Why CPM Advertising is Better than Adsense, Affiliate and Sponsors


CPM Advertising best among other ad NetworksThere are Bunch of Ways through which a Site owner can Generate revenue with a Website. Google Adsense, CPM Advertising & Affiliate Marketing are the commonly used monetization strategies used by Bloggers. But the Question then arises next is how to choose an Advertising Network which is Best Suited for your Site as well as pays you greater amount of money.

No Doubt, Adsense can generate a good revenue for your Blog(As I’m an Adsense earner). But you can’t depend only on adsense to make money. If you are an adsense earner then you know the reason…?

Recently CPM Advertising has emerged as the Top Income Source for Bloggers better than Adsense. A Wide variety of CPM ad networks are available on Internet through which you can choose according to your desire. Here is the list that i have prepared for the Top Paying CPM Ad Networks to Boost your Income with. But What I want you to understand here is the Basic differences between CPM and Other Advertising modules so that you can choose accordingly.

 Comparison Between CPM and Adsense

  • You could not completely depend on Google Adsense for your  Online Income as you don’t know when will your account disables and you lose all the money you have earned.
  • Except that you are not following the t&c you have previously agreed with advertiser, with CPM the probability that you your account will disable is very less(almost negligible).

  • Google Adsense pays good revenue to Blogs having  low traffic (<1000 unique visitors) but for high traffic blogs this might not be the topmost Earning Source.
  • CPM Advertising pays very less to blogs having <1000 unique visitors, But can Generate a huge revenue (much greater than Adsense) for largely read Blogs.

  • Maintaining an Adsense account requires a heck lot of work. Constantly viewing your CTR and keeping an eye on invalid clicks in beginning sometimes irritates.
  • But with CPM you just had to display a Banner and  count the money you earn daily.

  • Even your Blog has Good Traffic but Adsense Strict Guidelines, never-ending policies, country domination & age of a site  are the other major factors why most of the blogs not approved for an adsense account.
  • CPM Advertising only requires traffic. If your Blogs fulfills this requirement then you are way ahead of an adsense Earner.

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Comparison Between CPM and Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing is Basically CPA(Cost per action) Program where the site Visitor has to actually do something(like filling up a registration form) so that you can generate income with commissions.
  • In CPM no-one has to do anything. The Visitors read the information they want from your site and you earn what you deserve.

  • You should have some good knowledge of Affiliate Marketing Industry in order to make money. Instead you had given a Big space of your Blog to Affiliate Marketer, but at the end of month your earnings might be zero if it is not done properly.
  • CPM Advertising doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge and it’ very simple to implement.

In addition, Chances that the visitor will complete your Affiliate survey are not so high


Comparison Between CPM and Direct Sales Ad or Sponsors

  • One of the Biggest Problem with Direct Ad Sales is to finding the Advertiser best suitable for your niche. You have to go through different Forums and Communities as well as to research online for finding the perfect match that requires a lot of time.
  • The Companies or Websites that provides CPM Advertising have a bulk of Advertisers in which either Advertisers will find Publishers or Publishers have to find suitable Advertiser

  • The Pricing module varies and is set according to the mutual interaction between Publisher and Advertiser. How much you can earn from sponsors depends vastly on your Bargaining and Communications skill(although your Blog quality is the topmost factor ).
  • Most of Companies have a fixed price between 3$- 6$ for every 1000 impressions on your site. Although, many top website like  PulsePoint now allow publishers to set their own price or CPM rate.

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  1. Avatar of ALAN
    ALAN says

    Actually you are right bro,adsense is not everything as everybody thinks ..majority of sites use CPM networks than adsense because it can pay good if you have a large user base and a continued organic traffic

  2. Avatar of Joly George
    Joly George says

    information was helpful to me to improve and grew up….. Make Money , Blogging Tips, Widgets, Free Tools, Tricks

  3. Avatar of Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan says

    Well I Use Adsense on My Blog and 1000 Unique Visitor How Can I Earn More Than Adsense ?? Plz Suggest Me Any Better Ads Network Than Adsense

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      You must use Buysell ads. It’s payout is much better than Adsense

  4. Avatar of Harsh Agrawal
    Harsh Agrawal says

    nice write-up Vipul and I would recommend anyone to use a good blend of CPM, CPA and CPC ads… CPM ads works great and the best part is placement….A good idea is to place CPA and CPC ads above the fold and use CPM ads below the fold or best at footer..

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      Thanks for the appreciation Harsh. Most of the bloggers don’t even try CPM advertising and work day and night to get adsense at any cost. If they succeed, it’s best. But if they don’t they quit. And this post is only for them.

      And the technique you have mentioned if implemented properly, can generate a quality blog income.

  5. Avatar of kannu rana
    kannu rana says

    i am not able to get my adsense account
    approved. i get the mail that Issues: Site does
    not comply with Google policies so help me to
    solve this problme so i get the adsense account

    plsss give some suggestion …
    so i will generate some income from blog ….

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      Browse our adsense category and you will found enough article which will definitely resolve your problem

  6. Avatar of Chandan Sah
    Chandan Sah says

    These days I find Affiliate Marketing to be much more profitable than CPM or CPC. Yet if you can’t do Affiliate Marketing CPM is a good choice.

    Good Luck

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