Get Paid to Write Sponsored Reviews/Paid Posts on your Blog

Writing Paid Posts is the Best Source if you want to make instant money from your Blog. Advertisers Search for the Blogs that writes Quality and Unique content on their Blog. They just ask to write a review of one of their products in the form of Posts including a link of their Website. And you will get paid to write reviews accordingly. These types of Posts are generally called as Sponsored Reviews.

Writing Reviews on Blogs is emerged as one of the important Blog Monetization methods with which you can make money from Blog. No Doubt PPC ad Networks and CPM advertising are the best methods for Huge Blog Income but if you underestimating the reach of Review writing then you are missing an opportunity to earn extra Dollars.

get paid to write sponsored reviews or paid posts to make money from blog


Key Points for Writing Paid Posts

#1 You will get paid to write reviews only if you have a PayPal account as almost all the advertisers will transfer your money via PayPal. It is the safer, easier and popular way to get paid online and it works just like using a credit or debit cards for online shopping. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account as it is free to Register for a PayPal account.

#2 Although all the Monetization methods works best for Blogs that receives good Traffic, But Sponsored reviews work only for Blogs that has bulk of monthly visitors.

#3 You Blog Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank is also considered by Advertisers while sponsoring your Website or Blogs for Reviews.

Quick Guide: How to Improve Alexa Rank of your Website

#4 Blog Niche is one of the most important factors which determines how frequently and easily you get paid to write reviews on Blogs. Although Advertiser will take care of Paid Reviews but still I’m warning you to write reviews of Products that only belongs to your niche otherwise it will have a negative impact on your readers.

#5 If you are a newbie in Blogging Stream and your Blog is just 2-3 months old, then I personally advise you to not focus on this Blog Income source. Improve your quality, content and traffic and all advertisers will then directly contact you. But if still running short of Pocket money then you can write reviews of products on other websites and they will pay you some handsome money.

5 Best Websites to find Sponsored Reviews

Pay Per Post

Minimum Pay-out: 50$ minimum

Payment Option: PayPal

Key Feature: Most Popular, Quality Advertisers, Instant Blog Approval

find Paid Reviews on Pay Per Post here

Sponsored Reviews

Minimum Pay-out: No Minimum

Payment Option: PayPal

Key Feature: Top Paying Sponsored reviews Website, Works on Both ways either publishers search for advertisers or vice-versa, Pay 50% of advertisers cost.

find Paid posts on Sponsored Reviews

Link Post

Minimum Pay-out: 25$

Payment Option: PayPal, Direct Deposits (for US), Check

Key Feature: Pay 70% for each LinkPost written,  Automated Advertising management

find Paid posts on Link Post 


Minimum Pay-out: No Minimum

Payment Option: PayPal

Key Feature: Paid Posting Assignments that is to completed on weekly basis.

find Paid posts on PayU2Blog

These are the Best 5 Websites which bloggers popularly use to sell Paid blog Posts. Presently I had worked only with Sponsored Reviews, Review me and Pay per Post and they have generated a good amount of money for my Blog Moneybies. Although it has some boundations but if you full-fill all these criteria then this alone can generate a Huge Income.

6 other Methods to Make Money from Blog

So if you are hungry to grab some extra Dollars from your Blog do check it out this awesome Online Money Making Idea and let me know if you face any problem and i would appreciate if you share your experience with our Readers in the comments section below


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20 thoughts on “Get Paid to Write Sponsored Reviews/Paid Posts on your Blog”

  1. Thanks for the quick review for some of these sites, I did see some new names which I need to try.

    My favorite among these is linkworth (which I know of), I’ve made great returns writing reviews through them. Another platform I can recommend is Teliad. This is one of the older ones around and also give you the chance to set up a variety of offers.

      • Sorry for the late reply, just saw your comment now. Teliad has actually been one of the oldest platforms around (I think it says 2005 on their site).

        I feel really comfortable with their system. The main difference would be that you receive the money for a sponsored review each month for 12 months instead of all at once which does secure a monthly income but keeps you from getting the cash all at once.

  2. Nice post Vipul, I have written a same post but LinkWorth wasn’t in my list. I’m going to try it for my own blog also :). Thank you for mentioning.

    • I had gone through your Article and I find out 2 Websites that i have not heard of that offers Sponsored Reviews for Blogs. Post Point and Posts Genius . Are these websites ever worked for you Rehmat. Leave a reply

    • Does PayU2Blog is live . did you get approval from them ? i was trying for long time but i couldn’t get in to . Actually what metrics they are following ?

  3. Nice post Vipul, I have written a same post but LinkWorth wasn’t in my list. I’m going to try it for my own blog also :). Thank you for mentioning……! 🙂


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