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There are a number of reasons why people need extra cash – whether it’s for bills or unexpected expenses. We have all found ourselves in a position of needing some additional cash that will hold us over until our next paycheck. In instances such as these, many of us have looked into payday loans. These short-term loans are a convenient solution for these types of situations.

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In fact, the short-term loan industry has consistently been growing over the past few years. It’s opened up an opportunity for affiliates and lenders in connecting with affiliate networks that operate in this space. Zero Parallel is a unique and ideal platform for those who want to work with a qualified affiliate network that specializes in payday loan leads. The aim and objectives of Zero Parallel run deep. They offer a wide range of opportunities for affiliates and have the experience that it takes to deliver results.

The Process

Zero Parallel works with a vast network of lenders and ensures that eligible borrowers seeking loans are connected with these lenders. The goal of any affiliate is making sure you are working with the best affiliate network out there. The lead you generate is connected with a lender who can provide a loan, and when that’s done, you earn yourself a commission.

The actual dollar amount for this CPL (cost per lead) commission can vary based on the quality of the lead and how much lenders are willing to pay for them. The payout can be upwards of $200.

It’s no surprise that business can be challenging for lenders in the short-term loan market. There is constant competition and the need for genuine borrowers isn’t easy. Zero Parallel bridges that gap between quality borrowers and lenders. Zero Parallel also makes use of a proprietary lead tracking system, which is a major plus for any affiliate.

Inside Zero Parallel

The registration process with Zero Parallel is simple. In the affiliate control panel, you will complete your questionnaire, which asks you general questions, such as how and where you intend on promoting Zero Parallel to potential borrowers.

Their main dashboard provides you with useful information about your performance, earnings, and leads. Their payments are structured on a weekly basis with a two-week hold, which can be reduced to one week for qualified affiliates. The minimum payment threshold for ACH and wire transfers is $1,000. The minimum for checks, PayPal, or WebMoney payments is $100.


It’s also important to highlight Zero Parallel’s unique DIRECT CALL program. It’s another noteworthy feature by this affiliate network, mostly because of how the program further helps you monetize your traffic. In other words, you can improve your conversions by connecting your consumers with lenders directly over the phone. It’s an excellent feature and they provide you with the phone number that you can place on your website.


There is a lot to like about Zero Parallel. They offer affiliates a wealth of resources. Their website is incredibly well-designed and sophisticated. Their programs are also very user-friendly and designed with the affiliate in mind.

If you are interested in working with a premier affiliate network, consider signing up as an affiliate with Zero Parallel now.

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    Zero Parallel is a great company to make money with for those who know how to generate USA traffic.

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