6 Tips to Use ‘Offer Extensions’ In AdWords

google adwords offer extension to promtote products and discounts

Being a Google AdWords advertiser you can gain a lot through Offer Extensions. With the help of these great marketing tools you can attach your discount offers and rebates to your Google ads, and they will then appear right in the search results. Easy accessibility is one of the most important advantages of having ‘offer extensions’. Generally, when you offer discounts on your products, customers can get to know about them only when they visit your website. But those who do not visit your website will not get to know about the offers, and thus it will reduce your sales.

Offer extensions however, will help to maximize your sales.

When your potential client clicks on View Offer he will get linked to the webpage where he will get to see the offer and enjoy purchasing at discounted rates. You can also create a redemption code which can be used for a certain period. To help you enjoy maximum profits below are given 6 ways to use ‘Offer Extensions’ in AdWords.

1. Give special offers to make your customers feel important
When your customer notices your ad along with the offer on the search results page, he/she immediately will want to click on it if that is meant exclusively for him. This is the reason why you need to frame your offer in a way that your potential customers feels lucky having search your product and found the great discount at the right time.

2. Offer generous discounts to attract more audience
If you offer a generous discount rate you will notice users wanting to enjoy your coupons and discounts wildly. Thus, instead of offering a small 5% or 10% discount, offer a minimum 30% discount. Lower discounts do not generally motivate the audience into clicking and wasting their precious time. They instead think they might get a better discount after some time or at some other place, and you would thus miss making a sale.

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3. Try out different versions to discover which works best
Using offer extensions you can frame your deals any way you want to. Your discounts can be displayed in the cash amount or in the percentage form. You should also try and use different words to attract better reaction from people. If you are aware of the audience type for who you are framing the offer, it will make your job easier.

4. Relevance of the offer has an important role to play
Google has announced it will be displaying offers only of the top three ads in its result page. Thus you can easily enjoy better sales with offer extensions. Extensions can be generated from two levels – ad group level and campaign level. If you chose ad group level you will enjoy extensions for each ad in that group and if you opt for campaign level, extensions will be displayed for your ad in that campaign.

google adwords tips provide offer extensions to provide discounts in search results

5. Automatic offer extensions
If you opt for automatic offer extensions, Google will display your rebates/discounts automatically. If you want the automatic offer extensions to work for you the right way, it is important you choose the right keywords while framing your discount ads. This will make sure that when your ad is scanned by Google, it easily finds the discounts and shows it to prospective clients.

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6. Keep track of your performance and improve it
To see how useful offer extensions have proven to be for your business you can check their performance in your personal AdWords account. First select the campaign, whose performance you plan to check. Next, go to add extensions, then view (drop down), and then offer extensions. You will notice a data being displayed that helps you know about the performance of the extensions. You can go through it and wherever you find scope, make positive changes.

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