How to Win Online Casino Jackpots with Only Free Spins


The common perceptions about online casinos are that the casinos usually take advantage of the players and don’t allow them to win. Some players think that the free spins offered during the games are just baits, which cannot be converted to real cash. When you do your research well on the number of jackpot winners who have been lucky, you will be surprised to know that online casinos have real offers and pay huge to many winners. A perfect example is a Merseysider called Katherine, who recently walked away with £1,200 after winning. That win was amazingly from free spins that were awarded to her account.

online casino jackpots

The ecstatic Katherine couldn’t hold her joy as she narrated how she logged into her account in April 2016, just to find out that she was given five free spins. When she made use of her free spins, she realised that she had made winnings on all the five free spins. The grateful 32 years old lady used all her winnings from the free spins to play more, and there she was! A proud winner of a whopping £1,200 playing online gambling games!

What Are the Free Spins for Anyway?

They are a tool used by online casinos  to attract new players onto their site. Everyone loves free bonuses, and given that the free spins are great opportunities to win big, new entrants into the gaming world will want to try them. Existing casino users will also frequent the online casinos that offer bonuses, and so the casinos use it as bait. Serious players win serious money from the free spins and free cash bonuses too. The trend leads them to aim for the higher stake which is the jackpot, and the lucky ones win them too.

How Often Are Online Casinos Jackpots Won?

Statistics show that diligent, persistent and consistent players eventually get the prize that they have been working hard for. Back on the 5th of November 2016 for example, one Marcus Goodwin won an unbelievable 11.6 million jackpots. Other jackpots have been won after his win for three times just recently in 2017! You simply must go with the saying that ‘Not playing means that there are no chances of winning’. You hence must step out there and work hard for the bonuses and free spins, so that you can use them to your advantage.

Big Money Is Won Too

Casinos aren’t there for the benefit of the house only. If Jonathon Heywood did win £13,213,838 back in October 2015, then playing online casino games can’t be vain. That win was more than an average payout of a lottery, and he walked away with it.

Just Understand the Betting Requirements

To play it safe, players need to understand that some online casinos set high betting requirements on the free spins and bonuses that they award. In that case, you may find that winnings you get from the free spins and bonuses will be hard to withdraw. There might also be limitations on the games that you can play with the free spins.

Other casinos will not put any limitations on how to use the free spins and bonuses, neither the winnings you get from them. The money will be treated just like real cash. In that case, it’s better to understand the online casino you want to be using. There are many friendly casinos where you can play, win and enjoy till your heart’s desire. The good thing about the winnings is that they aren’t taxed.

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