How your next Holiday Vacation can generate Money for you?


Planning a holiday without a price check is a dream of every traveler. Finding the best travel rates with an excellent hotel always put a hole in the pocket. Saving, which we always try doesn’t come out to be handy.

earn money holiday

We all have our holiday bucket full of images videos, stories and people we met. The holiday talk never ends but what if I tell you that you can now earn while you travel? Isn’t it shocking? Yes! Believe it or not, but now with some excellent ways that will be discussed here, you will be able to earn money while being on a vacation.

How travelling can be an “earning affair”?

  1. Work as a Tour Guide:

earn money as a tour guideDo you love to get connected with new people? Well! Then this is the right option for you. Becoming a tour guide will not only make you travel the place but will also make you earn extra money! However, you need to prepare yourself for the stress of managing a group of people as it is not so easy to handle some unknown people at the same time.

How to Become a Tour Guide?

To become a tourist guide, you first need to find out the rules and the Regulations for the Department of Tourism from which country you belong! Now you have to follow a few steps:

  • Go to the website for the Department of Tourism and then find out the criteria for being eligible.
  • Enroll yourself with the personal details either online or Offline as per your convenience.
  • Pay the amount required and then wait for the registration to get completed!
  • Once your registration is completed, you can now claim for the I.D card from the Department of Tourism.
  1. Start a Travel Blog:

richest bloggersAre you passionate about writing and at the same time you love to travel? Then look for no other option than starting a travel blog of your own. It is not easy as it has been seen that many travel bloggers end up spending their own money on marketing, writing and traveling. It takes upto years to be a successful blogger, but if you have passion and willing to earn money, you can give it a shot.

How to Start a Travel Blog?

To start your own WordPress Site, you need to follow a few things:

  • Buy a domain and register it with an attractive name that relates to traveling.
  • Upload videos and pictures of your trips and then share experiences with everyone.
  • Write down the places which you have visited and also share the experiences of the hotels and sightseeing!
  • You can also capture your trip in video mode and then later publish it onto Youtube as a Travel Blogger to engage more users and then earn from Adsense or from Advertisement providers.
  • Once you are done with posting search a few tips to apply for adsense to your blog to earn a good amount of money for every post that you publish.
  1. Get paid for your photos:

shutterstock to earn moneyDo you click lots of pictures while you travel? Well! Of course, you do. So why not earn few extra bucks by selling your photos? Yes! You can now sell your photos to royalty free sites like Shutterstock and iStock. The payment ranges from few dollars upto 100$ or more.

How to Get Paid for Pictures?

To get paid with Pictures, all you need to do is follow some important steps.

  • Find out a community or even a website where you can sell your pictures. Professionals do prefer Shutterstock or even royalty free sites where they can sell the photos.
  • Read all the Terms and Conditions very carefully for uploading the pictures and then complete the registration details to create your profile.
  • Once the profile has been created, upload the pictures with captions and Tags such that people can get to see your Pictures.
  • Create a social media account and try to promote your age such that you can attract more users.
  • Reach out to online magazines or different Blogs who look for travelers or different activists in different countries.
  • Ask the people to buy from these community Websites from where you can earn directly.
  1. Perform on the Street

Are you good on something like dancing, singing, etc.? Well! Then look out for the option of street performing. If you perform on a cruise in front of the live audiences, then you might get a chance to stay there free of cost. You may also get an opportunity to visit several exotic places.


These aren’t the only options, as there are several other ways by which you can earn that little extra amount while on vacation. So choose your option wisely and earn that extra money to make your holiday vacation super affordable as well as exciting.

Do let us know which option suited you the best to earn while you are on vacation and also share with us your experience in earning for Holidays.

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