How to Become Rich Online Quickly?

How to Become Rich Online Quickly?

Typically, everyone wants to make money on the internet from its website. There are some ways to make money online. How to Become Rich Online Quickly? So, you say you want to be a millionaire? You are not alone, and I want to! Although everyone starts a business for different reasons, entrepreneurs almost always point to … Read more

How Affiliate Marketing Works For Bloggers

how affiliate marketing workd

You’ll have a much better understanding of how affiliate marketing works once I answer a few primer questions that’ll tell you what it is, why you should try it and when to get started. Let’s dive in… What is Affiliate Marketing? I like to define affiliate marketing as a partnership between a publisher (i.e. blogger) … Read more

20 Tips for Your Blog (Free Checklist)


As a blogger and business owner, sometimes things can get a little hectic and it’s easy to feel like you’re going at this alone. 20 Tips for Your Blog: Respond to one lengthy email. Respond to comments on one blog post. Send a pitch to one brand you want to work with. Follow five inspiring … Read more

Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter

Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter

Use images in your tweets Tweets with images are 94% more likely to get retweeted. Holy cow! So the next time you promote that recent blog post on Twitter, make sure to upload a photo, too. Twitter images are 440x220px, and you’d be doing yourself an even bigger favor to create an image of that size, … Read more

How to Choose Your Blog’s Niche

Choose Your Blog’s Niche + Focus

Today, I want to share some tips for narrowing your blog’s niche, making all those random topics work together in unison, and appealing to your specific audience.  First, what do you want to write about? Welp, this is a no-brainer. List out some topics you actually want to write about. Don’t worry if they align well together. … Read more