Key Ways Working Online is Safer and More Profitable than Driving To Work


While working in an office presents for some an ideal career and working environment, working online provides a good opportunity for professionals to earn a lot more than their day jobs. Many professionals have actually found working online safer and more profitable than going to a “day job” every day.

working online

If you are still not convinced of the advantages of working online, take a look at the following ways that remote working is actually safer and more profitable than your average day job.

You No Longer Have to Drive to Work in Traffic Every Single Day

Sitting in your car in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic is very stressful and exhausting. To make it worse, you still not have reached the office yet and you are already exhausted and worn out because of the traffic. Working online can save you from the hassles of commuting to your office job every single day.

Those who work at home no longer spend hours sitting in their cars because of the traffic, and they actually save money that normally goes to fuel for your car.

As a work-from-home employee, you can ensure your safety and significantly reduce the risk of a car accident from having to drive very fast so you won’t be late for work. If you do experience a vehicular accident, such as a truck accident, a lawyer versed in these circumstances such as those here might be of assistance.

Numerous Money-Making Opportunities Online That Can Earn You a Profit

The profit you can earn from working online is limitless. It all depends on how much time and effort are you willing to put into it.

There are countless legitimate ways for you to earn money from working online. Here are some of them.

  • Selling stock photos. If you’re into photography, you might want to sell your photographs on stock photography sites such as ShutterStock, Getty Images, Fotolia, etc. This will give you an extra source of income. You can even make an actual living out of it if you put more effort into capturing some impressive photographs.
  • Start a blog. If you want to share relevant information and insights to other people, you can try starting a blog and make a serious living out of it. Once you start creating high-quality content and earn a good amount of traffic from your audience, money will come in many ways such as advertising, sponsorships, affiliate links, and viewerships. From viewerships alone, a blogger can expect to earn at least one percent of the average number of views he/she gets a month. For instance, if you have an average 50,000 views a month, you likely earn $500 a month.
  • Become a virtual assistant. If you have some good administrative skills, you can try becoming an online virtual assistant and earn an average of $22,800 a year or $1,800 a month.
  • Become a Travel blogger. Roam around the World and earn an average of $42,000 a year or $3,500 a month. You know, many people are doing this!
  • Create an online store. Selling online can also earn you a huge amount of profit. You can be a full-time online seller and start earning thousands of dollars every month, or be a part-time online seller and get a good source of additional income.
  • Become an online tutor. If teaching is in your blood, you can also do it online too. An online tutor can earn an average $26,000 a year or $600 a month.
  • Get on YouTube. If you’re a big fan of making some cool and interesting videos, you can actually post videos on YouTube and earn a profit from it. The amount of profit you can earn from making videos on YouTube depends on the number of views and subscriptions you get.


There are still so many ways for you to earn money when working online. Explore all of these to find the best money-making opportunity for you and spend a good amount of time and effort on your decision.

Whether you prefer to work online in the comfort of your home or drive to your office job every day depends on you. It’s important that you choose a career in which you are happy.

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