GrabPoints as an Extra Income Source – Why You Should Give It a Try


I finally figured out why a lot of people are now turning to survey and GPT sites to make some extra income while working from home. For starters, it’s free to sign up (at least the legit ones are – if a site asks you to pay for membership, run far, far away!). You won’t have to commute anywhere just to earn a paycheck, and you’re basically getting paid to do stuff you usually do when you’re online, anyway. For another, you are likely to stumble upon some real gems among the pebbles (still talking about GPT sites here) when a particular site makes it worth your time and effort by rewarding you well, and rewarding you within a decent time frame.

On that note, I want to talk at length about GrabPoints because of its claim (and reputation) of being the highest-paying survey site today. In this article I want to fast-forward to a conclusion that’s mixed with a bit of cautionary message: no rewards site can take the place of a regular and steady income. Like GrabPoints, they’re quite good at giving your monthly earnings a boost, but that’s about it.

Nevertheless, here is my review on why GrabPoints is a legit source of extra income.

GrabPoints: What Is It?

As a brief overview, GrabPoints has only been around since 2014. However, it’s already gotten a lot of positive feedback from users (around 4 million and counting!) for various reasons. One of them is the above-mentioned claim of being the (if not one of the) highest-paying survey sites around.

grab points

If you visit the GrabPoints website, you might find it a pleasant surprise to see how clutter-free the layout is, and how easily navigable everything is when you’re there. I like that I can see right off the bat the following important things to me as a passive income-seeker: the FAQs, which just about answers anything even a non-member wants to know, and user testimonials, which is mostly made up of positive, detailed reviews. So overall, good first impression!

How Do You Earn From GrabPoints?

Another thing I like about GrabPoints is that there are different ways you can earn with them. Obviously, there are survey sites, which seem to be a staple of rewards platforms nowadays. But apart from that, there are videos to be watched, offers to be completed, games to be played, or apps to be downloaded. And, oh yes, friends to be referred via a good referral system. Points vary per task and other circumstances, of course. However, having several options to earn and get rewarded in turn is always a good problem to have. Especially if a particular task, like surveys, aren’t as readily available as you would like them to be.

I personally prefer and recommend going for sites that have a referral program because it demonstrates a couple of positive things about that site. One, they are confident enough to “invest” in you as a sort of endorser for how good they are, along with the potential earning opportunities they present. Two, passive incomes simply rock! Imagine sitting back and watching while a referral signs up or earns their first 1000 points – both activities which will earn you bonus points at GrabPoints.

What Makes It Different From Other Rewards Site In Existence?

Other rewards sites do not have a referral program, so on that particular aspect, GrabPoints already makes a difference. Also, other sites only offer surveys, and while that is good because it offers the potential to make more money with more surveys, the fact is you can’t really guarantee getting surveys every single day on these sites. I have yet to see one that gets me more than five surveys a week, actually. In stark contrast, GrabPoints offers a good (even fun) menu of tasks to do while you wait for survey notifications. My particular favorite is downloading apps because I have the potential to earn 500 points doing so (provided I follow rules strictly).

grab points

But here’s where GrabPoints really makes a difference for members. They simply have better, faster payouts. When you have the equivalent of $3 (around 3000 points) you can already choose to cash out via PayPal! I’ve received my earnings in as little as 48 business hours because of how fast the site processes payment. This just sends me the message that they are considerate of my needs as someone needing extra income, because I can cash out whenever I need to without waiting too long for my payment to be processed.

Speaking of PayPal, that’s another major difference with GrabPoints from other survey sites. For me, it’s the safest and most trusted payment gateway in existence, so I’m glad to have that.

What Kind of Rewards Are Available at GrabPoints?

There’s an impressive list of rewards at the GrabPoints Rewards Store. The selection there is actually some of the most varied and impressive I’ve seen thus far. Aside from cash, you can choose from a staggering menu of gift cards and rewards. You’d think most rewards from survey and GPT sites are geared towards men and people in their teens or 20s, but I’ve legit seen some rewards that even moms would love to have here! There are shopping gift cards from Walmart, Macy’s, Staples, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Amazon – just practical stuff that can help you with groceries and other basic stuff for the house.


As for me, I love the more frivolous game-related gift cards like those for Steam, Roblox, Rixty, Minecraft, League of Legends, Xbox, and the Nintendo e-Shop. I haven’t gotten all those gift cards yet, though, but knowing that they are there in the Rewards Catalogue motivates me to earn more points to redeem them for even more cards in the future.


So why should you give GrabPoints a try? Because it just works. It doesn’t have the empty bells and whistles that other survey sites employ to get you to sign up and do tasks for them. Instead, they give you what you signed up for: a good source of passive income, with many creative ways to earn, and a fast payment processing system that won’t make you wait in frustration for your earnings.

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