3 Publications Open To Freelance Writers Who Pay $50–$10,000


Are you looking for freelance writing opportunities? There are plenty of magazines and publications that are open to publishing work from freelancers, you just need to know where to look.

Although there are tons of places you can work for bylines only (no payment), finding paid opportunities can be a little bit more difficult. Here are 3 publications you can pitch that actually pay their writers.

Good Old Boat

Website: Good Old Boat

Guidelines: Good Old Boat Guidelines

Send Story Query To: andy@goodoldboat.com

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $50.00–700.00

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: No

Pays Writers on Assignment: No

More Info:

Good Old Boat covers boating, sailing, and various boat-related projects. They do not pay until 30–45 days before publication, which could be 6–12 months after acceptance. If you are still interested, here are the types of articles they are looking for.

Simple Solutions: Projects you have completed or tips to make sailing or living aboard easier. These stories are 50–1,000 words, and payment is $50.00–250.00.

Book Reviews: They do not want unsolicited book reviews, but you can inquire about signing up to be assigned books to review. Book reviews are 200–450 words, and payment is $50.00.

Cover Photos: They pay $100.00 for cover photos.

Sailing Memories Column: If you have a memory about sailing you want to share, and it is well written and unique, they are interested. These stories are 1,500–2,5000, and payment is $150.00–300.00.

Reflections Column: This is a 350–750 word column where writers share thoughts and ruminations on all areas of sailing and boating life. Payment is $175.00.

Learning Experience Column: This column is 1,000–2,500 words and is about learning experiences, especially a time when you really screwed up or made a mistake and lived to tell the tale. Payment is $200.00–500.00.

History Column: The column is 1,500–4,000 words, and payment is $500.00–700.00. This column is profiles of designers, stories of specific boat types, and other historical boat-related stories.

Boat Reviews: This type of article is a comprehensive review of 1,500–3,000 words that focuses on the sailing characteristics, layout, and design of a particular boat. Payment is $700.00. These are not unsolicited reviews, they can only be assigned.

Other Stories: Other stories include sailing, technical, maintenance, refits, upgrades, and other related articles. Length is 500–5,000 words, and payment is $100.00–700.00.

Self Magazine

Website: Self Magazine

Guidelines: Self Magazine Guidelines

Send Story Pitches or Completed Manuscripts To: comments@self.com

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $1.00–2.00 per word ($300.00–10,000.00)

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: Yes

Pays Writers on Assignment: Yes

More Info:

Self is a Conde Nest publication that has a circulation of 1.3 million. They give a byline but do not offer a kill fee. This magazine is geared towards women between the ages of 20–45. It focuses on beauty, finance, health, fitness, nutrition, style, and happiness. The magazine promotes health, happiness, self-assurance, and self-confidence.

Nonfiction: query with published clips. Pays $1.00–2.00 per word and is looking for articles 1,500–5,000 words.

Columns: They are looking for short news-driven pieces on topics such as jobs, money, fitness, health, nutrition, love/sex, happiness, psychology, and travel. Columns are 300–1000 words, and payment is $1.00–2.00 a word.

I highly suggest spending some time with their published guidelines as they not only talk about what they are looking for but give several samples of published works.


Website: Sesi

Guidelines: Sesi Guidelines

Send Story Query To: editor@sesimag.com

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $150.00–200.00

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: No

Pays Writers on Assignment: No

Sesi Magazine is a magazine written for black teenage girls. It is published quarterly and written with a conversational, young and fun style.

Nonfiction: Pitch a one-page query letter that includes a possible title, subtitle, and experts in the area you cover. It should also include your proposed word count, potential sidebars, and why this article should be published by Sesi Magazine. Payment is $150.00–200.00

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