7 Tremendous ways to make money from Podcasting


Hello guys, today I am sharing one of the most interesting ways to make money online. We have so much discussed about online money making ways but still there are some methods left, by which we can earn money and we don’t know about them. Podcasting is one of them.

Many from us know about podcasts but still some from us never heard about it. So firstly I would like to discuss what podcasting is all about and then we’ll learn how we can make money podcasting.

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is nothing but an audio form of content. In simple words, we produce information in audio form rather than writing text article, creating video, making slides.

Nowadays people are doing voice search more than text searching. So podcasting is a good way to produce your content online and make money from it. Google’s Hummingbird update is mainly focused on conversational searches, that indicates in future time how much podcasting is important.

We have seen that podcasting will be a vital factor in the near future, and that’s why we need to know how we can earn money with a podcast.

How to make money from Podcasting?

Making money podcasting is not difficult until you don't know about 7 basics of advertisements, sponsors etc.

Making money from podcasts is not a difficult work if you are able to make quality podcasts. There are tremendous ways to earn money from it and believe me guys, you will enjoy with the earnings from podcasts. Let us start to make money podcasting.

Find Advertisers

We are much familiar with this word and many from us earn good money through advertisements. There are lots of advertising programs like Google AdSense run for websites and videos.

Podcasts also get advertisers. Google doesn’t run Adsense program this time for podcasters, but there are advertising networks like podtrac, wizzard available to give revenue to publishers.

Here amount is generated on the basis of Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM). When you have got a number of good subscribers, you can earn decent money through these networks.

Get Sponsors

Every webmaster or Internet marketer looks for at least one advertiser online who can sponsor him/her. But it is not an easy job that one sponsor comes to you and want to work with you unless you have made a good reputation on the internet through your website.

Same thing happens in podcasting. When you have a big number of subscribers and good reputation as a podcaster, you can get sponsors easily.

Sell products

This is a common method to earn money from podcasts. You can sell you own product or may be of another company and get some commission. Selling your own product will enhance your business online and selling other company’s product will give you extra money.

Treat podcast as a short time radio program

This is something very interesting way to earn money from podcasts. All you need to treat your podcast as a short time radio program where you offer some product or service details to your listeners in between the podcast.

This is just a simple and easy way to make money online through podcasts. You can ask companies or brands or businesses to advertise their market online from your podcasts. Hence you can charge them on a monthly basis as well as for one single podcast, depends on you and your number of listeners.

You announce anytime about that product or service in your podcast whether in starting, between or at the ending section of your podcast.

Give free away

You must be thinking that what is this? How you can earn from giving free away. But my dear friends, we can earn money from free always too.

You can give your podcast initially for free and then can charge for the rest. For example, you are making a podcast on the topic “How to make easy money online” and the podcast will be of 25 minutes.

You can offer this podcast in two sections to the listener. In starting few minutes, a user can listen your podcast for free and then for the rest podcast user needs to be a paid subscriber.

Isn’t it interesting to earn money from free away podcasters..

Sell own services

This is one of the best ways to make money podcasting because it allows you to sell your own services. You can promote any kind of service to your listeners. If you have your own expertise in any field and you want to promote it, you can do it by podcasts and make money.

You can give your podcasting services to various companies and online brands. This will also give you good money. Maximum people don’t know how to make a quality podcast, hence you can do good job here if get some experience with time.

After few months you can give your services to companies and businesses. This will give you fame as well money too.

Make money by selling iPhone apps

Can make money through iPhone? This question is very popular on the internet, and I have been looking to get its answers since I am looking to purchase a new apple device.

Then I come to know that yes we can make money from iPhone apps. If you are a good podcaster then you can sell iPhone apps along with your podcast and earn a decent income. You don’t require to charge for podcasts instead you can offer your audience to buy iPhone app from your podcast.

Learn more :- How to make money from iPhone

Elsie Escobar is an online yoga trainer who is earning a good amount of money by selling iPhone apps through her podcasts. She doesn’t charge for her podcasts but still earns good money. She told in an interview.

These are the great 7 ways to make money from podcasting. I hope you I like them, and if you know anyone you can share in the comments section as well as if you have any query or doubt you can ask frequently.

  1. Avatar of Amit Gupta
    Amit Gupta says

    very informative article.

  2. Avatar of Nirmala
    Nirmala says

    Well said Aman 🙂

    Yeah, pod-casting is becoming popular now a days and earning with it is a good idea.

    Thanks for specifying the ways to earn with podcast, just bookmarked it for future use.

    Keep writing the money making ideas 🙂

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hi Nirmala mam,

      Yes, podcasting has a good future and earning money from it is a good way to enhance monthly income.
      Online money making isn’t difficult when there are lots of ways available online.

      In fact whatever thing is available can give you money like website, videos, images and now voice.. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and appreciating..

  3. Avatar of Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson says

    Some people like Adam Curry, are having success though a “Value for value” program and asking for donations. The no agenda show (noagendashow.com) has people donate 1,000 to be a “knight of the no agenda round table.” There are also TONS of ways you benefit from podcasting in addition to money.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hello Dave,

      Thanks for adding your views and let us know about more ways to earn money through podcasting.
      I have also heard about Adam Curry in this field and he makes decent income. Donation is a good way to earn money.

      Keep in touch with us.. 🙂

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