3 Excellent Ways to Make Money with Cafepress


Making money online is quite easy nowadays if we find the right way for us. There are several online programs through which we can make money. Some of them are money with Google program, affiliate programs, online data entry, writing reviews, buying and selling websites and much more we have discussed in our previous articles.

People always seeking for top class money income sources. They find different websites to make money. Today I am going to help them by providing them one of the best website by which they can make in 3 easy ways. The website is cafepress.com which provide three simple money making methods.

Earn money with cafepress from 3 top ways

Cafepress is an online brand which runs three top class methods to full the bags of money seekers. The options to make money from the company are like creating a design for products, partner programs and online Cafepress shop. Big name brands like Snoopy, National Geographic, E! online, Wikipedia, and Unicef are working with the brand. Hence we can trust to work with the company. Let’s see deeply how we can make money with cafe press.

Create design and earn money

Love to create designs..? Then Cafepress is there to give you worth for your creativity. Brand provides something very special to the people who enjoy creating new designs. It is the simple step process by which you can generate income. The steps are :-

  • Create and upload a design
  • Company sell your design on products

And the final and most important..

  • You make money. 🙂

Even company’s logo regarding this design creation money way is “Take Your Creativity to the Next Level.” There are more than 450 products on which company works and you can choose your item on which you would like to put your design. For example: T-shirts, Mugs etc….

Good design creation for cafepress products give you money

There is a team to help you always in this process. You can ask your doubts with the team members and they will help you. For example if you want to make a beautiful design for T-shirt then you need to follow this process :-
1. In the initial step, you need to select your product. As we have selected T-shirts, we need to select a shirt and then they’ll ask you the color you wish to go with.

2. Then after this you can create anything with the company’s online design tool that is special for the people and like to purchase it. The design tool is easy to use, and you can add graphic or photo to make more attractive the product.

3. In case you need any help, you can click at the green box at the left of the screen where you will get an expert for your help. This help is available for free of charge from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. (EST) in the week days of Monday to Wednesday.

One more benefit : – If you like, company experts can edit your design to make it more attractive even in the middle of design creation process.

That is how your design image is ready in just few minutes and you can save it and share it.

Shop Service Program

This service program is for those people who have got already a huge audience, especially website/blog owners. If you have a great site or blog then company provides an online shop for you where you can design, manage and sell your own merchandise on your site. This is the best option for you to make money with Cafepress if you have got a well-established website.

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This enables you to have your own branded online shop, and you can choose products according to your like from the list of over 450 Cafepress products.You will earn the royalty on every sale from your shop and also make more income when you find yourself at bonus level. You can read more on Cafepress site.

Cafepress Partner Program

Cafepress also provides the affiliate program to give people more money. Here in this partner program, all you need is to so just marketing of Cafepress products. You don’t need to take any kind of tension for the creation of product design. The company will do it for you.

You can select millions of product to promote them and company provides a tool for you to boost the revenue. As you start the marketing of the product for the brand and you earn money a royalty on each sale.

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This is a free program to join, company : and all you need is to sign up for it. Then after getting the membership for program, you have to promote the product you select and as referrals buy your affiliate code is recognized. You will get credit for it.

My views-

I think this company is good to work with. Not only because it provides money, but also it gives worth to our creativity and imagination. As I have discussed above big other brands like snoopy and National Geographic are working with it, hence we can also work with Cafepress. It creates faith.

Isn’t it a good brand to work with?

What do you think about it, Share your thoughts with me. 🙂

Happy money making

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    The online earning is just a dream for me, can you please explain the way to have some more bucks in pocket at the end of the month.

    Would be thankful to you if you could be able to guide me in earning.

    Milind A.

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    good website, but they really need to clamp down on racist, mysogonistic and prejudicial tshirts and products currently being sold on this websites.

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