Top Ways to Earn Money from Corporate Training Jobs


Training organizations are spending more capital on the trainees these days. The reason seems quite obvious to us, the kind of courses we have during our graduation are not enough to make graduates ready to work in the corporate sector. Companies across the world are now spending hundreds of billions of rupees over their employees to make them fully productive. The spending on corporate training is now among the most discretionary spending area in the corporate world.

The lack of skilled employees in any industry is the only reason behind such a rapid growth in the training organizations. According to “2014 Corporate Learning Factbook” launched by Bersin by Deloitte, notified the striking grew in US spending on corporate training. The spending grew by 15% this year, which is 3% more than the previous year report.


A Brief About Corporate Training

Corporate training involves different programs to develop the necessary skills in their employees to improve corporate performance. The required skills to enhance corporate performance are like, communication, management, sales techniques and many more. For any company the revenue of their spending on training programs is equivalent to the percentage of employees who are now trained enough and ready to work for the growth of the company. So it is quite necessary to bring the interests of trainees in their training program. The learning of certain skills we are weak at, become more interesting when we get paid for it.

Corporate training is always beneficial for both the corporate world and their employees. Till now, we have discussed enough about how it is advantageous for corporate sector; as far as employees are concern, this training helps them to develop new skill sets, to understand and enhance their own capabilities, and provides necessary knowledge in their field of work. Beside these, the training also helps employees to groom their entire personality, motivate them to perform better in their field. During the training, the trainees get enough confidence to work with any new technology in their actual field work. On the behalf of this confidence, they open up several new paths to advance their career.

Top Ways to Earn Money from Corporate Training Jobs:

A Brief About Corporate Trainer

If we talk about corporate training jobs, one job where you can earn a good sum of money is being a corporate trainer. In order to be a corporate trainer, you need to have a multi-directional approach in a disciplined manner. It’s not that a single degree can enable you to be a corporate trainer. A corporate trainer is like a vital link between the company and the fresher where the corporate trainer is responsible for nourishing the new skills in the trainees.

The qualities or skills required to be a corporate trainer are:

  • Good Communication Skills. These skills are required to handle different people within the training program to understand their queries and able to convey his knowledge to them.
  • Teaching Skills. It’s quite obvious that a trainer must have good teaching skills.
  • Group Dynamic often helps the trainers to adapt the changes in technology, the requirements of the company and physical environment.

Regarding the question of how much a corporate trainer earns, it all depends on level of experience and the sense of responsibility the trainer has. Obviously, the corporate sectors have the highest number of vacancies for the corporate trainers. The salaries of corporate trainers varies with a great variation like a training manager earns between $45,000- $140,000 on the other hand, specialists make between $30,000 – 85,000.

This is a kind of job, where you have to be on your foot. As a corporate trainer, you must be aware of what is going on in the present corporate world. You have to know the definite requirements of the specific company like what are the skill sets they are looking in their employees and as a trainer its your responsibility to provide them fully productive human resources.

If you are looking for such a job. Don’t waste time, Start from now. Good luck.

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