sites have “Reserve price auction” or “Dutch auctions” to offer some advanced selling options for the vendors.

4. Adopt appropriate category
Make the research on similar items to know its competition, bidding etc. and check in which category they’re listed. Be sure that your products could be reached by the people if they use the search tool of the website. Finally, adopt an appropriate category for your product to trade.

5. Reach the people
You’ve selected the product, listing option and the category to be listed. Now you need to turn attention of the people towards selling your product by advertising. Target the people by creating an ad and promote it through various ways. Try to reach maximum visitors for your ad and motivate them to buy your product. Grab their consideration by providing bonus products or free shipping.

6. Grow exposure and reputation
You could create an own website to post attractive banners, video or text description of your product to drive more traffic. You could grow your exposure by regular news letters, new offers and thanks messages. Getting good feedback rate would allow you to create the reputation, and you could increase the sales with it. Delivering your product quickly, answering the customer’s queries and offering good customer service would help you to maintain your reputation.

How do auction sites work?

Buying process

Registering in most of the auction sites is free, and you may ask to provide the credit or debit card details just to verify your identity. These websites are working by a process named “proxy bidding” where your target is to win it or buy the items at low price. So you could enter the lowest price for the item, the auction sites would make a series of incredible bids on behalf of you.

Items will be available to bid only a limited period, and you could follow the auction activities online and if you place the successful bid, then you’ll get confirmation mail to buy the product. This is the buying process in auction sites.

It is not compulsory to buy the products in auction websites; you could buy wherever you want, or you may sell your own products here.

Selling process

Before starting the selling process, follow the steps which I’ve listed above. Then you need to list your item by adding a title, detailed description, images, starting bid, category, location of the item, delivery charges and mode of payment in a comprehensive way and you might ask to pay an insertion fee for this.

Item will be delivered to the buyer after he/she made the payment, and you need to pay the valuation fee for the auction site for every successful selling of your item. There are extra options available for the sellers to enhance their selling chance and you could make use of it while selling the products.

Other ways to make money with auction websites

1. Turn an affiliate to make money

Instead of selling the products, you could drive a great traffic to the auction sites to make money. Choose the products; create a website by describing the products and to insert its corresponding affiliate code. Promote the website through genuine ways to get huge traffic. Some auction websites might offer some tools to promote your website, and you’ll be getting paid if any sale made through your affiliate link.

2. Drop shipping method

It is the method of delivering the product to the buyer directly from the manufacturer, in which you have to just accept the orders from the buyers. Here, you no need to buy, store and ship the products. But you have to find a wholesale manufacturer with drop shipping service.

List their products on the auction websites at a significant profit (you may fix the retail price). If your listed products get sold, you’ll get retail price as payment, and you need to pay the wholesale price to the manufactures. Then the products will be delivered to the customers by the drop-shipping company and even they’ll take care of the broken products.


Tips to make more money with auction sites

1. Stay with patience as this method of making money will take some valuable time to sell out your listed items.

2. It is essential to follow the guidelines of the auction websites to avoid the account termination.

3. Behave like a professional and be genuine to get charges for shipping and delivery.

4. End you auction on the weekend, so that the people wouldn’t miss to bid if they go for day work.

5. Make sure that you are listing your chosen items in the proper category and give the detailed description for them. Don’t forget to add your contact details and terms & conditions to avoid struggles.

6. Do not sell illegal items, and you should not copy the description of others. Also, it would be good if you ask the feedback from your clients.

7. Use PayPal for money transactions.


Make money with online auctions is becoming more popular now. Just you have to register in a website, find products to sell, target the people to trade, sell at high value and make profit with it. Just like a website business, you need to find the profitable niche to make your auction business to work.

It works on the same concept like other business “Buying low and selling high”. Whether you’re selling your own products or buying the products to sell/following drop shipping method, you should reach the targeted people with your ad and attractive sales page.

Note: I don’t have previous experience in making money with auction sites, just showed a genuine way to earn some bucks online. But I read a range of topics about this way of generating online cash and got some tips from my blogging friend, who is good in earning money with auction sites. I would like to hear your suggestions/experience related to this post.

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    Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Glad to see you here on Moneybies with a wonderful article about earning money through auction sites. Really appreciate your effort and yah auction sites are very helpful to make money.

    Choosing right platform for selling product is always required. Filppa, Ebay are one of those platforms as you have mentioned. Thanks for being with us.. 🙂

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      Its my pleasure to write for you three guys 🙂

      Its my long day wish to contribute a online money making post for moneybies as it contains many worthy posts which would help the people to earn money online.

      I know that the internet has wide variety of opportunities to make cash at spare time and we could use it effectively.

      Thanks for your comment Aman, will keep supporting your blog 🙂

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    Indeed your posts are just awesome. So we need not worry about the quality of your content. And money making auction you listed are awesome.

    And frankly you have given me a clear and full information regarding auction sites and how they work? Thanks for sharing these.

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      I appreciate your comment for my posts Tharun and it shows your passion in blogging 🙂

      Glad you find this way of making money online as useful, give a try once to make some buck with it.

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    Hi Nirmala Mam,
    Glad to see you on Moneybies, The guide you shared is really a nice one.
    Auction sites like Flippa, ebay are great way to earn good bucks. I havn’t tried ebay but getting good results from Flippa.
    I’ll try the tips given by you to make more money from flippa.
    Thanks for sharing this complete guide 🙂

    1. Avatar of Nirmala
      Nirmala says

      I think that eBay is following some strict and new rules for the sellers 🙁

      So it is better to find some alternatives to eBay like triple clicks, ebid etc.

