Website Features That Will Help Your eCommerce Business Flourish


This website is dedicated to helping you make money legitimately online. Sometimes you don’t need to get into an obscure partnership or start trading crypto like a cowboy to make some cash on the internet: sometimes, you can just make your money the old-fashioned way by selling things. eCommerce – the practice of selling goods online – is a huge business. Over 2 billion people purchased goods online in 2020, according to data collated by Statista. You can market your site to potential customers all around the world and, providing that you have a great product, expand far more quickly than was possible before the advent of the internet. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the eCommerce market means that competition is very, very stiff. You’ll need a top-quality website in order to draw in and retain custom. Here are some features that will help your eCommerce website grow.

A Streamlined Checkout System

Converting visitors into customers is often about removing barriers between them and your product. All top-rated website designers will make the simplification and streamlining of the checkout process a priority when putting together an eCommerce website. You should aim to have a strong customer conversion rate. This is the ratio of customers that actually purchase goods or sign up to mailing lists as opposed to those that simply visit without taking any action. A streamlined checking out process is one of the most surefire ways of improving your conversion rate.

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SEO Friendly Content And Metadata

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short – is the practice of improving the search engine ranking of a website. Some of the simplest ways of doing this involve the integration of metadata and the writing of good quality, keyword-conscious content.  Metadata can be included in picture files and videos and essentially gives search engine algorithms another set of keywords to consider. Good content in the form of copy is one of the most highly regarded ranking factors in the ‘eyes’ of search engine algorithms. Don’t just stuff your content with keywords, though – clever new algorithms can see right through this.

Mobile Compatibility

Over half of all browsing is carried out using mobile devices. If your eCommerce website has poor mobile compatibility, then you risk putting off a huge portion of your potential market. Good website design for mobile compatibility is all about scalability and simplicity. Don’t clutter up your website with complex menus and mixed media. Even if these features look great on a large screen, they will make browsing (and buying) on a mobile phone unnecessarily hard.

User-Generated Reviews (Up to a Point)

Making user-generated reviews prominent on your eCommerce website can show just how good your products are and will also helpfully up your keyword count naturally. You should, however, filter your reviews before you allow them on your homepage. Trolls, racists, and general naysayers can tarnish your carefully curated website and drive potential customers away before they make a purchase.

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