Superb Way to Make Money by Ads of Smart Phone Screen in USA


If you have become sick of advertisements on mobile phone, then this information is so much relief-full in the series of Online Money Making. It’s a very new service, which is recently started in America. The service stat that” We will provide an option of earning money by unlocking of mobile screen with no click on advertisements”.

Obviously it’s great information for all the people, who are suffering with mobile ads. These mobile ads sometime show with free apps, net browsing & with many more options. It seems to be irritated to see this situation. In fact, these advertisements also consume your data of internet in KB and MB. But now this process is going to be changed soon. A new company named ‘LOCKET’ is started in USA, which pay you for seeing the ads on mobile screen. Thus, if you are not able to work online and get money, this way becomes so beneficial for you.

Effective Way to Make Money by Ads of Mobile Screen in USA

*How will this process work??

Basically, this company will use your Smart Phone function, which function is very common for you. Means it’s your lock screen. When you press the power button of your Smart Phone then screen light starts, but you have to unlock the screen by swiping. This screen is called “Lock Screen”.

Now you unlock your Smart Phone many times in a day. If you will use this app of “LOCKET” then ads will change into your earnings. You can easily make money by ads everytime, when you swipe your Smart Phone. The main considerable thing is that you don’t require to click any ad or follow that service. Only you have to unlock the screen, and earning will transfer to you.

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*What is the Payout of ‘LOCKET’??

This is very important question for everybody. If the company is paying that way then what is the favourable amount?

Locket is paying you per 1 cent for unlocking the screen once. But the noticeable thing is that there is a maximum limit decide for unlocks. According to the company “You can easily earn till $10 in a month” By the way, now company is only working in USA, but it is also assumed that it will soon cover up to all countries.

Effective Way to Make Money by Ads of Mobile Screen in USA-2

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*What is the Benefits of Company??

‘LOCKET’ is using this policy for the marketing of products. In this marketing trend, it doesn’t matter, you buy anything or not. But after doing unlocking of screen, your eye will definitely focus on the products once a time. In this way, the product will be register in your memory. Company is also assuming that “An average person use mobile phone for 12 hours daily”. So they are trying to do more and more effective marketing. Don’t Miss: Take Online Surveys and Get profitable Outcomes..!!


*How would you get Benefit??

    • In this whole process, you don’t need to give any kind of personal information related to your Bank account or credit card or something else.


    • First you have to download the free app of LOCKET on your Android phone, which is available on Google Play Store.


    • You have to mention one of your e-mail ids, which is connected to PayPal, here for downloading the app.


    • Now if you unlock your screen, you can easily get your profitable amount here. You can also choose this payment system from LOCKET directly.


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*It’s not the end of this Earning Money Process..!!

In this time, company is paying you 1 cent for 1 unlock with the $1 bonus for per ad as your referral. Company is also giving Random cash as the bonus for old customers. You can directly go to the for getting more information about the effective money making way.  


Surely, Mobile Screening is a new & effective way of earning some buckets quickly. You just have to do your regular work as unlocking the phone, as you always do. Random Cash bonus is like a free gold medal here to achieve. There are many PTC (Paid to Click))sites available, which pay you for clicks on advertisements, this is something different from them. Other way, company is working in America basically, but it is trying advertisements frequently for growing his network. Soon, you will find this in your nearest location also. Thanks for giving your time to read this post. Give your some frequent feedbacks about this modern money making way, so that company will see your opinions and launch it soon in your areas!!

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