      Thanks for leaving your comment here Tarun 🙂

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    I’ve never heard of Triple Clicks, will give it a try! Anyway, awesome post Nirmala Madam! 🙂 Cheers.

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      Am pleased with your appreciative reply, thanks Anirudh 🙂

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    Hii Nirmala,

    I have never used any auction site till now. You explained the whole process of earning money with theses auction sites very easily. I would give these sites a try.

    Thanks Nirmala for sharing this awesome information with us. Auction sites are completely new to me.

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      Am happy to hear that you’ve learned some useful stuffs to make money online through my post Ankur 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, keep reading here to find some genuine money earning opportunities.

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    Great to see you on moneybies great article shared mam. I never heard about this one. But you shared a complete picture of this topic here, thanks for the info 🙂

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      Hi Sahil,

      Glad to see you here after long days, hope u r fine and blogging is going good.

      Yeah, I always wanna offer max.information in one post, so that the readers wouldn’t go to other places to refer something.

      thanks for adding your comment here, stay tuned 🙂

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    I have never tried Flippa but after reading this post looks like now I will have to give it a try.
    Thanks a lot Nirmala Mam for sharing. Have a Great weekend.

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    Hi Nirmala,

    So this is essentially flipping properties, it it?

    You’ve brought new topic into my knowledge and I really enjoy reading it.

    Though buying and selling would require investment and a good analysis to judge value and decide accordingly. I am better attracted towards affiliate on those site. I’d be happier if you’d given some examples and references of regarding drop shipping method. It is really interesting. Can we find such merchants?

    1. Avatar of Nirmala
      Nirmala says

      Yeah, it is almost like flipping with the concept “buying low and selling with profit” without increasing/changing anything.

      As I specified, even though it needs effort and investment, one can earn a good online income with this money-making option.

      I don’t have previous experience in this, but am sure you’ll get drop shippers to sell the products.

      Glad you find my guest post interesting Suresh and am pleased with your valuable comment 🙂

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    You basically covered the entire topic! Well written article, I must say. First of all, let me tell you that I’ve known this way of making money. But I was a layman regarding its technical details and all.

    But now, I’m no more a layman! Thanks to your post.

    You discussed some strategies very useful for thriving in this field. I can imagine the hard-work and research you put into this article. And your effort reflects in the article. Keep writing such great posts!


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      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for leaving your comment and am seeing your active performance everywhere 🙂

      I hope, your are a passionate blogger and I wish to reach a good level of blogging success.

      Glad you find this post useful and yes, most of the people are making good income with auction sites.

      Yeah, I do hard work, as I love writing and blogging.

      Sure, will always try to contribute some informative posts for my pretty readers 🙂

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    Hi Nirmala Mam,
    You have shared an Excellent post on earning money through auction sites.. I have never tried Flippa but after reading this,I am going to give it a try. BTW Your English is very good.Thanks for sharing and have an Awesome day.

    1. Avatar of Nirmala
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      Thanks for reading this post and leaving your appreciation comment Deepak 🙂

      Sure, give a try with Filppa and let me know the progress of earning money with it.

      Its good to see you here, keep reading and commenting 🙂

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    Hi Nirmala,
    This is such a detailed post on making money via Auction sites. I know a few people who are making good income through flippa.
    I really enjoyed this piece and I learnt a lot of stuffs.
    Thanks for the share

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    Pawan says

    Hi Ma’am,

    An insightful article that I can’t stop sharing. Recently, I sold couple of my sites through auction and I think I should add my experience here.

    The first thing is deciding the right value for your sites. I wrote a detailed article on that and I’m linking that up with this comment. Next in the line is the motive. I never had the motive of selling them. I worked on them as if I’m gonna use them for the years to come. I took care of them like a baby and that helped me a lot.

    Auctioning sites for profit is coming out to be a good way to earn money and what’s important is to do that legitimately. 🙂

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    Aditya Dey says

    Honestly speaking over the years the ways to make money online have emerged a lot…..Nowadays it’s not that tough to earn decent bucks while staying online and doing the things that we love to do…..I was very much active in domain and website flipping some days back……However, now I have moved on from it and jumped into marketing (obviously along with blogging :-P)……

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    Thanks for sharing a nice post. But I am not so sure about selling stuffs on auction site unless we have a solid product to sell.

    Though, I’ve experience in selling website on Flippa but have never tried ebay or any other sites for selling or buying. In fact, I am a still baby when it comes to buy stuffs online 🙂
    Thanks again for the post.

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    Your posts are always awesome and today also the post you shared with us is very informative and useful. Money making auction you listed are just awesome. Keep on sharing 🙂


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    Hi Nirmala! Neat Post. I’m into auctioning premium domain names. During the 3 years of duration into this business, I have always realized that making money isn’t that easy if you don’t have the right approach with the right set of people! I have initially run into abundant losses due to engagement with the wrong people (I once got banned on Godaddy Auctions)! Its all about your approach, no matter what business you are in 🙂

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    Really nice post…Thanks Nirmala for sharing these tips.

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    This is a cool article, Nirmala!

    You know, it’s funny. I’ve been building my freelancing business and starting some affiliate marketing initiatives… but it has never occurred to me to consider auction sites as a possible revenue source. Thanks!

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    Awesome post. This is really helpfull for me. Earning lots of money with Auction sites are really cool and easy. I just loved this article. You helped me alot so I just wanna say thanks to you. I’ll definitely gonna bookmark your blog.
    Thank you.

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