5 Benefits Of Having An Extended Car Warranty

extended warranty 1 5 Benefits Of Having An Extended Car Warranty
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Most car manufacturer warranties only remain valid for a few years right after buying the vehicle. And because it doesn’t last a lifetime, you’ll have to pay out of your pocket to correct any issue arising after its expiry, that’s why having an extended car warranty is deemed necessary.

Advantages Of Extended Car Warranty 

Having an extended car warranty is an optional plan you may choose to help offset the total costs of labor and repairs when your vehicle needs one. However, many people view extended car warranties to be a waste of money. If you share the same sentiment, this guide could help you in seeing the benefits you could obtain:  

1. Peace Of Mind 

If you don’t have a warranty, you’ll have to pay cash for any unexpected repair issue arising in the future. This doesn’t sound very pleasing as the cost of these might exceed how much money you have at the moment to cover such expenses. You should avoid having to undergo such a problem by having an extended car warranty covering everything from replacement parts, labor and repair costs. In this way, you never have to worry whether your car will break down, making you enjoy every moment you spend driving it. 

Having an extended warranty also means you can regularly take your car for regular maintenance. This includes scheduled wheel alignment, oil changes, car check-ups, and a lot more. With all these maintenances done, you never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones and yourself while driving as the car is always in optimal performance. 

2. Roadside Assistance 24/7 

Even with routine maintenance, your car is a machine and might break down in the middle of your travel. When this happens, you’re left to hire a towing company, which will cost you a considerable sum of money. With an extended car warranty, you shouldn’t be worried about this happening as the provider will rescue you. 

This assistance is also applicable when you need a flat tire repair or any other similar service. Just indicate your location and a response team would come to you as soon as possible.

3. Cost-effective

It’s fine to think paying for an extended car warranty is unnecessary as you can never be too sure your vehicle might need any replacement or repair. But if you often drive your car, there’s a higher risk of needing to have certain parts repaired or replaced from time to time, as well as having its check-up. In the long run, this would cost you expenses. 

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But having an extended car warranty saves you from all this altogether as it covers the maintenance, repair, and replacement of vehicle parts, creating more budget for other aspects like car loans. However, this only applies if the damages to your car aren’t resulting from an accident. 

4. Flexibility 

Another reason you need to get an extended car warranty is it offers you great flexibility in availing services. You get to enjoy this because the extended warranty, unlike the manufacturer’s warranty, is designed to fit any specific situation. 

For example, an extended warranty doesn’t restrict you from taking your car to a particular dealership, as is the case with a manufacturer’s warranty. Extended car warranties are also viable for any vehicle regardless of the mileage covered or its age. Moreover, you enjoy the freedom to choose from which third-party company to buy the warranty that’s within your budget. 

5. Increases Your Car’s Resale Value 

You shouldn’t expect to recoup the same amount of money you spent buying your car when selling one because cars are subject to depreciation over time. With that said, taking an extended warranty increases the chances of you recovering as much money as what you paid initially because the prospective buyer looking to buy will see your car with a warranty would perceive you’ve maintained the car well the entire time. Therefore, they’re better assured the car’s condition and performance are still intact, making them willing to pay slightly more for this assurance. 


It’s okay to have some reservations on whether taking out an extended car warranty has any merit. If you’re a car owner and had some skepticism, this post has highlighted why having an extended car warranty is an asset you shouldn’t ignore. As a result, your entire experience as a car owner will be less stressful since your vehicle doesn’t eat up all of your money. 

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