5 Things You Should Learn from Sachin Tendulkar to make money online


What can I learn from Sachin Tendulkar?

Are Sachin Tendulkar characteristics helpful for me?

Can Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar qualities help me to earn money?

Will master blaster teach me how to make money online?


Lots of question strike in my mind whenever I watch this legend on television. I always think that how he can manage things superbly almost 24 years and dominate world cricket for a long period of time.

As a blogger I can feel that it is not easy to get higher rankings and once you get them, its more difficult to maintain that position. Who doesn’t want to own a luxury Ferrari car, but do we really contain qualities like Sachin is having?

Sachin Tendulkar 5 qualities can make money online for you

We all are here to make money online, especially bloggers. And you all will be amazed to know that Sachin can help you to earn money online. He is not only an inspiring personality on cricket field but also the best motivator online from whom we can learn so much.

Master blaster’s qualities will inspire many generations though Sachin gets retire from cricket on 18 November, 2013 in Mumbai. There are certain characteristics of Sachin Tendulkar that I believe a blogger must have to make money on internet.

5 best qualities of Sachin Tendulkar that one should follow to make money online

Crystal clear vision

This is one of the best qualities that Sachin Tendulkar has. He always knows what exactly he wants to do. He is passionate for cricket from his childhood and always believes that he is born to play cricket. His thoughts were clear to play cricket.

To make money online, you must have clear your vision about how you want to earn money. There are several money making ways like blogging, data entry, Forex trading etc. Most popular one is blogging.

As a blogger, I can say that yes Sachin’s crystal clear vision quality has worked a lot for me in making money. I am an engineer by education, hence I must go for some technical works, but I have chosen blogging as my career like Sachin chose cricket in early days of his school education life.

If I didn’t clear in my mind that what exactly I should do in my life, I couldn’t earn money here on internet. There were lots of ways I was trying to make money but I wasn’t making single penny as I wasn’t clear what exactly I need to do for performing better. But yeah, Sachin helps me.

You must have cleared your vision, especially for a blogger. You can’t work efficiently on multiple blogs.

Focus and Determination

Focusing 24 years with same determination can only be done from Master Blaster. His cricketing career started in 1989 against Pakistan, since then till 18 November 2013 He is always determined and focused on cricket.

Maintaining focus for a long period of time, is really a difficult task. On internet, it is as valuable as for other fields like cricket. According to me, determination and focus is very important to earn good money here online.

Putting concentration on multiple blogs, can’t generate good money easily. We can’t give proper time, efforts to all blogs at a particular time. I am saying thing because of my experience in field. I was working on 3-4 blogs before few days and never got good results as I couldn’t focus properly on them.

As I start to work on one particular blog, I start to get good results from there. Focus is key to get success and Sachin is the best example to get inspired.

I only want to narrate one story of Sachin’s life about focus and determination.

“When his father died in 1999 during world cup, and Sachin played match against Kenya and hit century just after returning from Funeral.”

How much he was focused throughout his career, we can understand from this knock from him.

Hunger for success

To become successful, you should be hungry and desperate to get it. Master blaster Sachin is one of the guys who always look for getting runs on the field whatever the situations and conditions. His hunger for runs never been ended.

I am not saying you that run to make money online but I am saying that keep working online to get success. Try to do work smartly as much as you can, Don’t stop yourself by getting some hurdles in the way.

Once you get the hunger for success, you will be like celebrity on internet as Sachin Tendulkar.


One must have commitment towards his passion, goals, dreams. Without commitment, you can’t get successful anywhere. Sachin is the perfect role model to define commitment. His father died during 1999 cricket world cup and still he played match against Kenya and scored century.

This shows how much he was committed towards game and nation. For making money on internet, you should have commitment so that you can work efficiently. As a blogger, I can say that commitment makes me more hungry, discipline and hard worker to get success.

Never give up

Ups and downs always come in our life and Sachin also had those kind of moments when he didn’t score for a while. He was out of form but not from cricketing field. Sachin just scored 15 runs in his first international match against Pakistan. He didn’t score single run in his maiden one day match. But he never say bye to cricket.

Lots of people have given suggestion to him to get retire from cricket as not doing good on the field. But he never left the field and always try to get out the bad situations.

New people or bloggers always do quit just because at initially stage they don’t make money. They don’t get results and say bye to the field. If you leave the field, how would you get success, name and fame. Never think of doing quit. If Sachin had done quit after the golden duck in his first ODI match, he won’t get all big one day records in his bag now.

“Winners never quit, Quiters never win.”

So guys, never quit and make money online by following these great qualities of Sachin Tendulkar. All the best from every cricket lover to Sachin Tendulkar for his rest of life after retirement.

If you know more Sachin Tendulkar qualities that can help people to earn money online, you can share with us in comment section.

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    If I didn’t clear in my mind that what exactly I should do in my life, I couldn’t earn money here on internet. There were lots of ways I was trying to make money but I wasn’t making single penny as I wasn’t clear what exactly I need to do for performing better. But yeah, Sachin helps me.

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