How to Make Money from designs through


Are you a graphic designer? Are you looking for a platform to establish your identity? Want to make money from designs created by yourself? Don’t worry at all, when we talk about graphic designers and their different styles of designs, the first name came across our mind is In this competitive world, the competition in design industries is widening up.


It’s becoming challenging for both the designers to post their designs at a place where they could get benefits and have good opportunities to grow. And, this is equally difficult for the people who are looking for the recent designs available in this global market to get latest updates from one reliable source.


How to Make Money from designs through

The name of one such source is “”. This is a website which conducts several contests among the designs submitted by several designers. The designs which match the customer’s design brief or their requirements are selected as winner and the winners are then paid for their work.

The designs here are not limited to certain categories, but this is a place where you can find all the latest designs of different categories. These categories involve logo designs, webpage designs, banner ad designs, book cover designs, mobile app designs and many more.

The website not only organizes contests, but also sell the ready logos in the global market and this is how the designers earn a good amount of money and top of that they get the worldwide appreciation for their work. All we need from a job is a good income and appreciation of our work, collaboration with this organization gives you both. This article is all about how you can earn money from your designs through If you don’t have a designer profile, but you want to do something in this field which is not a difficult task to do if you have certain qualities. The following information may sound interesting to you.

Graphic Designers in Brief

On a general basis, there are two broad categories of designers in IT sector. And they are:

  1. Top Graded Graphic Designers. The name of designers in this category is followed by many big names like, Andy Hertzfeld, an original Designer for Apple, Milton Glaser, well known for his “I love New York” logo and Paul Rand, known for his logos for IBM, UPS and many others. This is not the end; the list consists of many other names too.
  2. Software and Game Designers. This is the job where work is fun. The designers in this category not only enjoy their work, but also earn a good amount of money. What they need to do is design a game or user interface for any application which can be a desktop, a web or a mobile application.

How can help the fresher to make money from designs?

If you are a fresher in this industry, you may feel it quite challenging in the beginning and the behind this is that, in such industries experience counts the most rather than your traditional knowledge.

At this stage, we need a platform where we could explore ourselves. And, is one such platform where the designer (no matter a fresher or an experienced one) can enroll and participate in the contest and sell his/her logos if they meet the customers design brief or requirements. Apart from the contest, the website provides better opportunities to the designers to explore themselves. The designers can do a job or intern as a freelance designer, or other positions once they collaborate with this website.


A well known product of this website is 1-to-1 projects. With the help of this product, number of customers can hire freelance graphic designers for their work. The same product also manages the designers work and their pay.

How 1-to-1 projects works in making money from designs?

  1. The clients first hire the freelance graphic designer according their requirements and the designer profile for their work.
  2. The client and the designers agree on the requirements, payments and other such issues.
  3. Both the designer and the client can communicate through the same portal provided by The whole communication is kept secure so that both the parties can freely share the ideas, designs and response.
  4. All the processes like payment transfer and copyright transfer are kept secure so that none of the client and designer could ever get harm.

I wish this article has given you all the necessary information regarding the working as a freelance graphic designer in collaboration with With a wish that you find your way in this field here I conclude my article. Keep working! Enroll in the competition today. Good Luck. start career with

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